Monday, February 24, 2020

Two and a half years...

There are many things that I really miss about living in a rural community.

Finally got my health insurance sorted, and now have a mandatory deduction for medicare prescription coverage that I didn't sign up for in the beginning. I didn't sign up for it because I didn't need it! I didn't and don't have any prescriptions! It just chaps my hide that they get away with this.

Anyway, today I setup an appointment for a physical with my new doctor. The doctor is part of a large group, and so far I'm just a number here. 
I need to take my medical records with me for the first appointment.  Dialed my old doc's office in Red Bluff.  Mind you I haven't seen doc in two and a half years. Doc answers the phone. I start to say my name, no need. He recognizes my voice, calls me by name, says how are you doing in Washington state? Asks what he can do for me?  
"I need my records mailed up to me, please."
"The girls are gone for the day, give them a call in the morning, and they will get them to you." "Now, how are you doing up there?"
We chatted for a bit and ended with Doc saying it was good to hear from me. 
I'm trying to think that the new city doc will live up to the standard that came before him.  But, two and a half years... 

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Collections and such...

Having moved so much, I collect only a few things. 

There is a tray of Heart shaped rocks, that the grandkids and I have found over the years. All are perfectly imperfect and all have a story...

 A basket of old single spurs. How does one end up with only one spur? 

The vase of feathers collected from hither and yon in the back of beyond. 

And my small but prized collection of well used flap jack turners...

~ l ~

 I've mostly finished with the spare bedroom, just need to get a closet door, hang it and then I'm done, til I'm not...

~ l ~

On another note:
My SIL & BIL just texted me to say my room is ready at the new river house, the weather is supposed to be perfect, and to come do a little painting, and a lot of fishing! 

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Cabbage, Chores and Day Trip'n...

I don't have the heart to rip out my cabbage and plant new annuals, yet. It has been so bright all winter.  

My Sean came over on Friday to install the new light fixtures in the stairwell and take his ma to lunch. He brought his pup, Lachlan with him. 

The two lights have been out in the stairwell for a while now.  I did not realize how dark the stairwell was til I flipped the breaker back on.  Wow, it lit up to bright bright.  Now I can see that the previous owners put three different colors and textures on the walls. ugh.  I have most of the patch work done, so I thing I will go ahead and paint the whole interior.
I use Miller Paint, and they offered to give me a free 1/2hr with a decorator to decide on colors. I'm thinking a neutral for the walls, and an off white for the uppers in the kitchen with darker lowers.  Which should update the kitchen and make the black appliances not stand out so much.  Will see what the decorator suggests. 
 Finally finished painting the spare bedroom and the little half bath downstairs. I could happily choke out the previous painters.  Removing paint runs, recessing nail heads, and patching holes took so long.


Asked my cousin in Portlandia if she was up for a day trip up the gorge on Monday.  She was, so Willie and I went and picked her up and headed out to find some Sunshine.  We went up river, and found my BIL & SIL in sunshine at the River House.  They bought another river house, and sold the one they have in one day.  Lots of work needed to bring the new place up to snuff, it's bigger.  They are doers, so I'm sure they will getter done.
After lunch with them we went  across the Columbia to Stonehenge. It sets overlooking the gorge.  So well kept and interesting.

 To read more of the fascinating history of the area go to

We wanted to see the Maryhill Museum of Art, but it is closed til March 15th. We will be back.  I especially want to see the icons and chess sets.

"Set among 5,300 acres on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, Maryhill Museum of Art is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most fascinating cultural destinations. Museum highlights include a gallery of 80 works by Auguste Rodin,  artifacts from Queen Marie of Romania, Orthodox icons, unique chess sets from around the world, the renowned Théâtre de la Mode, along with rotating special exhibitions."

Next stop was Maryhill Winery for more local history and a little fruit of the vine in the Sunshine.

 We came back home to clouds and rain, but we had our moment in the sun. 


Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sleepless in Vancouver...

We had a light dusting of snow at 4 AM, sadly it melted away too quickly.  I've missed the snow, and the quiet that comes with it.  Living in town is still challenging to me. 

I wanted to start painting the second coat of Sunday Stroll on the walls of the spare bedroom, but thought better of it at that 4 AM hour.  Because it is best done with the window open and Andrea Bocelli's "Si Forever" album playing full volume.  My neighbors are friendly and I'd like to keep it that way.

Before I put the second coat on I put my phone on photo and scan the walls to see how the coverage is. The difference in the amount of paint easily shows up.  Now if I can just learn to put on even coats in the first place.

A big unwieldy cabinet with mirrored doors is being dismantled so I can get it out of the bedroom. It's not good wood and poorly made, but I will save the beveled mirrored doors and the drawer hardware.

The tulip bulbs that I planted in pots, planters, and the ground are starting to poke out of the soil. 

The little Clematis I planted next to the small back patio has it's first leaves. I was concerned that it wasn't going to do well, though it is somewhat protected by the pine. 

I've been running on 3 to 4 hours sleep at night, max.  I've never needed a lot of sleep but this not being able to shut down is troublesome.  Thinking some time a horseback or at the range might be helpful...