Sunday, August 11, 2019

Life in the slow lane...

 Flowers and ferns I planted are doing well. 

It has rained off and on for the last couple of days, and was cloudy and cool today.  The plants liked their extra water.

There is a going out of business sale at the little ACE hardware near me. So, I decided to paint the fence that surrounds the front patio. Of course I started on a hot day, and then it rained for two days... 

Before with just the gate done:

after that side was done.

 I have one side and half the front done and will try to finish in the next few days, weather permitting.

My petunias have been hard hit by the dreaded bud worms. Doesn't take them long to make the blooms disappear.  Spraying with BT in between rains and picking off the ones I see.

Decided to make bracelets for the girls and I.  LOL, some have been remade several times, as the vision does not always translate well in fact...

Willie is doing well, and in fact earned his keep today by dispatching a big rat.  He was quite proud to be of service.  "Got a bacon biscuit for an ol scrapper, ma'am?" 


Sunday, August 4, 2019

This and that...

Flowers are blooming in my planters.  

I have been trying to get a few fixits done around the hovel.

Placed rocks and spread new bark around my planter in front.  

The front deck was dark and nasty, I don't think it had ever been cleaned.  I was going to borrow my Sean's power washer, but was afraid that would chew up the deck.  The local Ace hardware was having a sale so I picked up a jug of deck cleaner.  Mixed half and half with water, broomed it on, waited three minutes and hosed it off.  It looks a little better now.

Finally... got my kitchen table and chairs painted.



It's a very "rustic" paint job... lol   Still have the table top to refinish, but that's a project for another day.

I'm collecting crosses to make a wall collage for some (as yet undecided) area of the hovel.

Went to the blood suckers this past week. Everything was going along nicely til the phlebotomist started and the needle was out of position.  Blood sprayed all over me.  She got the needle repositioned and went on with the draw.  She was very apololgetic, I laughed, learned a long time ago to wear old clothes to the blood bank.  

Monday, July 22, 2019

Up river fish'n...

I will try to keep this short as Jacey and I are sewing sun dresses...

Got a text Thursday evening from SIL and BIL that they were at the river house and wanted me to come up and go fishing. Don't have to ask me twice. 

Put Jacey in charge of Willie and the hovel. (she had a prior babysitting arrangement or I would have for sure taken her with me).
Friday morning I packed up my gear, beef jerky, cheese, apples, beer & wine and a KAVU Chillba fish'n hat I had gotten for my SIL.

Fish'n is serious business, but she loved the KAVU Chillba.

We fished Friday afternoon, running wiggle warts down river and spinners up river. I caught one nice size native steelhead (which we can't keep), and one large bass.
Got up early Saturday for the morning bite, we lost a couple and then nothing biting, headed in for lunch (and our naps), then back out.
Everything was perfect: water temp, little breeze, current running good, sunny, hot pink poles... but we weren't catching anything. 

my BIL the Captain in his element

 I really didn't mind, as I love just being on the water in those conditions!  Then, when we were about ready to call it a day I hooked into a sturgeon, fought him for the better part of an hour. Finally my BIL said he was between 10-12 ft and too big for us to boat, so we cut'em loose. 

 OMG, that was more fun than I can say. 

sunset on the Columbia River

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Just Beachy...

Sunset at Long Beach WA

Marymine flew up to PDX on Wednesday from SMF. Due to delayed flights it took seven hours. Flying is not what it used to be...  After a night at the hovel we packed up Nate (the Tahoe) and headed over to Long Beach, WA.  It's an easy 2 hour drive.

On our way we stopped for a visit to the Maritime museum in Astoria, Oregon. 

 So much to see, we spent a couple hours there, and didn't get to see it all.  The stories of the Bar Pilots that navigate the ships through the treacherous  Columbia River Bar were fascinating. I am going back to the museum to learn more the next time I'm over there.

We checked into our little bungalow in Long Beach,

stowed our stuff and headed to the 'world's longest beach', only a short walk away.

The weather was great, and there was hardly anyone else there.

My Sean has moved to Astoria, OR, so he came over Thursday evening. We went to a pub for some local brews, and then on to dinner at the Depot in Seaview, WA.  The Depot was everything it was touted to be! Amazing food, and great friendly service. 

Friday we packed up our gear and walked down to the beach for a day of sun, sand, and ocean. We got down there and saw a few great kites flying. Back to town we hiked, got kites, and hiked back to the beach.
Marymine's kite

Settled in, and I decided that my kite was just too small for such a beach. I trekked back to the kite shop and got a little bigger one... (Marymine says I'm overly

my Monster kite

Later in the day we went up town to look for a sweatshirt for Marymine.  While we were there I ended up meeting my 'Match' not on line, but in Long Beach, WA. of all places. He isn't much of a conversationalist, but he has a way about him...


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Cherry Blowing... western style

 A dear friend was raised in a small town, surrounded by agriculture.  She is a great gardener, possibly because of that I often assume (I know, I know never assume) that she knows things about agriculture that she hasn't a clue about.

Soooo,  I am posting this article on Cherry Blowing - Western Style for edification...