Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New eyes

Went to an antiques market show last weekend. What beautiful things, I drooled a lot.  Way beyond my limited budget, but the looking was free. It was held in the garden and barn of a couple who live in my old home town. 

In one outdoor stall, the one with the vintage clothing, a little gopher popped his head up.  He continued to eat from the edges of the grass as if there wasn't a multitude of ol ladies wandering about. Out came the camera phones, big cameras, little cameras, for a gopher. 

Interesting to see things that would have been tossed in days gone bye displayed in such clever ways.  The boneyard here on the farm is full of these rusty, dusty, bent, and twisted pieces of art.  It's a treasure trove out there. I go scouting often to redo my displays. I'm not above putting a small roll of barbwire up as a wreath, using disk blades as planters, bird feeders, or table centerpieces. A seed bag pillow case.  Bed spring candle holders, vases, and plant hangers. Spindles and cogs, horseshoes & deer horns are displayed around the ol bunkhouse.  Years ago my dad cut and slag welded three disk blades together as a vase for my mom, it is the one thing I hope to inherit. I've been doing this type of decorating for years,  simply because I like the repurposing, the seeing things with new eyes.  


  1. Going to a market like that also gives you new ideas.

  2. I love things that have been put to an unexpected use or turned into a work of art. It only takes a bit of imagination to revitalise something that seemed redundant.

    Don't think I've ever seen a gopher, unless prairie dogs are included. Are gophers seen as friends or pests in your neighbourhood?

  3. Grannymar: It sure does, love getting new ideas..
    Nick: I wonder what is popular in this venue over there?
    I've inserted a pic of a gopher for you. They are a horrible nuisance pest here to gardeners, ranchers, farmers, and flood control leeves.

  4. Re-purposing is the best way to shop.

  5. That is the best type of recycling.
    Love the camera friendly gopher. My what big teeth he has.

  6. There's not much new in my house and I love seeing what people do with the objects in their lives. Makes me feel better about my little collections of wooden thread spools and other oddments that have come my way over the years.

  7. If that is your outdoor area, Brighid, it is beautiful, more pics please!

  8. Have you and Mrs GQ been hanging out? Sigh....
    Nice picture of the little varmit.

  9. I am on a getting rid of things spree. I am determined that if something has to come in, something has to go out. As tempting as many garage sales are, unless what is on offer can be eaten or drunk, I resist the temptation.