Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bloom where...

The little Sally Holmes rose is blooming at the hovel.  

 She comes from humble beginnings. Starting out as a little snippet from her mother, who grows at the side of an old abandoned home in Fort Bragg, CA.  Taken from the cool, foggy ocean front climate she traveled over the coast range to the hot, dry environs of Red Bluff. Once there she was planted in a small pot.  Now, she could have easily given up at this stage, but no, she put down a few roots.  
In spite of lackadaisical care from her gardener, she continued to grow. 
With four rough moves around the country under her branches she could have easily bit the dust. There were a few setbacks along the way. When all those around her were attacked by the dreaded black spot, and aphids she took it all in stride and got tougher. She never complained about having to ride 500 miles in the back of a pickup in 100 degree heat, she just got tougher.
This latest move to the hovel saw her, in her old and cracked clay pot struggling to leaf out and then bloom. 

But bloom she has, and some day may yet be given a permanent home in a garden where there is a trellis for her to climb on... In the meantime she blooms where she is.

Monday, May 27, 2019


On this Memorial Day it is important to remember those who gave all in support of our freedoms. 

And so I want to share a glimpse into the life of one amazing Warrior...

The Legend of Chief Shannon Kent

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Wandering off...

I was looking at a set of scales in an antique store here and it brought back so many memories of the times and people of Bosse's Meat Market. 
 Back in the day the Cowman & one of his brothers worked after school & weekends, when they weren't needed on the ranch, in Bosse's Meat Market in Red Bluff.  Bosse's was a fixture in town, just across the street from Blue's Barber shop (where all the guys went for haircuts and the news).

It was where my MIL and the Cowman's grandmother called in their meat & grocery orders. The order would be ready for pickup when who ever was sent to pick it up got there.  Curbside service was the norm, and it was put on a running tab, that my FIL paid off monthly.
When my kids were little, I would go in and they would be given wieners straight out of the case to gnaw on, or a small ball of raw hamburger.  My MIL had done it with all her kids, and not one of the seven suffered from it (or turned vegan), and neither did mine.
Bert Bosse's daughter Diane, and son in law, Jack Burgess worked in the shop.  My father in law would later go in as a silent partner with Jack on a butcher shop & meat locker. Lots of elk, deer, hog, and cattle would be processed there.
Both Bosse's Market and Jack's Meat's are long gone now, but the memories remain of salt of the earth, good people.
I typed Jack's name in FB and his son, Jack Burgess came up. Low and behold, he has posted photos of his grandfather Bosse's ol family place and surrounds in Idaho. 

trailing sheep Ketchum, Idaho


Kueterville, Idaho
Jack resides in Ketchum, Idaho where he has a woodcarving studio. To say he's talented is an understatement.

Western red cedar totem hand carved with chisels

weathering nicely

You can see more of his art at:

LOL, once again I have wandered off the beaten path because of an item from another time and place...

Friday, May 17, 2019

Maxwell revisited...

Because I have recently watched another amazing dog work (the link to her video is at the bottom) in much the same way Max worked, I'm re-posting this from June of 2010.


The best cow dog around passed away recently, after being our sidekick for many years.  Maxwell The Wonder Cow Dog was a Border Collie, McNab cross that was given to me as a yearling. Cute as could be with his black and white coat, one blue eye and one blue/brown eye.

He had had no training on working cattle, but was schooled on basic commands.  
Everyone he met loved him, as he was ever the gentleman.  After he got the hang of working cattle he was amazing to watch.  He could handle just about anything.  
One time, moving cattle from one large pasture to another, with the gate on top of a knoll, the Cowman sent Max to gather the pasture, push the cattle up the hill, thru the gate, and turn them in the right direction.  Not an easy task for anyone, let alone one dog. As the Cowman was watching Max, and giving commands, up drives a fellow. 
"I've been watching your dog work for a while, would you be interested in selling him?"
The Cowman had been down this road before with people, "Well I couldn't take less than $5,000 for him" thinking this would end it.  The guy never batted an eye, and asked what form, cash or check, the Cowman wanted the payment in. 
The Cowman replied, "You know by watching him that dog is worth any three cowboys, so I don't think I will be interested in ever selling him."
The guy said, "Here's my name and number, if you ever change your mind give me a call, he's a Great Dog."
He was a Great Dog, he greeted you with gentleness and a wagging tail, he loved to work cattle in the pastures or the corrals, he could fetch and look after grand babies, he was a constant companion, he could make you laugh with his cow skiing trick, and a thousand other things. 

Gentle, wonderful Max, I miss you dearly.

Here is:
"Gathering Yearlings with Dagley's Annie"

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


I'm really tired of posting about me and my everyday life, and sorta wondering if I'm not boring you as well.  


