Saturday, January 30, 2016

It will be fine...

This week sorta got away from me, none of the chores got done til today. All the normal stuff was put on hold cause the rain let up for a day, the girls called, and we were gone to the range.

rant on: If you are going to have a big beautiful multi venue range (20 miles from much of anything) you should have first aid kits strategically placed around the facility. (I have a fairly complete FA kit in my range bag.)  I asked the gals about the ranges FA kits, as they are members. They said there might be one in the locked building, with a few band aides in it, haha. Not damn funny! rant off. 
Still have trouble with the Walther being super picky about what you feed it. I'm keeping a tally book, so I don't buy ammo it doesn't like. On the other hand, you could probably put rocks in the Sig and it would shoot. 
Gal Hint: If you don't normally paint your fingernails, and you paint them bright red before going to shoot, don't, it's damn distracting.
Next day was a 5K training day. There were things to do for Dad and it was pouring rain so that precluded my running in the AM. No worries I thought, I will go watch them sift the geldings at the Red Bluff Bull & Gelding Sale indoor arena and train in the evening. Picked up a friend and she and I slogged through a fair amount of rain, mud and horse manure to get to the bleachers.  All the usual characters were present. It was almost as much fun to listen in on the talk around us as watch the horses.

 Met a nice older ranching couple from Oregon, that were seated in front of us. She and I swapped ranch horse stories when there was a break in the action. The specific horse we had come to watch was far back in the query, so three and a half hours later we watched it work, and we are out of there. I had not moved from that cold metal bleacher in all that time.  I know better then to set in one position that long, I also know that actions have consequences, or in this case inaction. Got up, grabbed the hand rail, walked down the bleachers, turned the corner, took one step down the stairs and went flying. It must have been something to see!  I made a darn near perfect four point landing on the concrete below with palms and knees. Got up, dusted myself off, thanked the gentlemen that asked me if I was OK.  Proud that I didn't even cuss, and we left the building.  My friend kept saying are you alright, there's blood on your wranglers. Well yes, that's because most of the skin on my knees is missing. 
It will be fine, and it will be, but now I'm off a day in training. Speed walked and jogged in the mist this morning, cause the knees are a tad sore. It will be fine...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

out run...

Oh My God... what in the name of all that is holy was I thinking!
I hope you people with your glowing words of encouragement, while snickering behind your coffee cups, have not put any discretionary funds on this endeavor.
A former runner gave me a workout program, to use as a format for getting in shape to run the 5K. Downloading the program was the easy part.

First day of training:
Couldn't find my vest of many pockets to pack my phone, my glasses, Willie's dp bags, my little Sig, three mags, my knife, water bottle, first aide kit, and a tube of lip balm. Finally uncovered it and loaded up. There will be no photos, use your imagination.
Put Willie on his lead, and headed out.
Not too bad the first 5 minutes...
Then controlled breathing goes to a loud wheezing, gasping sound.  A thoughtful neighbor asks if he needs to call the EMT's, there is no air to answer, so I just shake my head, No!  He salutes me with his coffee cup to hide his laughter.
The girls are not at all happy about the darn sports bra, they prefer free range lounging pj's.
The ankle I tore up as a kid, has decided it really doesn't care to do this, and will protest by alternating between muscle spasms and shooting pain.
Willie has lost all sense of how to behave on a lead. He does not seem to comprehend that if I fall on him, he is done for.
Our neighborhood is in the hills, hills go up & down... a lot. Thank goodness for kegels. Kegels are our friends when we are far from home.
As we are headed back, I smell someone BBQing brauts, wait, it's early in the morning... hmmm.
According to the Jackwagon running program there is a day off between workouts so your body can rest. Rest!?!  How about heal the heck up.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

All choked up...

Marymine went on a personal mission seven months ago to improve her health and get in shape.  She has worked hard to make it happen.  Three days a week she works out with a no mercy personal trainer, and the rest of the time on her own.  Not an easy thing for a very busy mother of four, who always puts everyone else first, but she has prevailed.

She called the other day to tell me she had signed us up for a 5K (whatever the heck that is) in March.  

"Who is us?"  I asked.  
"You and me, mom!" she said.  
I choked on my coffee...  
She said, "Mom, you get to wear a sparkly green shirt."  
I choked on my doughnut...  
"You get to wear a tutu, Mom!"  
I choked on a chocolate kiss... 

  "It'll be fun, Mom," she said.  
I choked on my last bonbon... 
 "You don't have to run it Mom, You can walk it." 
I choked on my indignation... 
"I'm all in, and screw the walking, I'm running. I'm 69, not dead!" I  laughingly said. 

