Friday, March 27, 2009

Cluckling Notes

Spring is here, the girls (hens) are going around snipping grass here, catching a bug there, and laying eggs. Eggs, eggs, eggs everywhere, my refrig is full to over flowing. I've cooked as many egg dishes as I can think of, and resorted to sneaking over to the neighbors to leave eggs on their doorstep. Run home and reload. I love range eggs, they have such beautiful bright yellow yolks, and just taste better than battery eggs. With the garden starting to produce, there are a lot of radish, lettuce, and chard trimmings to feed the girls. They see me coming and setup a frenzy of cackling. Happy chatter while I work in the garden. Strawberries are blooming, and have netted them to keep them safe from the girls & other birds. Jays have been busy planting oak seeds, which are sprouting everywhere. The bluebird couple are back, and building a new nest in the box I put up at the edge of the garden. Frogs are singing like tenors on testosterone down at the little creek. The wild turkeys are strutting their stuff as they pass thru the back yard. Counted 35 head in the last flock to come by. Two big doe's were here last evening, checking out the fence that I had to put around the garden. When there was no fence they just ate everything, usually just before it was ready for harvest.
Cowcamp Fast Breakfast Smoothie: 3 heaping tablespoons frozen orange juice, 3 raw eggs, 1 1/2 cups milk. Put all ingredients in big glass, whip with handheld blender. Drink up.