Sunday, May 21, 2017

Different world...

Early the other morning I headed out to the Sacramento River Discovery Center gardens to check out the Romneya coulteri - Matlalija Poppies they are growing.
Since it was early and I had only had a few cups of coffee I decided to go through the drive thru and get a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit and a large black coffee to take with me. It came to $6.67. I handed the girl at the window a $10 a $1 and .67 cents.  She looked dumb founded, slammed the window shut, fumbled around for a bit, slammed the window open, and handed me a $5, a $1 and .23 cents, and slammed the window shut. Now, I was dumb founded. She was busy taking other orders and rolling her eyes, so I tapped on her window.  Window slams open, "Yes?". 
"Ah, you gave me too much money back, I just should have gotten back a $5."  
"What, no I didn't give you too much!"  
"I realize you are busy and it's early, but I have to live with my conscience, so you take back the $1.23, I'll keep the $5, and I promise to never ever darken this establishment again." 
"What ever!" 
It's a different world out there these day.

Monday, May 15, 2017


Tidbits in honor of the best mom I have ever known.

Never saw her on a horse, she was too busy raising seven kids.  Never saw her shoot a gun, she had other defense mechanisms. Never saw her drive a tractor, bale hay, or feed stock. She was too busy driving kids, feeding kids (her own and a bunch more), visiting the infirm, healing the sick, and patching up kids & grownups alike. 

She was an RN, that could walk up to Doc and say this is the way we are going to do this and get it done right, and she did it all with grace.
She was a character, the good kind. Who else would take a thermos full of vodka on a day hike in the Yolla Bolly Wilderness, and say when asked why she didn't take any water. "There's water everywhere if you know where to look, vodka you have to pack in."
She was a classy lady, and could handle a formal dinner party as easily as a ranch BBQ.
She served her community in many many ways, most that people outside the family will never know about.
She was a good cook. We often laughed that every kid in the neighborhood knew that dinner was at 6 sharp, and if you were there on time all you had to do was get in line. 
She always knew when she was needed, whether it was for advise, an ear to listen, or a shoulder to cry on. 
She was fierce in defense of her own.

She taught me so much about love & life, grace and honor, and I will forever miss her... my mom-in-law.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Basket case...

Time to take up basket making again, or just declare that I'm a basket case...

Dad left so much behind to sort through, his favorite hats are still on the hall tree by the back door.  I haven't the heart to get rid of them, yet.

Been doing repairs around the place, which means a hammer, a tube of caulking, and a touch up paint brush are with me at all times.  There is also a length of weed wacker string, pruners, fencing pliers, and garden gloves dangling out of other pockets. I need to get one of those cool folding wagons to pack all this stuff around.  Cousin Jess had one at the range, and that thing was great for hauling ammo cans, range bags, etc to the stations.  The crimson trace came in for the little Sig. Very cool.  I wasn't going to get one, (not a budget item) but then they put a $50 rebate on it, and the local gunny gave me a deep discount, and I weakened.
Gave Cousin Jess my cowboy hat from Wall Drug in S Dakota, since he has really been saving my butt with the guns and ammo dollars.  I finally got the hat I originally wanted (budgeted for).  

  Now I have some settling cracks to take care of...

and then painting, and then, and then more legal stuff, and then...  my budget is shot to hell, and I haven't gotten my dress for Ali's wedding.  Time to get out the sewing machine.