Monday, March 28, 2016

Big loop'n...

 Took Dad for an airing out car ride the other day. We made a big loop to the West towards the Atwood Ranch, and saw some of my favorite country. Dad enjoyed getting to see some new (to him) country.
Atwood Ranch's photo.
Atwood Ranch pic
 It's the perfect time of year to be in the rolling hills with everything so green, the creeks running, and the huge old oaks budding out in the draws. You could hear the grass growing. Redbuds were in full bloom in some of the creek bottoms. Dad was on the look out for deer, but we didn't see any game except for one wild turkey and a covey of Gambels. Lots of cows and calves were about. Saw one of the most even herds of Angus cows I have ever seen in a commercial operation. 
I stopped in one draw to repair a piece of fence that was down. Dad asked if I knew who's place it was. No, but the cows inside it were eating their way to that gap in the fence. It only took a few minutes to repair, and we were back on our way.
Dad is getting less and less able to get around, thankfully his mind is sharp as ever.  He amazes me with his memories of hunting camps in the back of beyond, and flying machines from eighty years ago. He can look at an unmarked map and tell you where he got a buck, or where the best fishing creek was.
I'm going to try to road trip him to Idaho to see my brother this spring. Just waiting for the weather to be a little more stable. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Quit digging...

 A Blessed Easter

Other than a couple hellacious spring thunderstorms, it has been too beautiful to stay inside a moment longer than necessary.

Last week I ducked yoga and headed to the range for some much needed cow, rock, grass, blue sky, and boom therapy.


Marymine is constantly telling me that Lauren is my mini me.   I don't see it but, I don't mind at all.  When I was down at Marymine's for the 5K I asked Lauren if she had dyed her hair brown.  She said "Oh Nanny, yes I did! I got so tired of that white trash blonde look!"  I looked at Lauren and said with a straight face, "really, hmmm..."  It took a second and Marymine over in the corner of the kitchen laughing so hard she couldn't speak, for Lauren to realize that she had just mightily insulted her granny.  Lauren came over hugged me and said " Oh No, I didn't mean you Nanny, your hair is white... like old people have!"  My words were, "I love you Lauren, quit digging."  

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring has sprung...

More gorgeous weather this week! The lakes and reservoirs are filling up, everything is growing like crazy.

The landscaping around the house is getting ahead of me.  I may have to break down and have a yard service come in to help out.  

The Ceanothus is blooming.

and the Grevillea Noellii.
 While taking the above photos, the sense of being watched just kept nicking at my back.  Turned around to find this fellow watching me from inside the fortnight lilies...

Not sure he thought I was doing the photos properly, but he never said anything.

This was a Bloodsucker drive week, and St Patrick's as well so... two birds one stone.

Monday, March 14, 2016

After the rain...

We have sunshine!  Good morning Mt Lassen.


A great weekend with Marymine; full of family, kids, dogs, green tutus, and lots of laughter!

SIL Jane and I gett'n ready for the start of the Shamrock'n 5K in Sac on Sat. Windy and Colder than all getout, but the rain had stopped. Them darn tracking devices on the numbers are so you can't cut through the back streets, who knew! Just so all is straight, it was probably not me that might have tripped that ol guy with the T that read, "You've just been passed by a 70 yr old man"...
 and the wind resistance on a tutu, geez!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Rounding Up...

We have had much needed rain and not needed high winds.  Thankfully most of the oak trees have not fully leafed out yet.

Between storms, a couple friends and I have been chain saw massacring trees that were dying and/or overtaking the garden. Couldn't believe what the tree guys wanted to charge to do this. Friends settled for a steak dinner, and a few stiff drinks to sooth our sore muscles.
The knees are healed up, with just another set of scars to show for my lack of forethought.
Dad is healing up nicely from his radiation, and his voice is getting better every day. He now has a headset for his long phone convos with WWW. One of my BIL's has been taking him fishing, so he's a happy camper.
I've managed to upset the status quo at book club. The last book was not interesting or well written in my humble opinion. When it came my turn to give my synopsis of the book, I told them what I thought.  OMG, the stunned faces. So I told them, don't ask me what I think if you don't want to hear my honest answer.  I'm still in the group, but for how long...?
My shooting mentor is leaving for a month of hunting in Africa. Seems like he and his wife just got back from a summer spent in Alaska, hunting, fishing, and flying. I love their stories and pictures.
Range buddies had another hanger built, and the latest goodies are out of the paint shop. They are wonderful, honest, super hardworking people that make a difference in a lot of lives...

T showing her brother the new paint jobs.

My granddaughter Lauren is working with this years show calves. Won't be long til fair time.

 And LOL, I contacted Flash (remember when I had a BF last fall) about a balm recipe. He is doing well, and since he was so in love with me and totally devastated (his words) by my decision to have us go our separate ways. He's gotten engaged!  Guess I wasn't all that devastating after all...