Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas...

Wishing you & yours a Blessed Christmas and a New Year full of Wonder & Love...



Monday, December 3, 2012

Been a while...

Well Yes, it has been a while since I posted anything... what can a granny with permanent BB (bleacher butt) from watching grands, have to say, that will be of import to others? Probably nothing...but that hasn't seemed to stop me so far...  So I'll just tell it like it is for me... 
Sky (the mini aussie) has gone to live with a young military family in Washington state...it was good karma, and he is were he was Meant to be...
I spent a while looking for another "Gus"Scottie...they are few and far between around here and way too pricey for a granny living on a fixed income and the grace of family.  Then, I saw a picture of a little Jack RussellxDoxie that was up for adoption by the local pound.  Willie has since come home to live with me.  He is a sweet little guy and everyone in the family loves him, travels well, and is the first guy I've slept with since...well never mind that...

Ol Bessie, my ancient suv, was taken to the local mechanics for her smog test.  She passed, but...needed $1,000 worth of repairs...some urgently...!   Knowing she isn't even worth that much money resale... I contacted a good friend from home, whose sig other is a one man auto repair operation and asked if he would look at her. After he went over her with a fine sense of detail...he came in and said..."she's fine for her age, you've taken good care of her, and keep on doing what you've been doing...  Those guys were just trying to sell you a lot of stuff she doesn't need..."   This really makes me mad, as the local guys know me, and know I have little extra to spend, yet they try to pull this crap...   

The Navy Corpsman and the College Student were home for Thanksgiving.  Makes a granny happy to see them expanding their wings and going forth...  A twinge, with the Navy man extending his stay in the Navy to save more money for college...as this means he will most likely be redeployed to the 'stan.  The rest of the crew are fine and dandy! Where is the time going...we don't have any babies left...sigh...

This fall Marymine and I went to a craft fair and had a great time. She got some awesome metal letters and I got a necklace with a small bird charm & the words Old Soul punched on a flattened spoon.  Marymine says it fits me... wasn't that sweet?  Then, as I was telling a shopkeeper some tall tale... she stopped me with a laugh and said... "You have the sparkly..est eyes!"  I think I heard Marymine in the background...say something along the lines of "OMG...don't be telling her that...she's trouble as it is..."  but I could be mistaken...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Small steps

