Monday, December 9, 2013

Outside In...

Since it's not the deer Season here, and the really old guy is pretty soundly destroying me in our pitched RC helo battles...

I should be decorating for Christmas, but I have not even started. I have baked pies,


 but can't figure out how to send them to the Corpsman...
Who by the way, said I could share some of the latest pics he has taken this deployment, so I picked three:

outside the wire

inside the wire

for a friend's wife and kids back home


  1. I want pie! Oh those wonderful guys who deserve any attention we can give them!

  2. lovin the look of that pie..

    you now MUST post as there will be at least 3 of us counting on ya..

    my family never hugged so, could ya pass one my way if ya have a spare.

    visited from over at Annie's and now a follower of yours.

    see ya again soon.

  3. Nice! and good pics of the kid!

  4. Lovely pie. Wish there were a way to send it, cookies seem to arrive in decent shape though.

  5. hat pie looks so yummy, I can almost smell it! Wait now... it is the dinner in my oven I smell.

  6. GRANNY ANNIE: Pie is the best of all the food groups.
    Yes, they have the hearts of many.

    SONNY: Welcome to Cowcamp, always willing to share hugs, c'gars and scotch here.

    OLD NFO: Thank You, Please give that new grand baby a Hug for me.

    CELIA: I have done cookies, but pie stumps me.

    GRANNYMAR: Enjoy your yummy dinner Lady.

  7. Will do in a couple of weeks... :-)