Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All's well that ends well...

When we sold our house last fall, I did a final clean and walk-thru. In a way, saying goodbye to the only house we ever owned.  All the other 29 moves had been to rentals or ranch housing. 
I had moved out months before, and himself had stayed on til a buyer was found. He did a good job of keeping it up, but didn't see that it wasn't as clean as it could be.  So I spent a last day with the house, cleaning, and polishing.  I made sure the bathrooms had full rolls of TP, new bars of soap, a few fresh towels, new batteries in the alarms, a basket of trash bags, new lightbulbs, cleansers, and watered the garden.  Locking the door behind me the last time, I wasn't sad, there was no need.  When I went by the realtor's to leave my keys, I also left a binder for the new owners.  The binder had a note wishing them nothing but happiness in their new home, all the warranties and manuals for the heating/ac unit, appliances, and fixtures.  The names and info of all the utilities, and services that we had used. Also included were the color codes and brands of paint & stain used. At the end I listed the close neighbors and slipped in a few pictures of the landscape in full bloom. 
I never met the buyers, but my ex said they were nice, all's well. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yeah Right Bucko...

A girlfriend called to say she was driving up to Washington state to spend a week with her sons, and would I like to ride along so I could spend some time with my Sean.  Took me about a minute to throw some clothes in my bag, make arrangements for Gus to stay with Marymine, and away I went. 
Spent a great week with my Sean and his girls. The girls and I did Fort Vancouver twice, and made hand puppets for their impromptu puppet show for Sean.  Those girls are inventive, we laughed and had a great time.
 Sean needed to find a home for his Queensland heeler, Jack.  After a call to Marymine to see if she was interested in adding to her pack, and an OK from my girlfriend, it was a go for Jack to ride home with us. 
Jack looks a lot like the Queensland heeler pictured above.  He is a dear sweet dog with very good manners, So I figured it would be smooth sailing getting him to Marymine's. 
Sean said he's a good traveler, except here I am driving a friend's car on a very busy 205 when he farts.  Now her car is nothing like my ol SUV, so I'm trying to drive, and roll down the window at the same time.  After we had nearly passed out from the fumes, I found the right button to push and aired us out.  We laughed, and said "Oh Jack you must have eaten something you shouldn't have".  On we went with me driving the Vancouver to Roseburg leg.  The next time he let one go we were in a driving rain storm and could only crack the windows, still able to laugh somewhat.  
Told my girlfriend of the time my cousins had sent a book to Sean's girls entitled "Walter the Farting Dog".  We had all gotten a kick out of that book, I must have read it to the girls a dozen times. 
Now it was starting to look like we had another five hours of driving with "Jack the Farting Dog".  We ran into snow on my next leg of driving, with no chains or 4 wheel drive it got a bit dicey. Jack the Farting Dog continued apace. Just about the time we would think he wasn't going to gas us again, he would let loose. Truckers would signal to us that our windows were down and it was snowing out, we pointed to Jack The Farting Dog, and kept on. We were starting to think it might be wise to stop at a WallyWorld and get gas masks. Tears were coming to our eyes, but it wasn't from laughter. We finally reached her place, switched my bags and Jack to my ol SUV for the last hour and a half  to my bunkhouse.  Pulled in, let Jack stretch his legs, retrieved Gus from Marymine's, and made Jack promise that he would Not fart in the bunkhouse.  He didn't, and now is happily living with the crew at Marymine's.  
When I called Sean to ask about Jack's fumigating specialty,  Sean said he probably was just plain scared to death riding with two ol ladies in that little car going thru rain and snow storms. Yeah right Bucko...