Friday, December 26, 2014

Pretty darn simple...

Willie, the old folks, and I had a very quiet Christmas.  

The tree never got lights or babbles. I liked it, but was concerned that Dad wouldn't, til I heard him telling a visitor, "Come see the tree Sis put up, isn't it great, and it smells good too!"  "But there is nothing on it?" said the visitor. "Yep, just the way we like it," said Dad.

After many hours of trying to perfect a recipe for mulled wine, which required copious amounts of wine, vermouth, honey, and a thimble of cloves, cinnamon, & orange peel, I decided that feeding the old folks was next on the agenda.  By then the only choices, I was capable of handling, in my pantry rotation plan were: 

Dad is not fond of chicken, and I'm not thrilled about vegetarian, so we mixed them together. I puree moms meals and hand feed her, so she was good to go from the start. The neighbors have apparently heard what an amazing cook I am not, as they have brought us lots of goodies. I figure with all the goodies added into the rotation we are set til Easter.

Willie turned in early, didn't even make it under the duvet before he crashed.

Missed my crew, but knowing they are home, happy, and safe is the Best gift of all.


Thursday, December 25, 2014


God gave His greatest gift to us
on that first Christmas Day
  may the wonder of it
always guide and light your way...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tidings for you...

I wish you...
a candle to light the way, 
an Angel to watch over you, 
and a yeehaw helo ride,
I wish you...
 and yours a most Blessed Christmas
 and a New Year full of Good Tidings.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A wish...

The once yearly, if I'm lucky, chance for a friend and I to get together for brunch came recently. I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like, but as she said some of those that are dearest to us we don't get to see very often.  True that.
She would never claim that she was more than an ordinary woman.  It is not so, she does so much for family and friends, always with a stead fast heart (and often a wicked sense of humor). She is an Extraordinary woman.
Being widowed at a young age with small children was no easy thing. Nor was pulling herself out of that misery, and putting herself through college. Starting over with her second love husband, was not that easy either. She seems to think it has been the two men she chose to marry that have been her bright stars. I think it is she that is the shining star, and all of us that know her are blessed to bask in her light.
Shine on Jody, have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Love & Laughter, Brighid 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Woody Question...

I'm not exactly without some experience at being cheap (free) labor in roofing a garage, pouring concrete sidewalks, building doll houses, cedar decks, & chicken houses, making Morris chairs, tiling kitchens and bathrooms, etc...  
With that in mind I finished fixing two doors at my end of the house that have been sticking since the first big storm. Dad says the house is settling... but why then only two doors out of four that are in close proximity?  Anyway, I would have marked the sticky parts, taken them down and planed them off out in the garage, but his house, his rules, and he wanted them sanded off in place.  Got the big ladder setup, put new heavy grit paper in the old sander and started in...while hanging off the ladder with one leg around the door to keep it from moving. Dad's old sander, has one speed crazy FAST, and was doing a job of taking down the top of the door.  Keeping the sander level was a challenge most of the time, plus I had to stop often in order to test the door.  Finally finished one door, moved the ladder, and got three quarters of the way done with the second door, when a small glimmer * of a thought came to me.  Why don't I plug in the whole house vac hose and hold it next to the sander, more over why the heck didn't I do that at the start?  Too late, everything for ten feet around and myself was covered in lots of sawdust...
So, my question is: should I paint the top of the doors to keep them from absorbing moisture or ...?