Monday, May 30, 2011

Real life

A fellow blogger (AR Patti) posted a link to Doris's post of Dr Kikta's first hand account of the tornado's impact on St John's Regional Medical Center in Joplin MO.  Tornado damage, but more importantly human grace is in this story:
Please give as much help, in what ever form you can to those in need. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New eyes

Went to an antiques market show last weekend. What beautiful things, I drooled a lot.  Way beyond my limited budget, but the looking was free. It was held in the garden and barn of a couple who live in my old home town. 

In one outdoor stall, the one with the vintage clothing, a little gopher popped his head up.  He continued to eat from the edges of the grass as if there wasn't a multitude of ol ladies wandering about. Out came the camera phones, big cameras, little cameras, for a gopher. 

Interesting to see things that would have been tossed in days gone bye displayed in such clever ways.  The boneyard here on the farm is full of these rusty, dusty, bent, and twisted pieces of art.  It's a treasure trove out there. I go scouting often to redo my displays. I'm not above putting a small roll of barbwire up as a wreath, using disk blades as planters, bird feeders, or table centerpieces. A seed bag pillow case.  Bed spring candle holders, vases, and plant hangers. Spindles and cogs, horseshoes & deer horns are displayed around the ol bunkhouse.  Years ago my dad cut and slag welded three disk blades together as a vase for my mom, it is the one thing I hope to inherit. I've been doing this type of decorating for years,  simply because I like the repurposing, the seeing things with new eyes.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Traveling Light

Since The divorce I've been winnowing thru my stuff.   Files that I've no idea why I kept. Pictures have been sorted, and the twelve million duplicates and the picture of a rock are now residing in a landfill.  I brought with me a few pieces of furniture that have a long and sorted past. The press back chairs are from a ranch wife in the wilds of Nevada via my mother and father's hunting trips.  The round oak table wandered into my care from a neighbor's barn sale, as did the pie safe. The old white chippy cabinet with the blue interior was left on the curb when a store closed, down the street from where I worked. Stuffed that sucker in the back of the ol SUV and away I went. And yes I did find a free sign on it.  A painting or two, a pot, a fry pan and a box of rocks, pretty much covers it.

 In days gone by himself would back the gooseneck up to the house, and tell me to have it packed and ready to go by the time the cattle where finished being loaded.  I got pretty good at packing and traveling light.  We moved so much that I guess it stuck. 
I like this lightness of being. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down

The world as we know it ended for a few days.  What a wake up call that was as Blogger's maintenance fix flamed out and crashed into the Internet ocean.  It seemed to revive for a moment then down again, up-down, up-down, up which made me a little crazy.  I have to have my lurking time with the many and varied blogs I enjoy reading.  I seldom comment, because I want to make that truly original intelligent comment that someone else has already made.  But tell me the system is down, and boy do I have a lot to say.  Now it's been down too long  and I've misplaced all those gloriously intellectual comments in my post menopausal mind. 
There was lots to share, like the show steers got out, everyone gone but me.  It was going well til they decided to see what  was with all those pickups whizzing by.  There I am trying to run threw knee deep pasture, to cut them off, when to my utter amazement I learned that I can levitate. Not able to stay up there very long yet but I'm working on it. No bunnies where hurt in this process.
Gus has decided that he's a big dog now, and part of his early doghood shall be to lift his leg in the house.  This is not going over well with me, he's a tad jumpy from my corrections. He'd be even jumpier if he knew what lay in store for him if he does it again.
The baby owls are getting big.  I can't upload my pictures, (we won't go there at this time) so you will need to go to Cindee's Garden and look at her pictures.  Ours look just like hers.  Aren't they just cute?
In closing, if you see a white haired, wild eyed granny, driving an ancient SUV, loaded with grand kids, steer feed, baseball equipment, and a live Scottie hood ornament, my advise would be to get the heck out of her way.