Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish

Wishing You and Yours a Christmas of Wonder, Peace, and Love.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not a fine moment...

I have a place inside me that is not at peace.  Yesterday I was approached by a woman setting in a car, with out of state plates.  She had been there when I smilingly went by her to go in a store.  She stepped out of her car as I was going back to my ol suv.  Seems she was on her way to a distant town and needed money for gas.  I said "I'm sorry but I live on a small fixed income".  After getting directions to the nearest church that might be willing to help, she went on her way.  As I started out of town, I couldn't stand it and went in search of her. It's a small town, but she was no where to be found.  You see, I had remembered that I had the Christmas money that my parents had given me tucked in my wallet. It would have bought enough gas to get her where she was going. If I had just passed it forward there would not be this unhappy place inside me.