Tuesday, June 20, 2017


My granddaughter's wedding was wonderful. Only wish Dad & the Cowman could have been there. They would have had the best time, and they would have liked Tyler's family as much as the rest of us do.  
I got to meet Tyler's grandfather & grandmother, among many others that had flown out from Kansas for the wedding. Good people. Before the ceremony Tyler's grandfather and I were talking and he warned me, we better take good care of his boy, I said he best look out for my Ali, we sealed the deal with a handshake & a hug.
I promised pics so here you go:

waiting for Ali

Ali & her dad

the ceremony


on to the reception

Lauren & Ali

at the reception

and finally the part Dad would have really loved, the showering of the bride & groom with rice...


Friday, June 16, 2017

Getting Hotter...

Book club last night at my SIL's, her garden is going gang busters, so she served stuffed zucchini. You know how that goes, it's a finger size zuc one day and the next it's huge! Lots of discussion on the book, lots of wine, lots of stories told, and lots of laughter. Got to see her new swim spa! She tore up a shoulder beginning of last year, had surgery in the fall, and is still doing lots of PT to try to get as much back as possible. The swim spa is helping.

The wedding is tomorrow, the wedding isn't in RB, but still in N Calif. This is what both locations are looking at for weather thru next Friday...

Snap shot was taken this morning, we are at 100 degrees now.

With the fuel load we have, the heat, and the North wind that is blowing, fire danger is HIGH. Most fire lines are in around here, but not all, and with the North wind blowing... 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hump Day...

It's hump day, and there are only a thousand things that need to be taken care of...

talking with my attorney, and dealing with county bureaucrats, and the bank, and working on the place, and getting ready for the wedding. But sometimes you just need to set back and enjoy those little funny moments that happen.  
So to lighten things up I'm sharing this video of a dear friends grandson in the cutting at the CHSRA Finals in Bishop, CA.

Kinda starts out slow, but Riley proves that he's a hand...


and from Riley's dad, 
"He isn't big on Cutting, but when he rode out of the pen and the crowd was going wild, he had a smile on his face bigger than the state of Texas!"

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday evening with George...

Went shopping for The shoes to go with The dress for The wedding.  Started out online, well hell that isn't going to work, too close to the wedding, and I found out pretty darn quick that once again I can't afford my taste. 

 Who the heck would pay $585-1200 dollars for a pair of little strappy sandal shoes. Figured I could find something closer to home. Started in a shoe store up the road, nothing even close, went on up to Macy's.  Oh joy, waited on by one weird dude with a man bun. Ask him to bring me some strappy shoes to wear with my granny of the bride dress. (I showed him a picture of my dress and said "no gold lame' flats allowed")  He came back with five boxes, and then scurried off to wait on the ladies that obviously had Macy's preferred customer cards. I sat down, opened the first box, then the rest of the boxes, oh heck no! One pair were really ugly clunky navy & white gingham! One pair had more bling on them then ever should be put on a shoe, another pair were so frumpy even Maudie Fricket wouldn't have worn those suckers,  and on and on it went. Got up and walked out of the shoe department, when one of the Macy's preferred customers caught up to me and said, "you might want to try the little store down the mall, they have some nice shoes."  "Thanks, I will check them out." Walked down the mall and found the store she mentioned. The salesman comes out from behind a partition... and he's wearing a half ponytail, half man bun!  What the heck is with these damn man buns!  He didn't have anything like what I wanted either. Drove back to RB and went to home depot to get touch up paint, and give thanks to the gods of hardware that there was not a man bun in sight.

Now that the trauma/drama of the day is over I'm having a glass of wine, and spending Monday evening with George...

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day at the fair...

It's that county fair time of year, so I went down to watch granddaughter, Lauren sell her FFA project steer. 
Weather was sunny, but cool, perfect for all the stock.

Got to see Marymine (she works the sale, so not much chat time with her), her crew, and visit with lots of friends.

Here are some random photos to give you an idea of the day: 

Helping each other make sure uniforms were just so,

4Hers and their lambs getting lined up,

FFA girl & her lamb waiting their turn to go in the sale ring, with a cage of Champion chickens behind her.

and this little cutie and her Grand Champion 4-H hog (wish I had gotten her name). Just wanted to give her a hug and a "you got this with that smile!"

Lauren waiting in the barn to be called to the sale ring. (It's been a long week for these kids)

Lauren and her steer outside the ring.

Lauren & her steer in the sale ring.


 It was a Good Day at the fair.