Sunday, August 17, 2014

Just for kicks...

As much as I love boots, I only have three pair. One old pair I bought a long time ago, 

one pair that are beat up hand me downs from a grand, and one pair that where giveaways from a friend that didn't fit her.
So there I was sorta look'n on line for a new pair of kicks, and I saw them, a pair of Lucchese's!  I had a pair of Lucchese boots in high school (sold one of my calves to pay for them). They lasted me til my second baby was born, and there just wasn't anything left of them.
Boots are just boots, but these drew me like a magnet, they did! Just a picture of them was all I saw,  so I clicked through to the catalog page they were on. Well dammit, they are sold out!  How can that be?  Where is the spec page for these awesome boots?  

Oh there it is... well no wonder they are all sold out.  Who doesn't have $1875 just lay'n around. 
You can only wear one pair of boots at a time, three pair is plenty.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Blood stains & lipstick...

Call me old fashioned but what is it with men dressing like vagrants?  I've starched and pressed more shirts and wranglers than I can remember, but never minded because I liked the look. George Strait is a good example...sigh   

Now, most older men seem to think casual means shirts with the sleeves cut off, wife beaters, ratty T shirts, loud Hawaiian prints and weird pants that look like they came from an obama factory.

My point of view could be skewed by the fact that my dad is & was always neatly dressed.  Didn't matter whether he was deep in the belly of a harvester or hunting elk in the back of beyond.  The Cowman's dad and the Cowman were the same way, as were the majority of their friends.  Maybe it is unique to the cattle business.

I used to special order the Cowman's shirts (with a small discreet monogram) from a shirt company.  Not that we had money to burn, but their shirts were in the long run well worth the money.  Plus, I laundered them instead of sending them out.  I wrote them a note once...

Dear Sir:
I have waited way too long to write this note.  Thank You, for making a great * shirt.  My husband is a cowman, and as such his shirts take a real stomping (usually with him in them).  They've been singed by branding irons, stained with blood, mud, recycled grass, grease, and lipstick(mine only).  His great * shirts just keep coming back for more, and have been around longer than his best dog. So, I'm here to order more and thank you again for making a truly affordable and durable shirt.
Sincerely, the Cowman's wife

Back came a nice note and a voucher for two shirts.  YeeHaw!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

TBT: Granny...

Way back... My Granny H at 12 in Dakota territory.

She was the best granny! A wonderful school teacher, she started out teaching in a small one room school house, and lived with the families of her students.  An awesome seamstress, she made beautiful tailored wool coats for all of us grandkids, and flannel jammies. A good cook, the Cowman loved her cow tongue sandwiches, I loved her pickles, my kids loved stopping by her little house for her homemade ice cream.  As a Scrabble player, she was tough to beat. An avid SF Giants fan. A voracious reader, she instilled a love of books. She got Shakespeare, and made girls night at the SF opera happen. Though never much for riding, she dang sure had try... 

Granny on Grampa's Elk hunting pack mule
She would have a fit and then laugh, if she was still around to know I put that last pic up.
Miss my rock solid gran...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I got a plan...

I found the quote I was looking for and it fits this ol cowgirl just fine...

"There are friends who
will offer advice
and wisdom.
Then there are
who come
blasting through
your door with
whiskey, weapons,
a shovel, and a plan!"

Saturday, August 2, 2014

That'll do...

I can't quite believe you let me whine about an ol piece of dirt!  That you didn't tell me to "suck it up Bucko, pull on your boots, and get on with it..."  that "I" didn't tell myself that!
I have a roof over my head, food put by, people that sorta like me, and some great kids and grandkids.  A dog that eats out of my hand, a matchmaking Dad, and this time, this time that I could be putting to good use. 
 Since the Corpsman and my 30 sons by other mothers are back on American soil I've been floating. Not nearly pulling my weight in a lot of ways. 
I need to suck it up, pull on my boots, and be burn'n daylight.  My dreams aren't going to be just dreams!
In order to buckaroo up, I have been perusing  motivational posters.

  For Sam maybe...

That might help...
but I need one that is more, well, on target

That'll do.