Thursday, April 25, 2019


Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm
Last fall Sean gave me an extra pair of Maui Jim sunglasses he had. They were too small for him, but fit me perfectly! I liked them, a lot. Well with all the moving stuff to and fro, here and there, I decided to stash them so when the sun finally did come out again I would know exactly where they were.
Now, I've been racking my brain for months, looking every place I could think of, and still couldn't find them or remember where I stashed them.  Two weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and order another pair of Maui Jim's. OMG, who pays that kind of money for shades. Now, I felt really bad that I had 'misplaced' my pair.  I ordered the cheapest pair of shades I could find from another company, $12 with free shipping.  Yay, they really aren't too bad. But they aren't even close to the shades I had 'stashed'.
The other day I was helping my granddaughter with a project and got down a banker box from my closet labeled office supplies, opened it up and there the Maui Jim's were. Right where I stashed them...  Glory be!
Thinking I need to get a big bucket (with lid) and write 'Stash' on it.  Then I can put stuff in it and know where it is.
early morning in Hood River by David Leahy
PS: These photos don't have a darn thing to do with this post, but the PNW is so beautiful I wanted to share. Now if I can just remember where I stashed those other photos...

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Green tea and cash flow...

Finally met my next door neighbor. He came over to introduce himself, and give me a tin of proper Chinese tea, direct from China.  He is a very nice man who happens to play beautiful classical violin.  While we were talking about our children & grandchildren, he mentioned that his son was a physicist, currently working in England.  
My neighbor is only here for four or five days every four months. He said that next time he will bring his wife so I can meet her. 
When he came over to give me his contact info, he said he liked what I had done with my unit. And that I was a 'very neat' person from the looks of my place.  
After he left, I texted my cousin in Portland that I had finally met my next door neighbor.  I gave her his name, and a few minutes later she texted me back. "Holy Hell, I looked him up, do you know who he is!?!"  
"I know he is Chinese, comes over here every four months or so, and plays beautiful violin music.  Why?"
"He's a world renown cardiologist!" she texted back.
and so it turns out he is... but more importantly to me a good neighbor who plays beautiful classical violin.

my planter on the patio is in need of sunshine

Work on the hovel continues, I was going to replace the flush valve for the downstairs bathroom,   but I couldn't find the shut off for the water line to that toilet. As the plumber was here for another problem I asked him to do it. Come to find out the shut off valve is behind the refrigerator in the kitchen, and that line and valve needed to be replaced as well.  I couldn't have gotten the refrigerator out by myself, so it was a good thing I had the plumber do it. He shut off the water at the street valve just to be on the safe side while working on it. This place is so crazy plumbed. It frustrates the heck out of me when I can't do simple repairs myself, and I've done more than a few flush valve replacements in other houses.

I've started crocheting again, progress is slow as I haven't done any in several years.  Muddling my left handed way along on this snood... 

The long stretch of not doing any crocheting shows in my uneven stitches.  If I rip it out anymore times the yarn is going to be ruined. Practicing a bit of patience would be helpful at this point... 

Monday, April 1, 2019

Hot Pink...

Got a text from  SIL Marianne, "we are at the River house through Sunday.  Come up and go fishing with us." 

I headed up Friday afternoon with steaks, wine, and my hot pink pole in hopes of making The Wall.

Didn't make the wall this time, but I'm getting closer. 

There was a fair amount of river traffic with grain barges and tugs. Boy do those guys like to blow their own horn.

he was pushing a huge double barge

Rant on:
one small portion of the river, each one of those Indian platforms has at least one hoop net
I watched Indians putting in hoop nets from numerous platforms.   If you watch the videos by the tribes it looks like they only catch one or two salmon. They don't show that they catch everything, and most of the fish are long dead by the time they retrieve their nets. They just keep the money fish, and throw the rest of the dead back in the river.  This is not to feed themselves or their families. Another area where the "we owe the Indians" and the government has screwed up. 
rant off.

BIL Don had a new pink pole built for Marianne. It was on it's maiden trip, and I had my pink pole. Pink poles rule!

Sunday morning at the dock
 Their son Jake, brought his boat down and his GF, & a buddy,  on Sunday. 

Jake and a walleye

The weather was gorgeous. We teased and pranked each other unmercifully, we laughed, and we caught fish.