Monday, July 30, 2018

Old school...

Slough School circa 1893-1960

I started school in this one room school house. Most days I rode my bike, with several other farm kids, the three miles each way.

This is what it looked like when I was a student there.  All eight grades were taught in that one classroom. It had those wonderful old roll up maps of the United States and the World, and a big globe.

 On either side of the front of the building were small vestibules. They had places to hang your coat & lunch pail, and a sink to wash your hands in. There was a soap dispenser, with the nastiest tasting soap ever.  Don't ask...
There was a small shed to the right that housed the boys & girls restrooms.  The restrooms where always cold and full of spiders. Mostly daddy long legs, with the occasional black widow.  Other critters were visitors as well.
 The baseball field and swings were to the left. The swings were the huge old metal ones, that we were constantly trying to swing over the top of. You had to hang tight, cause soft landings were not an option.  There was a merry go round that one could get going fast enough to throw off the unwary.
Here is a picture of the entire school: students, teacher, & superintendent.  This was the last year I attended there.  If you spot the girl with short, curly, (once blonde) dark orange hair (another of mom's experiments with perms and haircuts)... keep it to yourself... lol

 It still stands along with the row of palms that line the road. Now it is private property, and a house was built on the old ball field some years back.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Coming & Going...

At the same time Marymine and grand Lauren were deplaning at PDX, to spend a few days with us, grands J & Miss B were boarding a flight from PDX to So Cal for a week at the beach.
After I picked up Marymine & Lauren, I drove them up to Vista House for a view of the Columbia Gorge.

On to Multnomah Falls we went, then up river to cross over on the Bridge of the Gods, and into Stevenson for a late lunch on the patio at Clark & Lewie's. A group of small sailboats and some guys parakiting provided the entertainment.

We came home via the Evergreen Hwy on the WA side of the river.

The next day we did the Oregon Zoo...

shhh, let sleeping bears lie...

We knew traffic would be bad going home so we decided to wait out the crush at Powell's Books in the Pearl Dist.  After spending considerable time in Powell's lightening our wallets, we did a little window shopping, then went to dinner at Backwoods Brewing Co. (The brew was not what we have come to expect, but the food was really good.) 
Next day, the girls headed over to Milwaukie, OR to get tattoos. (I'm not a fan of tats, but they are.) This is the one Marymine got, Lauren's is much smaller and less ornate.

 right after it was done so it looks much bigger than it is

When they got home, we headed off to a late dinner at Margaritaville with friends. The next day they flew home. It was so good to get to spend time with them. They promised me they will be back and bring the rest of the crew!

Picked up J and Miss B at PDX yesterday, they were sunburned from the beach & surfing, but had a good time. 

We have them for a week before they head home to start school. I'm going to miss them, they keep things interesting, and the music rock'n.

Sean changed out the Chev bowtie emblems on 'the new to me' ride from gold (not my favorite color) to black. Lov'n, as the grandkids call it "Nanny's Badass Ride".

Just so you know, it is not all play and no work around here...  I refinished 10 doors, the kitchen cabinets, and half the staircase.  Should be done with two more doors, the staircase, and baseboards today, right after I get the lawn mowed. On to re-screening a patio door, and a couple other little projects. 

Monday, July 16, 2018

Fine as frog hair...

Not getting a lot done with squaring away my stuff. I'm way too easily distracted by the scenery around here, and enjoying family & friends.

Granddaughter J, Willie, and I took the 'new to me' ride for a day trip to Haystack/Cannon Beach last week. 

 J is a great co-pilot and dog handler.

 We stopped along the way at Camp 18.

We made a small 300 mile loop, the 'new to me' ride drove great, it was a good day.

Sean is back from the great Alaska fishing trip. He has stories to tell, and has kept us in awe and rolling with laughter...
just a little envious of his super otter time...

He is seriously thinking about trading the ski boat for a fishing boat. 
"What do you think, Ma?" 
"I think that is a great idea!"
 We had a big friends & family sea bass, fresh from Alaska, taco feed last night, it was beyond yummy!

Sunday we spent the day on the water... all good except for a couple of places on the Columbia that had some nasty rollers. 

lots of houseboats, some are huge.

the bridge to Sauvie Island

a few of the many small vessels

these guys were amazing to watch

lol, my toes requesting a little more speed...

I got to test out what the trailer towing was like with the 'new to me' ride. Smooth as can be.
Need to find a name for the 'new to me' ride. Any suggestions?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday, after mass...

Went across town for mass this morning. Much more to my liking, a large, friendly parish, simple building and lots of young families.
Had to put a budget wise hold on my going to IKEA, and promptly found a garden center not all that far from the house.  They have so many plants that I really couldn't raise in Cali, plus cool stuff, and super helpful, knowledgeable staff. 

You don't realize how insidiously restrictive and unfriendly Cali has gotten til you live elsewhere.  Here there is no bag hassle at stores, or straw hassle or water hassle in restaurants or...  There is no lack of staff to help you, staff actually not only ask if they can help, they will take you to what you are looking for and are knowledgeable about what they have. They are genuinely friendly! 

We went to the drags in Portlandia last week. Lots of different rigs racing the clock. Everything from an ol farm truck (my favorite), a funky Subaru, to really hot dragsters. Weather was perfect. Fun evening with lots of friends, food, and a couple of craft beers...

OMG, these people know how to do fireworks!  They were everywhere, in driveways, on the streets, neighbors competing to see who had the biggest bang and block parties galore. 

Sean got home from the build in Arlington on Friday in time to pickup the used upright freezer I found. We need it for the quarter of beef he bought and the salmon & halibut he is bringing back from Alaska. He flew up to Juneau Saturday morning, then on to Eagles Nest Lodge via float plane to fish for four days...sigh. It really is a much needed and well deserved break for him.

I sold Hank, my pickup, and the Rav and found a good rig for me. 2016 with only 15,000 miles. Picked it up Friday evening and I'm liking it, love the Tungsten color. No more vanilla, or grey for me.   Sean likes it too, in fact has mentioned that I could put it in writing that it goes to him when I'm no longer kick'n. LOL...