Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Blooms, Booms, & Blood...

We've had a bit of sun here in the PNW. YeeHaw!

Gardening on such a small scale in the hovel complex is challenging for me. I could use acres.

Got some of my flower pots planted between rain and hail storms.

Tomorrow Willie goes to Portlandia to stay with my cousin, while I head up river. 
Baited my neighbor with a peach, pecan cobbler, so he will keep an eye on the hovel for me.

My SIL & BIL are taking me to their cabin near Sparta, Oregon for some wilderness time.
 I'm looking forward to getting out in the back of beyond of Sparta.  It's where "Paint Your Wagon" was filmed.  (One of Dad & my favorite movies). 

We are going to do a lot of hiking, shooting, and fishing.  I'm taking lure parts to replace the two rigs I lost (with the help of another BIL, lol) to snags on the Columbia. Also, a few Johnson Beetle spinners to try on the lakes and the Snake.

and my boomstick, that I finally got back home from Sean's, in case of a granny munch'n critter.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day 2020...

Remember those who have given all for our freedom,

  help and protect their families...

Saturday, May 9, 2020

travel & fish report...

Didn't catch any Salmon, but we did catch a lot of these...



Wednesday, left the cold and rain of Vancouver, dropped Willie off at cousin's.  Headed up the Gorge in Nate, with my old front door, door frame, Black Rifle coffee, snacks, wine, and a box of DVDs (for BIL & SIL hunting cabin in Sparta).

Another BIL & SIL from NorCal were at the River House.  So good to see them, I haven't seen them in quite a while.

Us girls stayed up late playing Sequence (with wine), and catching up.

Thursday morning, while the other girls slept in, I got up at O dark thirty with the guys to get on the river for the morning bite. 

looking east, up river

looking West, the moon over Mt. Hood
 Guess I should explain that the river is only open for spring run (springer) salmon fishing every other day. The 5th, 7th, 9th, and 13th of May!

We had no luck with the salmon, but saw a couple of other boats haul in a few. It was a beautiful morning on the river, anyway.

Back to the river house to pick up the girls, then back to the river.  Fished for a couple hours with sporadic bites, and a few walleye, and bass caught.

SIL Patty

Friday morning, NorCal BIL & SIL left for the trip home to Cali. 

We went back out walleye fishing and caught a bunch.


SIL Marianne

There is always something to see on the river.

Osprey & nest


mom & pop Honkers with babies


float practicing touch & go's

Friday afternoon, drove back home, with a bag of walleye fillets to take to my Sean's on Sunday.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

the tough go fishing...

Been a while since I posted, because I have been toughing it out by going up the Gorge fishing.

I went for a few days last week and we caught a bunch of bass.  Put in at Arlington as that was the only ramp open.

 We kept some of the bass, my BIL cleaned them, and SIL cooked some for us, yummy!  The rest I brought back for my cousin, as she keeps Willie for me.

Water was smooth as glass, and the temp was perfect.

We glassed the bluffs for rams between fish. Didn't spot any. 

Wild flowers on the drive home. 

Weather was beautiful, got some sun, and had a good time.

Just got a text from my SIL to get my butt back up there to go springer fishing later this week. YeeHaw, can't wait.