Live with intention.
Walk to the edge.
Listen hard.
Practice wellness.
...Play with abandon.
Choose with no regret.
Appreciate your friends.
Continue to learn.
Do what you love.
Live as if this is all there is.

~~~Mary Anne Radmacher

Friday, September 21, 2012

Air Time

Well I should have had a clue from that ol buzzard flying over the bunkhouse yesterday... I'm a granny, I should have been able to read the signs:
Marymine, Lizzy and I left for Sac at 4AM to make our flights to Denver to watch college volleyball...   I say flights because when Marymine asked me if I wanted to go along she already had their tickets, and that flight was full...so she booked me on another carrier. No problem, as both flights left close together.  
We got there in good time, parked close to the terminal, and went to check in, the girls to Southwest & I across the way to Frontier.
I haven't flown out of this airport since the total remodel was done, so everything was new to me. No problem, as there was an attendant lady to help me operate the check-in kiosk. She grabbed my itinerary and DL, shoved them in some ports... asked me my last name, and proceeded to hand me my boarding pass...while pointing me up the stairs.  
I didn't see the girls in the crush of people across the way, that's ok, I will meet up with them at the airport in Denver. 
OK I can do this, upstairs I went, followed the herd down a hallway, into a shuttle & across to the terminal... I'm not sure I'm supposed to be going this way, but what the heck! Get off the shuttle, stand in line for a while, showing anyone and everyone who wants to see my DL & boarding pass.  
Go thru the Security screening...I think they now have pictures of my back teeth and my new black & white polka dot wonder bra...on file. I put everything back on and in, that I had removed moments before... 
I calmly do a check of my boarding pass to confirm airline and gate...while wandering around trying to look like I've been here a million times. I need to do this for my self esteem as the traveler I should be... 
I'm early, but that's good. I can use the restroom, get a cup of coffee, and get back to the gate in time to read a couple hundred pages on my Kindle. 
I recheck my boarding pass against the monitor, check my gate number, and departure time. All good.
The gate attendants start calling for the people with special needs, extra special tickets, extra special special class tickets, elderly, crying babies, and cranky toddlers to board... I patiently wait to be called with the rest of the seasoned travelers... 
Giving the attendant my DL, boarding pass and a cheerful Good Morning, I prepare to board.  The attendant cheerfully checks my info and asks me my last name, I give it... she looks confused and says..."but you've already boarded, Nancy." 
"Aah Nope, I'm right here, and I'm not Nancy...see on my DL...I'm B...." 
We're both still smiling like idiots...as she asks me to step aside and speak to the other attendant.  He takes one quick look at my boarding pass...turns to me and says... "I don't know how you got this far...but your ticket is for the same flight, day & time in October!" 
 Say what... I still smiling (I'm like that you know) proceed to ask if he might let me on this flight in a jump seat or the overhead bin or with the crew... or something... because I'm going to Denver to watch my granddaughter play college volleyball, and the rest of my crew will be waiting for me there.  
He really tries to find me a seat on another flight, any other flight...full...full...full... 
In the mean time I'm trying to call Marymine, no answer. Ok, text her...when she texts back it's to say, "she's so horrified & sorry, get another flight, or... we are boarding and have to shut off our phones!" 
"Aha ma'am, there is another flight to Denver with seats available leaving...tomorrow late afternoon. But, you must go back down to reservations and you can't stay in this Secure Area." 
Off I go to find my way back to the beginning of this adventure that has not included time in the air... 
Following the specific directions of a few Security men, I found myself outside in the passenger loading zone under the watchful eye of another Security man.  
While setting there sipping coffee, and looking across the way to where I can see Marymine's locked truck... I realize that I have no way back to the bunkhouse.  Shuttles don't go there, it's way too far to walk, or for a cab.  
Didn't my friend L just tell me a while back that she was thinking of starting a shuttle service to the airport from where we live in the back of beyond.  I call her..."L, I really loved your shuttle idea, and I sure want to be your first customer."  She's a sweetie, and after she checked on her dad, fed the horses, and ran her grandkids to school, she drove down and picked me up!  
I got back to the bunkhouse at 11:00, started a load of laundry, and kissed my pillow... 

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm up in the PNW for an extended stay with my Sean & the girls. Sky made the trip with me, and is having a good time. The girls keep him busy fetching tennis balls. Housebreaking him is still a work in progress...

 There has been lots of antique'n/junk'n, drinking of fruit of the vine..., meeting new friends & a revered blogger, driving the Big truck, drinking of wine..., eating of great food, treasure hunting on the beach, and just being...

On the repurpose trail: found a very cool magnet board (made with a piece of old tin put in a picture frame), pieces of drift wood to make sail boats,

and fabric for sofa pillows.
Bought an old Singer featherweight sewing machine from a really nice older (scratch that...they are my age) couple.  I've been searching for one of these for a while now...but with the limited budget...it wasn't happening.  I had one when I first started sewing as a child...loved that little machine...even took it up to granny's cabin in the summertime.  So far I've mended Miss J's large stuffed snake...(Hisss, is her name), and made two dresses for same...! Also made two summer dresses for the girls, and will start on a few others, as well as teaching the girls how to sew.

The girls talked their dad into building them a large wooden doll house.  It's going to be wonderful.  They designed it, and are busy making executive decisions on every single thing they are putting in it. Furniture making with clay & cardboard is on going...

We made Flubber one day, and have been flubbering every since.  Everyone who stops by takes a handful to play with (doesn't matter if your a big or little kid)...  It acts as therapy of some sort...

So, Sean's once neat house is now over run with women...treasures from the ocean and sand, wine bottles, scraps of material: wood, cloth & clay, dog foot prints, and Flubber...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

