Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Chilly up here in the PNW, but the fall colors have been spectacular.  
There is a lot going on in the family, and I'm just not into posting about any of it.  I'm taking a break from the blog, so posts may be few and far between, if at all.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veterans Day 2018

To my Veterans and all who have served our country...  Thank You.


Monday, October 29, 2018


Yep, I have been slacking on posting. Things have been kinda busy around here with family, friends, and some projects...

The Halloween decorations are up on the outside of the house, thanks to a couple of little spiders...

Granddaughter J and I went to The Pumpkin Patch with friends a couple weekends ago.

  Spent what seemed like hours with much laughter, in the giant corn maze, then on to the pumpkin chunking. Lots of fun, but I almost got slung with my pumpkin.  After that we got to go into the pumpkin fields and pick out our pumpkins. 

This one, is one I got for Sean, mine is all bumpy & gnarly, sorta like...

I've been looking for a travel trailer for a while and not finding what I wanted, in price or floor plan.  Finally came across one 4 sale by owner in Oregon.

  It's a 2019 20ft'er made in Oregon.  The couple that owned it just bought it in May, took it out twice, and the husband had a stroke (he's better now).  So, they decided to sell it. I got it for a whole lot less than I would have had to pay if I had bought it off a dealer. The warranties are still good, and everyone is happy with the deal.  Here it is hooked up to my Tahoe (Nate). It sure pulls nice...

I have a huge learning curve ahead, but son Sean is helping me learn the ropes. I am excited... Now, I have a little place to call my own.   

Friday, October 12, 2018


It's Friday and the motto for the day is:



Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Oktoberfest & the Abbey...

The best Oktoberfest in the PNW is held in Mt Angel, Oregon. 

 Friday, my SIL & BIL took me. They have hardly missed a year in twenty five years (even in years that my BIL was at sea, SIL packed up the kids and went). It was my first time, and hopefully far from my last.

On the way down from Vancouver we passed beautiful old barns, and neat farms.

On arrival we had a few local brats & beers then parked my BIL in the big beer garden...

 My SIL, who knows much of the history of the region proceeded to give me a walking tour of Mt Angel. Starting with St Mary's.


We listened to two harpists playing inside St Mary's. It was magical.
After a bit of a walk we boarded a wagon pulled by a tractor for the trip up the hill to the Abbey.  Winding our way through the big trees, past the beautiful stations of the cross tucked in among them. After arrival at the abbey my SIL told me a bit of the history of the abbey.
This beautiful and peaceful monastery/seminary was started by Benedictine monks who migrated from Switzerland around 1882. It is located atop Mt Angel which is an approximately 500' butte. There is a beautiful church,

 a world class library that contains over 200K books including rare and hard to find ones, a museum, a retreat house, a bookstore and a coffee shop. The monks have opened a brewery where they handcraft "Black Habit" beer. The brewery is called the Benedictine Brewery. It was nice having my own personal guide as she had many stories about the abbey. 
 We met a group of Benedictine monks and chatted with them for a while. Quite the characters they were.

After a ride back down the hill, we hooked up with my BIL and some friends of theirs. An old family to the area. They have a restaurant in Mt Angel, and some family members play music in the beer garden. The beer garden crowd was having a good time.

I have no idea who this fellow was, but he was happily waiting for the chicken dance to start...

Flowers were everywhere.

What a wonderful venue: clean, neat small town with great brats, beer, and friendly people.