Thursday, February 24, 2011

Standing Tall

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Jingleworms the ol cowboys called them. We had plenty of them on one of the ranches. I killed 27 in my yard, the last summer we lived there. They were big & nasty, would stand up in the grass and hunt your dog, who promptly jumped in the back of the pickup, only to have the jingleworm strike the truck tires.
One day moving cows with the Cowman up ahead, my horse stopped and he didn't seem willing to go forward. I was paying attention to the Cowman & the cows in front of me and not my horse. I gigged him and still no response. We were in a shallow wash, and when I looked down I saw we were surrounded by rattlesnakes. Being very calm, I gently told my horse to just quietly step between them and carry on with the job at hand. He did so and got us out of harms way. And I learned that you can wear a cowboy hat, plaid shirt, wranglers, chinks, boots, and spurs and still stand tall on top of a saddle horn.