flying the Mattea

The home ranch had a far 2,000 acre field called the Mattea, it consisted of a lot of ridges and draws.  It was good feed but a tough gather, as the trap (holding field) in the corner ran opposite all those ridges and draws. And once you were in the holding field you were still a long way from the home corrals.

You had to be saddled and on your way long before daylight, and trail an extra horse as well to cover that country.  When you finally got the cattle trailed back to the home corrals, you had spent more than a few very long days in the saddle. It was hard on cattle, dogs, horses, and cowhands.

Then the light dawned for the Cowman...we can gather it with a helicopter...! He penciled it out every which way, and it did work, at least on paper.  Off to the Captain (his dad) he went, after a protracted discussion, he was given the go ahead.  
Then to find a pilot willing to take on this little job...eventual he did find a pilot that was pretty hard up and had done one small gather...so the sucker, err, pilot signed on.

not my photo...not my burros..

I love to go up in whirly birds, and don't understand what is so upsetting about hanging out with one foot on the skid so I can get the full thrill. But the Cowman was not about to let me go up for this gather.  Truth be told he knew that field like the back of his hand, so it was he who got to direct things from the air. Dang, I love flying in those things.

We rode out early a horseback to meet them at the holding field. By the time we got the gates set they were driving in the cattle.  whomp, whomp, whomp...
Don't you just love the sound of whirly birds?!! 

Everything went well, except the next time we gathered that field with a helicopter, we had to go a might farther afield to find a pilot that was that hard up...I mean that experienced in gathering cattle.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Congrats Cody

My oldest grandson has recently received notification of the selection of three of his pictures...  You can see them and read about it here:


Thanks Brigid for posting this...we all know how photo posting challenged Cody's grandma is!

Congrats Cody...love you beyond words...granny.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

One by one

June is One amazing month....

      One came home on leave...

One graduated from high school with honors,

One and two more showed at the fair,

One is my new pup "Sky",

                    One pitched up a storm,

One is a jr lifeguard and on swim team,

One is busy running harvester in the wheat,

One flew to Kansas with her girls for a volleyball camp,

One (on the left) is celebrating his 42nd birthday,

One (me) has been in Reno for the BFI.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Lex said it all http://thelexicans.wordpress.com/

Celebrating Memorial Day
By lex, on May 29th, 2006

Odds are people asked you, “What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?” Because that’s what people do, when the weather’s fine and a long weekend’s coming up. They ask in a well-meaning, value neutral kind of way, the question taking the place of the equally meaningless conversational things people may ask such as, “Do you think it’s going to rain?” Because as far as the Memorial Day weekend is concerned, for many it’d be OK if you were planning on a trip to the beach with the kids, or to Disney, or maybe just to the park for a picnic. It’d even be OK if you were just going to kick back, relax, chill out. See some old friends.
Because for many people, it’s just a long weekend to do with as you want – the open parenthesis to the brackets of summer. Memorial Day on this end, Labor Day on the other. The most civic minded of us will plant flags at our local military gravesites. And we may ask our children to remember those who gave the utmost level of devotion to secure our freedoms. But we mostly don’t talk among ourselves about the fact that names are still being added to the list of the lost, names that until recently belonged to people, but now belong to memory, belong to the ages. Names that once brought smiles to parents’ faces and light to a lover’s eyes but now bring only a whistling blow to the pit of the stomach for those who loved them. Names that now signify a vast, empty, mournful space that actual people used to fill. People with nearly infinite personal complexities, fears, hopes, dreams and yes, flaws.
And I can understand this reticence to talk about it, even while I think it a shame. The knowledge of loss is painful of course, but it’s become all tied up in low, spiteful, vile politics somehow. We’re at least a little bit afraid that if we answer the question, “What are you going to do for Memorial Day Weekend?” the way we really ought to – with something about remembering the sacrifices of those who made it possible for us to enjoy a long weekend in May, for example – we might see the pleasant blandness on our interlocutor’s face turn to something mean and hard. The passions of the moment.
And that’s a shame too, because the politics behind the policy we are embarked upon – support them or no – have no bearing upon the purity of the soldiers’ sacrifice. One year after this post, another 878 names have been added to the list of those Americans who have fought and died in Iraq. Eight hundred and seventy-eight names, life experiences, unique windows on the universe – closed now, shuttered forever, a howling absence.
They didn’t fight for a president, they fought for a country, the one that gave them birth, gave them a home. They didn’t fight for a party, they fought for a people, and that people’s way of life, its rights and freedoms and yes, it’s responsibilities too. Our soldiers know them all too well, the obligations of a free society. It is a burden that they have shouldered for us, as free men and women, as volunteers. And for all too many of them, it was a burden that finally brought them low.
It is indisputable that they fought and died in a noble attempt, and were a part of freeing nearly 50 million minds. Whether or not we – and those minds that they liberated – are worthy of their sacrifice is something history will judge through a long and severe lens. And we should keep in mind, for better or for worse, that it will not only be the soldiers being judged, nor their captains and generals nor even presidents, but we ourselves who sent them. We ourselves for whom they fought. We ourselves for whom they died.
