Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Crazy Petunia and The Hipster Dad...

Willie catching a bit of sun this morning, January 11, 2017, next to The Crazy Purple Petunia. That dang plant has been blooming non stop since last summer. It's been frost bit, snowed on, had freezing rain fall on it, and it still keeps coming back with more blooms.

Much like Dad...

(note: my FB page and the blog are not tied together, I like it that way!  I can say what I want on the blog, FB not so much.)

"Dad fell at home early Sat morning, broke his right hip, after a brief stay at St E's, he was transported to Feather River Hospital. He had hip replacement surgery that afternoon, and did well. He is there til given the go ahead to transfer to rehab. A big thanks to all our wonderful family, friends, and neighbors who have stepped up to help in any way possible. And a Huge Thank You to orthopedic surgeon Dr DeFrancisci, and the surgery dept staff at Feather River Hospital, who have all gone way above and beyond the norm with their many kindnesses."

Dad is doing well, they have had him up and walking. He will be transferred up to rehab in Anderson, 20 miles N of home, sometime today. I will meet him up there, and try to sneak Willie in for a quick hug, it would do them both good. Dad is milking this more than a bit with all the cute young nurses hovering around him. 
Dad's girlfriend called and asked if she should send him flowers.  I said, "Nooo, flowers just wilt and then make you sad, send him a blowup dolly to keep him company!"  I heard a choked giggle and then the line went dead,  I guess she's working on that...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Never quit...

Living in the back of beyond has it's rewards. It is too bad that those who have never experienced it have no concept of the introspection that can come from time spent there. Plus, the place is full of characters that don't know the meaning of quit.
Take the yoga/circuit fusion class I'm in, it's full of local country folk. There is the chicken farmer (3,000+ birds), that brought his dad to class. Dad wouldn't come back, not because he's a quitter mind you, because he said our instructor was a terrorist to ask so much of an ol man, lol.  The chicken farmer now brings his mother, who is never a quitter, rehabbing from surgery.  I get a kick out of the fact that he wears his board shorts with rubber barn boots to class, and he does the training right along with all the rest of us.
There are a bunch of grannies, that come when they don't have grandkids or family to care for, and  there are a couple of ranch women that come when they can get away for a few hours. There is an orchardist that comes when time permits. Not a quitter in the bunch.
I'm not really good at circuit training, among other things, though I have plenty of try. 
Another thing I never got good at was roping. No matter how I tried, I could not get all the many tasks going in the right sequence.  The Cowman was an outstanding roper, and often invited to the brandings at other ranches.  I got to tag along and ride the gather and work on the ground crew.  When the Cowman's shoulder got too painful, from a misplaced staple, for him to rope any more, we still went and helped, because you never quit... 

(make the video full screen for best viewing)

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Dad and I Wish for you & yours...

"May your coming year be 
filled with magic and
dreams and good madness.
I hope you read
some fine books
and kiss someone who
thinks your wonderful,
and don't forget
to make some art ~
write or draw or build
or sing or live
as only you can.
And I hope somewhere
in the next year,
you surprise yourself."

~~Neil Gaiman

Lauren & her Great Grandpa  Christmas 2016