Thursday, February 28, 2019

Simple Pleasures...

The snow here mesmerizes me. I am relearning how to drive in it. Pretty sure that those who are used to living with it, are not as into it as this newbie to the PNW. It is an adventure I'm enjoying every time.

It is raining as I type this but this morning as I was taking my BIL & SIL to PDX for their flight to Cali the sun was out. Mt Hood was stunning in the early morning alpine glow.

my photo didn't turn out, so you get this photo by Patrick Campbell
 After I dropped off the "kids" I went to IKEA for breakfast, it's cheap, good, & close to PDX. Got my breakfast, and sat down by the big windows that look towards PDX. Heard a wonderful sound and looked out to see these two...

 Two of the  F-15 C Eagles, known as the Red Hawks, of the 142 fighter wing of the Oregon Air National Guard stationed at PDX. They are heart thumping to watch.

the Red Hawks on patrol (not my photo)

 I watched them run through maneuvers til they flew out of sight. 

Two simple pleasures in one morning, I'll take it...

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Ol men & birthdays...

I swear, living with Willie is like living with a little ol man.  He doesn't like my driving, or snow, or rain, or cats, or squirrels, and his favorite pastime is napping...


It is granddaughter, Miss B's 16th Birthday today. She has gone from a little little bitty baby, to the hunt'n, shoot'n, fish'n, scholarly, smart young lady she is today. Life has presented her with lots of challenges, and she has continued to meet them head on. 
Happy Birthday Miss B, you are much loved and wise beyond your years.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Snow days...

The snow-mageddon we were supposed to get this weekend hasn't been all that bad, so far...

outside the front door of the hovel
 The work on the hovel is slow, damn slow, but gett'n there.
I had to call my plumber and have him come unplug the upstairs toilet. (A little talk with the granddaughter about that ensued.) I had tried everything, nothing worked, so the call was made. While Chance was here I asked for an estimate on a new bigger, water heater. We were gett'n mighty tired of spit baths & cold, cold showers. Asked if there was room for a full size water heater if I took out the shelves in the little pantry.  Which is right next to the under stairs crawl space that the little old water heater lives in. 
"Yes, let me make a phone call to the boss, and I think we can do it today."  
"Yay, give me an hour to move money, and tear out the shelves in the pantry." I said.
He came back, helped me finish removing the shelves, then the boss came & they took out the old water heater, and installed the new one.

Tim Rowe (Rowe Plumbing) & Chance removing old water heater from the crawl space under the stairs
   I lost most of the pantry space, just have to be creative in using other spaces. Hot showers make for much better attitudes around here.

Finished installing new cordless cellular window shades in the bedrooms. No more blankets tacked over the windows. The bedrooms don't look like makeshift homeless shelters anymore.

Have my frequent hardware store flyer cards in their own niche in my wallet, and the clerks all greet me by name... They used to ask me who was doing the work on the hovel, now they ask what MY current project is. lol.
Saw this handsome beast in the parking lot of the hardware store last week. Don't think he's a bit afraid of a little snow.

Finished up with the eye doc here til next fall. All is good, except for the dang floater in my dominate shoot'n eye. Doc taught me to quickly move my eyes to the left, then to the right, then look straight ahead to get it to move out of the center of the field of vision. I can do it fairly fast now, & I'm quite sure people that catch me doing it, think I'm more than a little cockeyed...