Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Random thoughts...

 Your thoughts on the new header painting... 

("By Herself" oil by Brett James Smith)

My Sean checked in last night.  He sold old Black Betty! (Harley) to a good friend of his. Said he just wasn't getting time to spend riding.  On another note, the company he's project manager for is going to get him a bigger house with a shop so the family, and dogs can live in Astoria, too. He said they want him to slow down on his work schedule and use more of his vacation time. I asked if they are worried about him burning out. He said he didn't think so, and that they knew he was a workaholic when they hired him.  He sounds good and that's the important thing.    

I have to say I'm sorry to all my sons by other mothers & my grandson, to whom I sent lots of Axe products while they were deployed.  I honestly didn't know it smelled that bad til recently.  Last night as I was watching a documentary"?" an Axe body wash ad came on and the catch phrase was "Smell Ready"...  

OMG, who the heck in the ad agency thought that was a good tag line...  LOL. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

The 'Hot Granny' News...


Not much going on around here accept chores, and catching up on reading. 

Been keeping up with my kids and the grands via text.  This week I got copies of the ultrasound from granddaughter Ali.  Great Grand baby, Zoey is doing fine.


Farmer grandson Colt let me know how harvest was going: 

"almonds are all done, and just finished rice today, and started walnuts today. We are getting closer..."  He's a hard working farmer and much loved by everyone that knows him.

Granddaughter Jacey said I would love her new hobby as a "plant mom", and I do!  She has turned her bedroom window into a house plant farm.  Going strong with seven new starts since the last time I saw her garden. 

Sent my weekly text to check on Sean and his crew, and didn't hear back, as I usually do. Waited a few days, sent him a ? emoji, and immediately got this response:  "Oh shit. Hi momma. Everything good here. Love ya."  

LOL, they all know it isn't going to go over well if they don't check in!

The rest of my crew is fine.  Will get to see some of them when I go down next month for The baby shower.  So looking forward to that trip.


I'm feeling good, have a fair size piece of skin missing on my leg from tangling with a piece of metal on the last fishing trip. Frustrating that it is in an area where my cowboy boot touches my leg. Been going the Medihoney dressing route and it is slowly healing up. What's another scar at this point, besides I boated the salmon.

My 'latest' favorite burger thanks to Black Hills Burger & Bun's of Custer, SD is the Harvest Burger.

Yummy...  Got a tad carried away, will scale down the bun in future builds... 

Going to try to replicate their "Hot Granny" next as my SIL raved about it when they ate there.

The "Hot Granny" is Beef, Bacon, cream cheese, fresh jalapenos, and sweet-spicy jalapeno sauce.