Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down

The world as we know it ended for a few days.  What a wake up call that was as Blogger's maintenance fix flamed out and crashed into the Internet ocean.  It seemed to revive for a moment then down again, up-down, up-down, up which made me a little crazy.  I have to have my lurking time with the many and varied blogs I enjoy reading.  I seldom comment, because I want to make that truly original intelligent comment that someone else has already made.  But tell me the system is down, and boy do I have a lot to say.  Now it's been down too long  and I've misplaced all those gloriously intellectual comments in my post menopausal mind. 
There was lots to share, like the show steers got out, everyone gone but me.  It was going well til they decided to see what  was with all those pickups whizzing by.  There I am trying to run threw knee deep pasture, to cut them off, when to my utter amazement I learned that I can levitate. Not able to stay up there very long yet but I'm working on it. No bunnies where hurt in this process.
Gus has decided that he's a big dog now, and part of his early doghood shall be to lift his leg in the house.  This is not going over well with me, he's a tad jumpy from my corrections. He'd be even jumpier if he knew what lay in store for him if he does it again.
The baby owls are getting big.  I can't upload my pictures, (we won't go there at this time) so you will need to go to Cindee's Garden and look at her pictures.  Ours look just like hers.  Aren't they just cute?
In closing, if you see a white haired, wild eyed granny, driving an ancient SUV, loaded with grand kids, steer feed, baseball equipment, and a live Scottie hood ornament, my advise would be to get the heck out of her way.


  1. Blogger, argh! I had to get out in the garden to keep myself from trying to log on until the print wore off my keyboard. Today I tried turning my computer off and staying away from it, do I have a problem? What happened, I got the roses pruned (or slaughtered), I talked to my neighbors, and I made a vat of leek potato soup, mmm. Too bad you aren't closer, I send some over. But here I am again, good to hear from you.

  2. What a wonderful image that is of the white haired, wild eyed granny. I can see the SUV hurtling along at breakneck speed and every sentient being running for dear life out of its path. It would make a change from the less than wild eyed grannies round here who drive at about 5 mph, terrified they might drive into a lamppost and lose their licence.

  3. I can see you running through the cow pasture!!! LOL Glad you are o.k.!!!! I chase the cows out of my yard almost daily! I think they are leaving to greener pastures soon!!!
    The owlets are amazingggggg I am really enjoying this special experience!!!!

  4. I am assuming your rescued all runaways. Would have liked to have seen the levitation.
    To answer your question that was sucked up by blogger and not returned, older PT wood had arsenic in it and needed careful handling. The new stuff has copper in it. It is safe for humans but will eat fasteners that are not made especially for PT wood.

  5. CELIA, Your soup sounds yummy, thanks for thinking of me. Glad your getting out more.
    NICK, Don't those slow poke drivers make you crazy, their as much a hazzard as the speeders.
    CINDEE, Your garden is glorious and lord knows cows are curious. Your/our owl babies are sooo cute.
    PATTI, All are back in their pens. Levitation really isn't that difficult, except for the scaring the crap out ol ladies part. Good to know about the PT, learning something new every day here.

  6. Welcome back!

    I love the word images you paint. Hang in there Granny Brighid, today's problems will soon be tomorrow's memories.

  7. GRANNYMAR, How goes it Spunky? It's good to have my brain at least functioning on some level again. LOL

  8. yes, Bloggergeddon was a catastrophe. I felt very lonely.

  9. Enjoyed all your rich life activities...looking forward to your photos now that Blogger is up and running.

  10. I would have loved to see you levitate!

  11. MARCI, That touch of no communication was frightening, wasn't it.
    TABOR, Thanks, my picture loading problem is because of my provider, FRONTIER COM.
    RUMMY, I wish there were pictures, it was a heart pounding experience.