Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The pine tree lives after I trimmed the heck out of it.  My radio flyer and I will haul some more rock to put in that border and that project will be finished.

The personal property inventory for Dad's estate was finished yesterday and turned in to the attorney today.  Now I'm waiting for the co assessor's appraisal to be submitted, so I can put the place on the market.
Last weekend I hit the wall, from trying to get things done around here, by my lonesome. I just can't go like I could when I was younger, and it frustrates me. Saturday I was just plum exhausted. So Sunday, I made myself just take it easy for the whole day. No doing chores, no worries, went to breakfast with friends, took a long nap, read, texted with the kids, and grandkids.  Just what I needed to recharge.
This Friday the photographer comes to take photos for the real estate listing. There is still a lot that needs to happen in the yard before he gets here. Most of the front is done, dry creek cleaned out, pine planted, just a couple loads of prunings to haul off.


Today was cooler weather by far, only got to 93. Had a gardening service come last week and give me an estimate on trimming the long hedge around the driveway. They said it would take 2 guys at least four hours and be $375 and $35/hr/man after that. Ouch, I will do it myself, thanks!  Got the hedge face all done, and 1/3 of the top done today, should be able to finish it tomorrow.

 Pretty tuckered out from going up and down that ladder all day, and trimming by hand. I have an electric hedge trimmer, but I didn't want it to look scalped, so did it with the loppers and pruning shears.  My arms are a little sore, but nothing a nice hot shower won't fix.
PS:  I don't know what I'm trying to prove to myself, but doing this by myself is not the brightest thing, so I will try to find a landscaper to help me finish it up.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

late night...

Saturday late night humor.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Just Country Folk..

The old saying is, "You can take the gal out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the gal."
There is no clothesline here, there really isn't much of a place to put one.  I asked Dad why that was and he said, "Your mother hated them, and thought they made a place look like poor white trash lived there!"  What!?!  I wondered if he was pulling my leg, but then thought back on it, and she never put one in at any of the houses she built. 
Guess I take after my granny Mid (who was far from being poor white trash), because I love a clothes line. (I even had a defunct ol hot walker as one for a while on the home ranch.) Not only is a clothesline much cheaper than running the dryer, it gets you outside, and it makes your clothes & sheets smell like sunshine. 
Pretty sure that Mother is spinning every time I do laundry and put this up...

Give me clean clothes, a clothesline, and some ice cold Luzianne in my travel mug

and I'm doing just fine...

Oh, and boots, specifically Lucchese boots!  Their sweet new polo boots are out. At $1,295 a pop, I won't be getting any, but I can still admire them from afar...  


Last, but certainly not least, I received this certificate from the POTUS yesterday. I think Dad would be pleased.

Sure miss Dad, the ol guy with mischief in his eyes...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Willie, Hank, and me...

Willie and I are back from taking the last pickup load of the day to the green waste dump site.  Where Willie supervises the unloading from inside Hank's air conditioned cab. I am hot, dirty, & tired, but still smiling. Of course, Willie is none of the above, because he is in a management position.

We are glad that the bank is almost done, so we can move on to the hedges.  I say we because Willie supervises, from the safety of his fenced yard.  This is important as the neighbor's cat, Pebbles, has eat'n Willie's lunch once already, and we don't need another trip to the vet.

There is one lone sunflower on the bank, and I didn't have the heart to cut it down. Took it's picture instead.

Willie and I received an invite to dinner. Thank goodness for friends that cook and say "come as you are". 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Bank notes...

While friends are off to one of the lakes in Lassen Volcanic National Park for a day of kayaking, 

I'm home weed eating the high bank on the street side of the house. It's a steep bank, which could use a terraced pathway to make it easier to work on. 
I've had four different realtors come and give me their thoughts on what needs to be done here, and what the place should be listed for. The one I'm using is a go getter, has the right contacts, likes the place, and thinks we can get $30,000 more for it than the other three quoted. He is having the photographer come later in July, and this place needs to be in pristine shape for that. The house is behind the bank, a bunch of redwoods and a hedge. So the bank, is the first thing you see.  
 Have been dreading the headache of putting all the household stuff in a garage sale or on Craig's list.  The realtor reminded me about a good North state online auction outfit that does all the work for you, (for a price), but they get better prices for things than I would get on my own. Something to consider.
I'm so dang into simple, and the littlest things make me happy... like restringing the weed eater this morning (without my neighbor's help), and figuring out how to adjust the idle on it. Geez, sure doesn't take much.  Got most of the bank done and needed to go to town for some parts for another project.  There wasn't time to get showered, and cleaned up, go to town, and get back to work on the bank before it got too hot, so what the heck! Blew off most of the grass, and brush with the compressor, left my dark blue Cabela's ball cap on backwards, put on my mirrored aviator sunglasses, and drove Hank up town. This is a small town, and very seldom do you not run into someone that knows you.  But, the incognito look seems to have worked, nary a soul has texted or called me to say, "saw you cruse'n Main in that lowlife getup". 
And I'm pretty sure several of them would have told me to "turn that damn ballcap around, young lady"!