Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Aftermath...

Hope your Thanksgiving was all you needed it to be.


The pie and I went down to MySean's on Friday to celebrate Thanksgiving with part of the family.  We gathered with much hugging and laughter.  Good food was shared, good wine was drank, and tall tales of misadventure were told. 


MySean bought a new pro xp sport RZR and proceeded to give his ma a hair on fire fast ride around the ranch. Through the evening mist we went, dodging numerous trees and stumps...


When he said "hang on ma" I knew it was going to be fun.  Damn that thing can go, and the cornering is awesome.  By the end of the wild ride I was covered in mud, and sporting a big grin! 


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thankful 4 family & pie...


Wednesday was a pie making class for me at my SIL Shell's. All my SILs are good cooks, but Shell is beyond good. Her culinary skills are legend in the family.


Why she was brave enough to take me on as an apprentice is untold.

My part of the supply list sent me in search of Spelt flour.  This was a must according to Shell, as it makes the best, light and flaky crust.

In a big bowl we mixed the Spelt flour with cubes of Crisco, added a touch of water, and a pinch of salt. Formed into balls and placed it outside to stay cold til we were ready for it.


Next (with the help of my niece) was to core, peel, and slice several bushels of apples with ancient paring knives. We used Granny Smith apples, Shell says she prefers Pippins, but they are hard to find here. A mix of Granny Smith and Honey Crisp works for me. 

We stirred cinnamon, brown sugar, sugar, and butter into the apples and set that aside while we went on to make the pie crusts.

Shell whipped out her Mrs. Anderson's, floured it up, and rolled out the dough. 

Crust was put in the pan, and filled with the apple mixture. Top crust made and placed over the filling.  Fluted the edges, and baked at 400 for how ever long it takes.  



It isn't pretty but I'm hoping it's good eat'n...

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!


Monday, November 16, 2020

Snow Geese Migration...


Since I posted Marymine's video, there have been a few questions about the snow geese.   This article might be of interest:

"More than a million snow geese return to California’s wetlands every winter.

It’s a migration dating back millennia. Their arrival sends bird enthusiasts and conservationists flocking to the Sacramento Valley to catch the noisy spectacle.


1. Where did the snow geese come from?

For thousands of years, snow geese have migrated from the Arctic along the Pacific flyway to winter on the Sacramento River floodplain.

Now that humans control the river’s flow through dams and other management, natural flooding no longer occurs. “That’s why preserving wetland wildlife refuges (where the geese now congregate) is so important.”

While some migrate from as far as Russia, most of California’s snow geese are likely flying from Alaska and western Canada, Humboldt State University wildlife management professor and goose expert Jeff Black said. While at their summer breeding grounds, snow geese lose their flight feathers, grounding them. They grow back at the end of summer, and the geese take flight for the western United States and Mexico.

2. Where is home now that they’re here?

Besides refuges, snow geese and other wetland wildlife hangout in rice fields, which serve as “surrogate wetlands.”

Rice farmers, who flood their fields after the fall harvest, welcome them, said Jim Morris, spokesman for the California Rice Commission in Sacramento. Snow geese arrive “just in time” to fertilize fields with their droppings, enriching soil before spring planting.

The fields supply more than 60% of the fall/winter food consumed by wetland migratory birds, Morris said. Part of that feast is the stubble left from harvested rice plants. What they don’t eat, their big flappy feet may smack down, pushing it under water and into the soil. “You need the stubble to decompose before you can plant again, (so birds provide) a real service.”

About 230 wetland species graze in the Sacramento Valley, home to 97% of California’s 500,000-acre rice grow, Morris said.

California is the second largest rice-producing state after Arkansas, growing more than four billion pounds of rice. More than 90% is sushi rice.

3. How do I know if what I’m seeing is a snow goose?

Snow geese are hard to miss. They’re a big bird with a 4.5-foot wingspan, according to the Audubon Society, and usually gather in large numbers.

They sport white bodies with black wingtips, a look scientists think makes them blend in with the snow, Black said.

Look for couples.

“They migrate in devoted lifelong pairs,” Black said. "

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Cakes & Snows


 *Told WSF I would try to find photos of some of Marymine's delicious cakes...

 She makes them outside of her regular day job. 

*Forgot to take my phone on my walks at Marymine's, but low n behold...

she posted a video of her backyard... turn your sound up to get the real effect.  The first 1:30 min will orient you and then if you skip to the 5:50 min mark you will see them spot her... 

Friday, November 13, 2020

Road Trip Nov 2020


Made a quick trip to Cali to see friends and family, and attend Ali's baby shower. (Willie stayed with my cousin in Portland, as traveling is not his thing.)

 Spent the first night in RB and went to the Art Walk with a BIL & SIL.  It has been so dry there that a small rain shower was welcomed. Saw local art work at some of the 24 venues. But to be greeted with much hugging and laughter by friends that I haven't seen since I moved to Vancouver was The Best. 



The next day I traveled on to Marymine's.  Seemed like forever since I had gotten to see some of my grandkids.

Ali's husband Tyler's parents and grandparents had flown out from Kansas for the shower. Which led to more hugging and laughter.  So good to see them again. Granddaughter Lauren drove home from college in Fresno for the baby shower. 


 We all worked on making decorations for the hall and Marymine made cookies.  She's an extraordinary baker, along with her other talents.


The shower was small, just family and close friends, but that baby is wanting for nothing. Great grand baby, Zoey Grace is due the middle of next month! 



Monday morning I left for home with Nate stuffed with four big crocks for my SIL in Oregon, a new sticker for my ride made by Marymine,   

wine, a rose bush, wine, goodies from Marymine, wine, and Peanut. It was good to have Peanut with me as it forced me to stop more than normal to air her out.  Picked up Willie on the way through Portland.  After nine hours of driving I stumbled into the hovel, took care of the dogs, and crawled into bed. 


Peanut is a dappled wiener, and quite the character.  She came home with me at the behest of Marymine and the grandkids. Willie has been informed by her that she is the boss of him... 


Willie has been wearing the look of a befuddled ol fella, but is slowly adapting to having her around. 



Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans Day 2020




Thank you Veterans for your service to our country.  


Dad second from the left side, front row of photo.

Daughter, Marymine

Grandson Corpsman Cody