Remember then, and celebrate. Celebrate the fact that for over 200 years, nearly one million men and women have honored us enough to fight for us – enough, in the end, to die for us – over the course of our country’s birth, the agony of our Civil War, a “War to End all Wars,” and the war that it did not, Korea, Vietnam and now two wars in a far place, for a people we do not know. Celebrate the fact that no matter how bitter our internal divisions, no matter how imperfectly we have trod the world stage, there are still people willing to stand on the line for us, for the ideals we represent, for the man or woman on their left or right who is all they know of America when the bullets snap and whine. Soldiers on their left or right who held them in their arms for us, when the pain seeped away with the blood, who held them still as they finally offered up their names to us.
In return we must honor them. In return, we must earn this.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Traveling Cowcamp

I'm up in the Pacific North West...! I was so excited to be seeing Sean & the girls again that I left at 4 dark thirty in the morning.  A few thunderstorms on the road up, but nothing that would slow down a granny on a mission.
Traveling alone doesn't bother me, but boy do the good ol boys at a diner look at you oddly when your eating breakfast by yourself at dark thirty.  What...you think it's the amazon, white haired, wild blue eyed, granny thing...

We went out to dinner last night, good company, good food...what more could one want. To do it again, of course.

One of the grands is pitching several softball games tomorrow.  Have my ever present folding chair, and sippy cup ready. Go team.

Now off to find a few bargains, a ton of books, and a domo...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Medicine Man home

He's home!!! from the stan....  His mom and crew drove down to see him and spend a few days lov'n on him.  I have to wait til he gets home home leave before I can do the same.  Doesn't matter... I'm just so happy to have him back on American soil.  aaah crap, I'm going to cry about this...  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


 An old Cherokee told his grandson, "My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is evil. It is jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy and truth." The boy thought about it and asked, "Grandfather, which wolf wins?" The old man quietly replied, "The one you feed."
~Author unknown

Monday, April 2, 2012

Medicine Man

He's coming home this spring, my grandson, a Navy corpsman deployed in Af'ganstn.  We are all pretty excited.
I've worn a dog tag with his name, and a St Chris on a chain since he left months ago.  They klink together, which makes me sound like a bell cow most of the time.  Have gotten so used to wearing it and having a good thought when I hear it klink that I'm not sure I can dispense with my talisman when he's back on American soil.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Clear and Sunny

It's a beautiful sunny day after a week of thunder boomers, cold rain, and North wind, and I'm off to enjoy it. Think it's the Leo in me or what...  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some days

Some days are just full of living.  Early this morning I went to a breakfast for the oldest grand girl's signing of her letter of intent for her college of choice.  She's going with a full scholarship to a small college in the Midwest. 
Then back to the bunkhouse for a few chores....actually more time was spent finishing a tome I've been reading.  In the afternoon it was off to a neighboring small town for a grand's ballgame.  Setting in an old folding chair, watching the game, when the sun came breaking thru the clouds accompanied by a gentle breeze, ahhh. Came home and took a coffee break in the rocker on the porch, when I heard what sounded like a heifer talking motherhood.  After a bit the grandson came by beeping his horn.  "Come quick granny, the black heifer is calving."  Off we went, and yes there was a new baby in the corral. 
Tonight one of the grands far away sent me a text, just to say she loves her granny.
 A good day all around.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Streak

Wanted to let you know that all is well, sorta ok.  I still miss Gus a bunch, but it's getting better....cowgirl up and all that bull.

I'm rereading Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind....and getting back into the cowgirl version of tai chi...don't ask...

Had a mexican guy, come to my door late of nite, his car ran out of gas about a mile up the road. Sweating like crazy, said he had run to the house as he was afraid the coyotes would get him. He hadn't noticed Rambo, the German shepard yet, and I must have been looking a little fierce, cuz he put his hands up, then offered to set on them (do you think he's done time) while I called his family to come get him.  After I knew his wife was coming to pick him up, I said he should wait at the end of the drive.  As he was starting to walk away, Rambo silently came up behind him.  The guy said "Holy Shit, will he hurt me?"  "Not unless I send him or he thinks your a threat to me."  
His wife picked him up shortly thereafter.   I wondered if he realized that the coyotes, and Rambo were the least of his worries.  His blue streak wife could be heard for at least a mile.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Gus, my best buddy, traveling companion,  adventurer, and bunny chaser was hit and killed early this morning. It's going to be mighty lonely around here without the little dog with the big attitude. His spirit is I hope where there are lots of bunnies to chase across the pastures.  I'm surrounded by reminders....and it's going to take a while to get past the tears.    

Saturday, January 28, 2012

hot out of the oven...

Allrighty then...I know it's been a while, but I'm trying to get a life here. Will try to fit this in before the oven timer goes off for the artichoke quiche...

Gus and I made it home to the bunkhouse before the snow started flying on the mountain passes. The grand with the hot pink casts has had them removed, surgery scars healed nicely, and is walking with just her ankle braces...Yea! I'm not buffed though...possibly takes more than a couple of weeks to perform that miracle.  
We've heard from the grand corpsman in Af'stan, finally, after being incognito for weeks, he's good and got a promotion.
Got my hair trimmed..."just let me check to see when we had you in here last...ahhh...in May.  So, being a regular is not your thing..."  Sortta looks that way don't it.  While we were swapping lies, the beauty shop phone rang.  One of the gals answered and got a horrified look on her face. She turned to the rest of us and said, "Ethel's locked in the restroom and can't get the door open." After a bit of discussion concerning how long Ethel had been in there, and the need for a replacement locking door nob, it was decided that they should help her get out.  She agreed to "hold harmless" them and was released on her own recog soon after.  Bet that's the last time Ethel uses the restroom on her Blue Rinse hair day,  naugh... she's really old and will have forgotten by the next appointment.