Saturday, August 17, 2013

Going Coastal

Marymine is home from the drive to/fly from Kansas.  She texted me her flight info for arrival at SMF.  That way I could watch her getting closer on Flight Aware, while I waited in a traffic jam on the causeway.  Actually the traffic jam was interesting.  I don't know what the guys in the Brinks truck were doing but that thing was rock'n.  The guy in the big pickup appeared to be giving a power point presentation via his laptop. The guys in the beater car were nervous like hill country tweakers.  I'm sure this profiling habit is the result of an over active imagination, and not having television for three years. 
The last few days of my kids, dogs, and house sitting were pretty tame.  Got part of the tile around Marymine's pool scrubbed with a pumice stone. Not my favorite job, but I was trained by the best!  My parents waited til my brother and I were in college, on our own dimes, to put in the tennis court and swimming pool.  When ever we came to swim, my mother would hand us a pumice stone, and "since your in the pool you should do at least a section of the tile..."  I don't believe we ever had free swim in her pool.
After Marymine landed we went to lunch and I showed her the pictures of all the happenings.  She was amazed at all she had missed. Although there was a noticeable hesitation when I showed her the prototype for my house sitting business cards. 

 Now, if I can just convince her friends that have that little house on an island in the Caymans...     


  1. It sounds like you have your priorities straight.

  2. The Caymen's are perfect. You can bask in the beauty and do your banking too.

  3. Go for it, the Caymen's would be wonderful. Years ago my sister got a housesitting job on Grand Turk for three weeks over Christmas. She had a wonderful time.

  4. Need a companion to bring with you to the Cayman's? I am sure to be available.

  5. LOL, I think my daughter was in the same traffic jam, and trying to get to a meeting... NOT happy... But at least you gave her a house back in good shape! :-) And no joy on your friend at the Tank Show. Sorry

  6. Now you're talking. This house sitting thing could be a great gig.

  7. GA: Yes, well it has only taken 67 years...

    LL: There are no banks on Little Cayman(to speak of), but it's Ok because I have no money...

    CELIA: Seriously, that is cool!

    GM: Your on...really how much trouble could the two of us get into on a small island!?!

    OLDNFO: Was she the young lady waving at me...? No worries!

    AP: LOL, Would you like to be an uncompensated reference?