Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gathering in...

We are hunters, and gatherers, we eat what we harvest, and share with those who aren't able. It has been a fairly good year for putting food on the table, as well as a couple of firsts!

Hunter and his papa D fishing on the Umpqua.

One of the young fellas got drawn for a tag he has put in for many times. He got his "once in a life time ram" in one, at 465 yds.

 Colt hasn't had time to waterfowl hunt this fall, too busy farm'n, though he has managed a few successful hog hunts.  He does have all six of his 6 man blinds rented out...

so he's not complaining.

And Hunter got his first chukar...

If ever I had doubts about the way we raised our kids, and the way our kids are raising theirs...

Brian's post about Hunter

That kid......
He's pretty awesome.
He's definitely got his head on right-
I really did have fun with him on our sheep hunt.
It's cool to see kids that ARE NOT so wrapped up in video
 games that they have no interest in the outdoors.
I'm sure, like most kids, he does like to play video games some.
But man, HE LOVES TO FISH! lol.
Great kid!
Great job mom, dad, grand parents!
He's pretty awesome.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hazards aplenty...

Dad flew home from his successful trout fishing adventure in Ideeho, Monday. 
Just down the hill from my brother's house, is a nice golf course, that no one seems to play. 

I asked Dad if he played the course while he was there, "No, I was there to fish. Besides, there are always herds of elk on it."
Dad was an avid golfer til a couple years ago when his legs started to fail him.  He has tried a couple of times since I moved up, but it is really not that doable, as he can't stand unaided, much less swing. I have tried holding him up, but he really can't swing like he wants to, and his balance is thrown off.
Yesterday he said, "Let's go play nine holes tomorrow. We can rent a cart." 
Tomorrow became today. The weather was cold, but there was a clear blue sky, and we are ringed on three sides by snow covered Mt Shasta, Mt Lassen, & Yolla Bolly. A beautiful day to be outside.
We went to the nine hole course on the edge of town. 
I got a cart, loaded up our golf bags, and a corona with lime wedge for me (Dad didn't want anything). Stuck the score card on the steering wheel and away we went. It was mid week, we have had rain daily until today, so there was only a couple other people on the course.
First hole, I talked Dad into going first, he barely made it to the tee, using both drivers as walking sticks, and my holding him steady.  He teed up, took a couple practice swings, and then swung, only driving the ball a short distance. He started to fall from his momentum and I grabbed him to keep him from going down. He promptly elbowed me in the nose. He said he was done, this wasn't going to work, but he really wanted me to play, and he would coach from the cart.  I felt so sorry for him, it has to be terribly frustrating to mentally be so sharp, and physically not able to do the things he used to do with ease.
I played four more holes, and then we ran out of daylight.
Dad's a good coach, and my game got a little better with his tutoring. I did miraculously manage to find the water hazards a couple of times. 

I walked the course while Dad drove the (beer) cart. By the time I finished my beer I had gotten my driver under control, and the walking was great.
On the way home I realized, for all the years mom and Dad played nearly every course on the west coast, they never asked me to play with them. Most likely because I was busy working, pushing cows, riding horses, and raising kids.
The things I like best about golf: you are outside, on green grass, and usually near water.
Dad says we are going to start golfing weekly. Now he's a crafty ol cuss, so there are undoubtedly hazards aplenty...

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Each day I am
Nights that turned
into mornings,
Friends that turned
into family,
Dreams that turned
into reality,
Likes that turned
into love

Happy Thanksgiving 

I am especially thankful for Dad,

who is, as you can plainly see having a terrible time,  
at my brother Buzz's 
in Ideeho...

he's been catch'n the heck out of the trout

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Choosing The dress...

Friday was the day granddaughter Ali chose her wedding dress.  What a time, on the way down to meet with the rest of girls, I realized, dammit, I forgot the champagne and flutes. No time to go back or stop on the two hour drive down. Surely, someone else will have brought some. Nope, So after we had been through the first round of dresses, I snagged one of the girls, and we went and found two bottles of bubbly and flutes, Yep we did.

I had not a clue what granny of the bride was supposed to wear to this sort of day, so the skinny jeans, high top cowboy boots and a dressy jacket were it.  I fit right in, as all the others were wearing variations of the same thing. We are Country.
Marymine said she had dug out my wedding dress, and they had all tried to get into it without success.  They laughingly decided I was a tall stick when I got married. I had not realized she still had it, that dress is darn close to 50 years old... 
Ty's mom & dad had flown in from Kansas the day before so his mom could be in on the choosing of The dress. What a charming and funny lady, she said "being the mother of sons, made being included in this day very special for me!" She loves Ali, and it shows.
We looked at dozens of dresses, Ali tried on quite a few, and then we narrowed it down to three, and then we all decided that this, this was The dress...

It is gorgeous on her.  (I'm only showing the back because though I am brave, I know they "will" shoot me if anyone sees the whole thing before hand.)

It was a good day, filled with love and laughter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Coming in Hot..

My youngest granddaughter, Miss B, (who has CP) has a new ride! Thanks to the generosity of family and friends, and the expertise of Recumbent PDX, in Portland. My Sean said that thing really hauls and that she has crashed once already, from coming in too Hot. She and the bike are fine. She should get many years of good use out of it. Yay, Miss B!

Dad and Ol Ugly are on the road to Ideeho to go Salmon fishing with my brother.  Buzz and his wife drove down to pick them up Tuesday.  Hopefully, Dad will catch some salmon from Ol Ugly, and have a great Thanksgiving with that part of the family. 
I told Dad it might be wise to have the local padre up there bless that damn boat, before they put in, just to be on the safe side.
This is the first time I have not had Dad around other than a day or two in the last three years.  Willie and I  miss that ol coot already. No one needing this or that or ringing his Donger* for his daily coffee milkshake. It is feeling strange.

 *Donger (a cowbell with a handle)

 made by this Ideeho nephew.

In other news:

 I've renewed my CCW permit for another two years. That means I took the classes, got recertified, got interviewed by the detective, and paid all the outrageous class, city and state fees.  I agree with the necessity of vetting, I don't agree with the frequency, or the cost.

 My granddaughter Ali has invited me to be part of the party when she picks out her wedding dress this week. I am really looking forward to seeing the girls and taking part.

A cousin and I are going to hit the range for some trap time, as we both have new boomsticks.  He has moved back to Cali from Texas to take care of his dad.

I have been in Warrior Granny Yoga, with the other ol ladies, for a while now. And just the other day at the end of a long grueling circuit session, one lady (retired school teacher) laughingly said to me... "you are like the second grader that needs to be seated right next to the teacher, because she never knows what you are going to do next!"  I will take that as a  compliment to my enthusiasm for life, and coming in Hot...