Monday, July 16, 2018

Fine as frog hair...

Not getting a lot done with squaring away my stuff. I'm way too easily distracted by the scenery around here, and enjoying family & friends.

Granddaughter J, Willie, and I took the 'new to me' ride for a day trip to Haystack/Cannon Beach last week. 

 J is a great co-pilot and dog handler.

 We stopped along the way at Camp 18.

We made a small 300 mile loop, the 'new to me' ride drove great, it was a good day.

Sean is back from the great Alaska fishing trip. He has stories to tell, and has kept us in awe and rolling with laughter...
just a little envious of his super otter time...

He is seriously thinking about trading the ski boat for a fishing boat. 
"What do you think, Ma?" 
"I think that is a great idea!"
 We had a big friends & family sea bass, fresh from Alaska, taco feed last night, it was beyond yummy!

Sunday we spent the day on the water... all good except for a couple of places on the Columbia that had some nasty rollers. 

lots of houseboats, some are huge.

the bridge to Sauvie Island

a few of the many small vessels

these guys were amazing to watch

lol, my toes requesting a little more speed...

I got to test out what the trailer towing was like with the 'new to me' ride. Smooth as can be.
Need to find a name for the 'new to me' ride. Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday, after mass...

Went across town for mass this morning. Much more to my liking, a large, friendly parish, simple building and lots of young families.
Had to put a budget wise hold on my going to IKEA, and promptly found a garden center not all that far from the house.  They have so many plants that I really couldn't raise in Cali, plus cool stuff, and super helpful, knowledgeable staff. 

You don't realize how insidiously restrictive and unfriendly Cali has gotten til you live elsewhere.  Here there is no bag hassle at stores, or straw hassle or water hassle in restaurants or...  There is no lack of staff to help you, staff actually not only ask if they can help, they will take you to what you are looking for and are knowledgeable about what they have. They are genuinely friendly! 

We went to the drags in Portlandia last week. Lots of different rigs racing the clock. Everything from an ol farm truck (my favorite), a funky Subaru, to really hot dragsters. Weather was perfect. Fun evening with lots of friends, food, and a couple of craft beers...

OMG, these people know how to do fireworks!  They were everywhere, in driveways, on the streets, neighbors competing to see who had the biggest bang and block parties galore. 

Sean got home from the build in Arlington on Friday in time to pickup the used upright freezer I found. We need it for the quarter of beef he bought and the salmon & halibut he is bringing back from Alaska. He flew up to Juneau Saturday morning, then on to Eagles Nest Lodge via float plane to fish for four days...sigh. It really is a much needed and well deserved break for him.

I sold Hank, my pickup, and the Rav and found a good rig for me. 2016 with only 15,000 miles. Picked it up Friday evening and I'm liking it, love the Tungsten color. No more vanilla, or grey for me.   Sean likes it too, in fact has mentioned that I could put it in writing that it goes to him when I'm no longer kick'n. LOL...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

New territory...

It's official, I'm now a PNW'er. Got my WA plates on the SUV and my WA drivers license.  Feels a bit strange after 70 years as a Californian. 

I am loving it up here, while RB was running a temp of 103-105 it was 87 here. A cool marine breeze comes up in the evenings, making for great sleeping weather.
My bed is almost finished, will put it together tomorrow. A night stand to paint & assemble after that.
While I'm on this painting bender, I've asked Sean if I could repaint my bedroom, which is currently a particularly ugly green.  He said, "go for it, mom!" LOL, I've packed a custom made gallon of paint with me for a few years now. (A friend had painted her dinning room at her new Ft Klamath house with it, and I loved the color.)  So in the near future my bedroom will be "gray horse". Rather fitting for the occupant I'm thinking.
Sean is home for a while, and his oldest daughter, Jacey, has moved in with us for the summer. She is our family soccer player, on a semi-pro team.  J has found a summer job here, and has two more possibles, within walking distance. It's good to have grandkids around. 
Willie is adjusting, and is well loved by everyone. He made a few walkabout trips at first, but has settled in now.

I've been adopted by Sean's friends as Mom. Which means more family. I'm up for that. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Watching paint dry...

I'm slowly getting settled in at my Sean's. He is gone for most of the week, a two edged sword, there is just myself to cook for or not, but there is just me to move furniture and heavy lift. When he's home he is most likely out riding or in the garage wrenching on HD's, out on the boat, or occasionally in the office. 
Went to IKEA to get myself a bed and took my cousin from Portlandia with me.  We got a cart full and headed out to the loading docks. They were full, so we decided to just wheel the cart to my pickup and load it up there. As we were starting to wheel the cart down the ramp, we saw that the ramp with the "red no parking paint" was totally blocked by a SUV. A young couple had decided the rules of the road didn't apply to them and were loading there. They were taking their sweet time about it too, and totally ignoring the two ol gals with a heavily loaded cart.  Finally they got their stuff loaded in their SUV and after dicking around inside the SUV they left.  I looked at their license plates as they slowly pulled away, and said (in a very loud voice), "Wouldn't you know it Damn California drivers."  My cousin started laughing, and whispered, "Don't you still have your Calif plates?"  "Shhh, we aren't near my truck"...

I'm painting my bed in a stipple dry brushed Navajo white.  Not sure I'm going to like it... 

Needs to be top coated with varathane of some sort. Will figure that out as I go.  
Lots of projects to keep me busy and things to see, and sorta out of trouble...  
For now I'm off to dinner at my SIL & BIL's in Salmon Creek. They are just back from two months in France and Italy. Though this is far from their first time there, boyhowdy do they have stories to tell.
You will be pleased to know that I wrote the final checks to close out the estate and sent them on to the attorney for disbursement. As soon as they are cashed, the estate will be zeroed out, and done.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The journey continues...

Wednesday Uber got me to PDX in plenty of time to catch my flight to SMF.  After I was seated a fellow got on with a huge box of Voodoo Doughnuts as his only carry on. I took it as a good sign.

 Flew into SMF and was picked up by a girlfriend, and was delivered to my granddaughter Ali's in Grimes. Got Hank (my pickup) going and ran some errands. The next day after getting Hank serviced, I drove up to RB  to spend a few hours with friends, have last eye exams, and check in with the estate attorney. The judge hadn't signed & had the estate papers filed, yet. I will have to finish the rest via mail from up here. This will end someday.
Lauren's graduation went off without a hitch, and her speech as ASB pres was very well done.  Marymine's kids are a very tight group, and always looking out for each other.  Love my grandkids.

Friday, Sean drove his pickup down from Vancouver in time to attend Lauren's HS graduation in Arbuckle. Saturday morning he had a meeting with a good friend of his in Woodland. I was sent on a mission to get the flowers for a party for Lauren. After Sean & I got back to Ali's house that afternoon, we decided to hitch up and head North a day early, as Sean had the long drive to the Arlington project Monday.  Sean pulled his trailer, and I followed driving Hank. 

headed North with Mt Shasta in the distance

When we stopped in Redding for gas it was 103 degrees of hot. After two more fuel stops and a lot of miles we pulled into the driveway in Vancouver at 1:30 AM Sunday. 
The things you see on the road never fail to amaze... as we were passing Mt Shasta we came upon this Cadillac Escalade (with Oregon plates) ripping down the road. Not only did it have this very large precarious load, but was packed full of very large people... I was laughing so hard I couldn't take a pic... but Sean got one...