Saturday, November 22, 2014

Duck or else...

We have all been listening to my granddaughter, Lauren, grouse about having to go to Oregon with Marymine.
Lauren was told that Marymine had to go to a meeting in Oregon with Lauren's uncle Sean this weekend. Marymine informed her, that she (Lauren) was NOT going to be left home alone, so she just needed to suck it up. 
The grousing by Lauren was on going... she was not giving up on trying to talk her way out of going.  She had been bombarding her brothers, and sister with texts complaining about this awful treatment by her mom. 

What Lauren didn't know had been arranged by her mom.... was that her big brother, the corpsman, was flying out from the East coast to take her to an Oregon Ducks game...

Happiest of Birthdays to my Lizzy.

 PS:  Got a note from my Lizzy (Lauren): 
"Another amazing day, Ducks won 44-10. By far the best  birthday ever. Definitely worth sitting in the cold! Thank you to everyone"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wapiti woes...

Dad and C got back from hunt'n the great Wapiti at my brother's in Ideeho.  They spent a week with my brother, roaming the back of beyond.  Lots of hunters were seen, few elk, and only the butts and legs of those few.  
Dad did get to see grandkids, and great grandkids which was a big plus. They all wanted to keep him, but I had tagged him up so that wasn't possible.
C did most all the driving, they went up the Northern route (Oregon) and came home the Southern route (Nevada).  Dad said they saw a nice big antelope in Oregon and he would have brought it home, except he refuses to eat roadkill no matter how fresh.TYJ.
It was awesome that C would take time out of his schedule to do this for Dad.  The day after they got back, he and his wife were off to Colorado looking for a summer home.  He happened to mention before he left that he had just picked up his new Benelli Performance SBE...sigh.
Dad is not walking as well as he was this spring. Got him into the doc and scripted for PT.  I've been taking him to PT (great young man that Dad likes) three days a week. That, some diet changes, and trying to do less for him, has him showing some improvement. 
Since he was talked out of buying a motorcycle by the Doc, he has now decided to train on Willie with a shock collar.  Willie is no fool he has been hiding out under the duvet on my bed...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

miss'n mass...

For some time I have been trying to understand why men give up things they like, or cherish, or enjoy. Things like boats, guns, motorcycles, pickups, hunting, and the list goes on. All at the request of a wife, or girlfriend, who doesn't care to boat, fish, hunt, golf, camp, etc*.  Fine, she doesn't like to do those things, but why must the guy give them up because the babe requested (or demanded) he do so?  And it seems that after he has given it up he is miserable, although it does give the rest of us access to great bargains on C List & other sites.
I simply don't get it, I don't ever remember asking the Cowman to give up something like that. Neither do I remember him asking me to do so. (And we had a fair amount of different interests.)  Things like that were discussed, and if it was something you really cared about, you found a way, and you were supported by your partner. I thought that was what partners did.
I honestly don't understand, and have no idea why I'm miss'n mass to do this post...   


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


It has been a while since the friends with vineyards and a winery in Southern Oregon have invited me back...  
I wonder...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Fix'n to...

He started out with 


tried a few things

been a few places

so when he gets time to do this it's all good.

He's an awesome son, a great dad, and works too darn hard. 

His mom hasn't gotten to hug him in a long long time. She aims to fix that.