So, in order to salvage a bit of my foolish pride, I have gone into training, with Willie as my personal running partner. We head out early mornings in a manner befitting berserkers. Willie wearing his mangy hide, and I wearing my Sacred Heart rummage sale running shoes, holy yoga leggings, a Cabela's tee under a Coeur d'Alene rugged issue sweatshirt, and a BEEF is Best ball cap.
I'm already dreaming of burning the tutu while drinking a Guinness at the end of the 5K.   

Thursday, January 14, 2016

TBT way back when...

Sorting through boxes of pictures, putting dates and places on the backs of the ones not marked. Dad and I have done this for his pictures, I'm still working on mine. 

I found one that had been posted on a bulletin board for some family event, possibly my late mother and father-in-laws 60th anniversary party.  When the person that took down the pictures put my pictures in a baggie for me, they didn't take the tape off the back of the photos, unbeknownst to me. While sorting I pulled them apart, and thought I had ruined one of my favorite photos of the Cowman and Marymine. 

Scouted around and found a place that restores photos.  They said they could fix it!  I picked it up the other day. 


A bit of the story behind the picture...
The young Cowman wanted to go back to college and finish his degree. We saved up, loaded up Marymine, and headed down to Cal Poly SLO. While I worked full time, the Cowman worked between classes. We bought a beat to heck ol White delivery truck, and hauled hay at night, with Marymine sleeping beside me. 
We loved the beaches and the ocean, so every chance we got we went. I think this picture was taken at Pismo Beach, or less likely Avila.
Yes, this was considered casual beach wear to the Cowman. He really didn't like shirts and Wranglers that were not pressed. Marymine didn't care what he wore as long as he was close.

Ah, being young and a lot in love, it was all way more fun than it should have been, way back when... 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Color wheels...

As mentioned before I have been trying to make Dad's daily trips to radiation treatments an adventure of sorts.
There have been developments. Now cute secretary Barbie has started calling us Trouble 1 (Dad) and Trouble 2 (me). Dad gets top billing because he's older, not because he's more Trouble.

I found a coupon for the craft store, and got an adult coloring book, markers, and colored pencils. Took them in the waiting room and started coloring.  Dad looked at me like I had lost it... til a young woman (patient mid 20s) & her husband came through. We have seen them before, but they never said much. She saw the coloring book, and lit up. "I got a coloring book from a friend, and it has been more fun," she said.  We talked for a while, with both her and her husband giving laughing goodbyes, and see you tomorrows when they left.
An older lady came in to wait for her turn for treatment, she looked at me, looked at the coloring book, looked at me, and said, "I've heard coloring is great therapy". I told her I was leaving it in the waiting room and anyone could use it whenever they wanted. She laughed and said "Thanks, I might just do that".
Today, an older man (patient) came in and sat across from me, I said Hi, and kept coloring.  He said, "that looks like fun, mind if I give it a go?"  "No sir, go right ahead!"
Next a couple came, the husband (patient) in a wheelchair, the wife was hanging in by a very thin thread. She looked at the coloring book, looked at me coloring, kinda shook her head, and went back to trying to make her husband comfortable. Next thing I know Dad is done, and it's time to go. I put the pencils, markers, sharpener, & eraser in a zip lock bag, closed the coloring book and placed them on the bookshelf under secretary Barbie's window. The patient's wife said, "Oh, I thought you brought those."  "I did, but they stay here, and anyone who wants to can use them." The wife said with a shaky laugh, "You don't have to tell me twice, I'm on it!"  I looked at Barbie and winked, she gave me a thumbs up, and mouthed, "aah, Trouble 2."
Who knew lessons learned in a couple years working nights in ER admitting, interacting with stressed out staff & patients, would come in handy.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

short notes...

With all the rain, wind, and freezing temps we have had... one of the zonal geraniums keeps right on blooming.  Adversity doesn't bother it. Might be a bit of berserker in it's background.

The mountains are calling meeee...

 Wish the neighbors would prune their trees, they are wreaking the view.

We have new street signs in the neighborhood. Some are correct, some not so much...

 I laugh every time I go by this one. I can see getting it wrong in the making, but to not notice when you are putting it up!  It gets even funnier that some of them are spelled correctly: Highland Bluffs, while some have obviously had the S knocked out of them.

Dad is doing well with his treatments.  Had his girlfriend here for a weekend visit. The WWW(wealth widder woman) is good for him, makes him laugh, but boy howdy can that woman talk.  Dad said she asked him if I was always this quiet. Yes she is! was his answer.

Off to touch up the baseboards, Dad has dinged'm up with his walker. Then another bunch of projects to get done...