Thursday, August 16, 2012


I'm up in the PNW for an extended stay with my Sean & the girls. Sky made the trip with me, and is having a good time. The girls keep him busy fetching tennis balls. Housebreaking him is still a work in progress...

 There has been lots of antique'n/junk'n, drinking of fruit of the vine..., meeting new friends & a revered blogger, driving the Big truck, drinking of wine..., eating of great food, treasure hunting on the beach, and just being...

On the repurpose trail: found a very cool magnet board (made with a piece of old tin put in a picture frame), pieces of drift wood to make sail boats,

and fabric for sofa pillows.
Bought an old Singer featherweight sewing machine from a really nice older (scratch that...they are my age) couple.  I've been searching for one of these for a while now...but with the limited wasn't happening.  I had one when I first started sewing as a child...loved that little machine...even took it up to granny's cabin in the summertime.  So far I've mended Miss J's large stuffed snake...(Hisss, is her name), and made two dresses for same...! Also made two summer dresses for the girls, and will start on a few others, as well as teaching the girls how to sew.

The girls talked their dad into building them a large wooden doll house.  It's going to be wonderful.  They designed it, and are busy making executive decisions on every single thing they are putting in it. Furniture making with clay & cardboard is on going...

We made Flubber one day, and have been flubbering every since.  Everyone who stops by takes a handful to play with (doesn't matter if your a big or little kid)...  It acts as therapy of some sort...

So, Sean's once neat house is now over run with women...treasures from the ocean and sand, wine bottles, scraps of material: wood, cloth & clay, dog foot prints, and Flubber...


  1. That sounds like great fun.

    Explanation needed, what is Flubber? Is it like play dough?

  2. GM: homemade Flubber is made with white glue, water, borax, & paint...of course the girls choose to make dayglow pink!

  3. I love your new header! Sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I'd been there longer to hang out with you a little bit more. Dad says you are welcome at the homestead any time!

    big hug
    the other Brigid :-)

  4. I love snapshots like these, word photographs. So tempted to try flubbering...