Let's delve into bells: 

Back in the day
1 bell trimmed into the tail meant the mule was broke to pack, 2 bells meant he was broke to drive, and 3 bells meant he was broke to pack, drive, and ride. This way, when looking at a corral full of unknown mules, it was easy to identify which one to select for the job!

In the old military a new mule had his tail head shaved. So every one could be aware that the mule was unpredictable until it was known better.

That is why a new lieutenant was known as a shave tail.. unpredictable until known better.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Mother's Day 2019...

It was pretty quiet around here for Mother's Day. After I got home from mass, Sean came over to give me a card, take me to lunch & help me with the  travel trailer. While we were getting ready to leave the house Sean asked if I had heard from Marymine.
"Not yet, but I'm pretty sure she is busy and will call when she gets a chance."
Sean got a shit kicker grin on his face, and said he would wait for me to go upstairs and change out of my church clothes. Later as we were walking into the restaurant, he again asked if I had heard from her.  "I don't know, let me check my phone."  Sure enough there was a text from her saying 'she loved me 'more', was busy on a project with the kids, and would call later that night'. Sean started laughing, he had texted her before we left the house and told her he was now #1 and she was going to have to step up her game if she wanted to stay in the running... Kids!

We had a nice lunch and then went out to were I have the travel trailer stored,  removed the cover, installed the batteries, tested the generator, and checked the systems & the tires. After I give her a bath, coat her in 303, and flush the tanks, she should be ready to roll.

Come to find out Marymine and the grandkids were busy

 Marymine's pool April 2018 badly in need of resurfacing
resurfacing and painting her 70 year old swimming pool.
Marymine can do anything she sets her mind too, but this was no small task.  Good on the grandkids for helping with this huge project. 

One more coat and they can fill it, and be set for the summer. 

Oh, and according to my oldest grandson, Cody... this is what they are most likely going to look like after swimming in it... LOL!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Vintage Garden Market...

Saturday my SIL and I went to the Vintage Garden Market in downtown Camas. There were lots of vendors selling crafts and plants at the one day event. The weather was glorious, and so many plants, antiques, garden items, and a 4-H booth with goats.

We got there early, there was much to see.

Our favorite shop, Camas Antiques was busy outside and in.

Their vendors have a great eye for display.

So many friendly vendors with beautiful healthy plants.  I bought two zonal geraniums, and a multi blue clematis because you know you can't have too many plants.

Just before we saw this gal my SIL mentioned that she could spot the Wives of Camas by their eyelid, lip, and boob jobs... lol.

This firepit caught my eye, made from a disk blade, a tire rim and ???  I really need to take that welding class at Columbia.

We had a nice lunch at a sidewalk cafe and then headed back. It was a good day. 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Mother...

Some days we have to take small triumphs where we can get them. Actually that's most days around here.

The upstairs toilet clogged up for the third time in as many months.  The other times I tried a few things but none were successful.  The plumber was called, and as much as I enjoy his company, he's a damn expensive date.  
The last time he came for a clogged toilet I watched him and actually paid attention. He went out to his truck and came back with the Mother of all augers. He augered out the clog, and after I emptied out one bank account into his hands, he was on his way to his next date.
This time, I again tried all the tricks in my small repertoire,  it remained clogged.  I decided that the prudent thing would be to get my own Mother of all augers.  Headed out to the big box and got the one that had the best reviews.  Took it to the checkout lady, and the first words out of her mouth were, "Your guy is going to be glad you got this, it really works!"
"That's good to know, but there is no guy, just me."
"I'm sorry about that, but you can handle it." she said.  
Got home, worked the Mother of all augers a couple of times and 'wallah' the toilet flushes.  The Mother of all augers was cleaned and gently placed in its new home beside the washing machine, as it deserved for saving me from another expensive date.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

New words, old places...

Saturday found me on the road North to watch granddaughter, Jacey play soccer in Puyallup. (It is pronounced ‘Pew al lup’ as I learned after Jacey quit laughing from my mispronouncing of it). 

Jacey is the tall one in the back row, second from the left.

Jacey went up to her mom's (in Chehalis) the night before so she could be on the field on time.
The soccer field in Puyallup is two hours away from the hovel if the traffic is good, it was not, there is road work going on in the N bound lanes.  So what should have taken two hours to drive, took nearly three. Still I did get to see most of Jacey's game.

 As I was watching her race down field, I had an epiphany of sorts.  Each of my grandkids has an individual style of movement, and I can tell each one from a distance within a pack of kids. Is this a skill set that just comes to grandparents, or is it developed via years of watching them from the time they were babies? 

On the journey back to the hovel I got a better look at one of the roadside attractions.  I'm inexplicably drawn to old things, lol. There was no time for me to stop and take photos, but I did find some recent photos online.  Next time I'm up that way, I want to stop and get a closer look-see...


Thursday, May 2, 2019