Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mom is blessed

Gus and I had a whirlwind trip and we loved it.  It's about 9 hours driving, which would have been somewhat shorter without all the gas, water, walk Gus stops.  But not nearly as interesting.
We stopped at Del Rio Winery on the way North to stock up on the fruit of the vine.  Blessed be. 
It had been a while since I had driven thru Portland, timing was great, we were going in when the rest of the world was coming out. Another blessing. 
Met up with my son in Vancouver and then went house hunting.  He found one not far from his work that evening. Another blessing.
Spent as much time as possible with my two youngest grand girls over the weekend.  What smart little whippersnappers they are.  Sean is a great dad, and they are well loved. A great blessing.
Spent Monday at Ikea in Portland, picking out furniture for the house.  He gave me a set amount and I got most all he needed way under budget.  Another blessing. 
We spent the evening moving stuff, and building the furniture. Not so much of a blessing, but we all got thru it, thanks be no one forgot the blessed wine.
I love the green of Washington state, and the beautiful weather.  Hey, it was 83 three of the four days I was there! Another blessing.
Gus and I hit the road for home on Tuesday.  This time we were going out as everyone else was going in. Another blessing.
We made the usual stops, plus a quick stop at my parents to check on them, another hour and we were home to our little bunkhouse.  Another blessing.
Next time, soon hopefully, I will take my books on tape, Gus is a good traveler but he isn't much of a talker...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mom Likes

Like this mom wants to be on the road to Vancouver WA to see her son and his girls.  Like this weekend.  Like with Gus, as co-pilot.  Like she has washed, waxed, changed the oil, and rotated the tires on the ol SUV in readiness, like she can have her new Cabela's bag (thanks my brother) packed in a flash, like she really wants to be on her way. 
Oh, is  "Barn House"  in Battle Ground, WA (a short hop from Vancouver) having their big Fall todo this very weekend?
Like how auspicious is that!