Thursday, June 27, 2019

Dog Day...

Wednesday started out warm and sunny with a few white clouds drifting by on a gentle breeze.

Willie got a nail trim at the dog spa just down the street. Usually I trim his nails but it was time to have it done by someone that does a better job than I do. 

There are eleven dogs in this photo...

 They are a busy place, but they do take walk-ins for nail trims. Willie was excited, the crew in doggie day care not so much.  They've seen it all.

After we got done there, we went next door to the dog store and got Willie a new seat belt. Now he won't be all over the place while I'm driving.

We loaded up and headed out to Brush Prairie to the dog park. 

part of the small dog off leash area

They have a nice off leash dog park there.  Willie got to meet a couple of other dogs, and run and run and run while I jogged the trails. 
Just down the street from the dog park is a working dairy

yes, I am still playing with the photo app

 and across the street from the dairy is the
NatureScaping Wildlife Botanical Gardens, 11000 NE 149th Street in Brush Prairie, WA.

 Time out in the country was what we both badly needed.

After we got done with that, on the advice of Old NFO, we decided to try out Chick-fil-A.  Neither one of us had been there before and this seemed to be a day of firsts. Service was great and the food was pretty darn good, for chicken!

Though the day ended with thunder and lightening and lots of rain...
all in all it was a dog gone good day...

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Picture this...

A friend sent me the link to a photo manipulation app.  I'm trying it on some of my photos. 

Old barn with red truck in La Center, WA.

 My BIL on the Columbia River.

 A tulip in my garden...

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Really elderly...

Keeping a positive attitude is important to one's well being. That said, it gets a little more challenging as time goes by. 

me & my cousin, Cheri at Jacey's grad party

Apparently my mind is stuck somewhere around thirty five while my body is moving along to seventy three in two months. Most of the time I'm okay with that (not really) but it is what it is, and being able to laugh is important for attitude adjustment.

Take the other day and a conversation with a neighbor gal.  She had driven into the hovel complex with a new little car. It would be a nice type of ride for Jacey so I went over to ask her about it. We talked about gas mileage, dependability, price, and other fine points for a bit and then she said...

"I'm concerned about my mother driving it, she is "really elderly", but she still drives occasionally  and can sorta handle a small car." She went on to impress on me how  really elderly her mother was at seventy three!

I barely made it back to my hovel before busting out laughing. Looks like I'll be "really elderly" in a couple months...

Monday, June 17, 2019

Sparkin Chics...

If you are old enough, you might be thinking this post is about kiss'n, or chickens, or babes or some such.

If you are old enough, you might know something about what this took or not.

I'm old enough to know this is much more than my simple words can explain...

Congrats Doug and ARC Sparkin Chics...!

Friday, June 14, 2019


We had one day of 100 temp and they were stripp'n down and drop'n like flies around here. Jacey told me it wasn't going to be pretty when it gets over 60 here because the locals melt down. So different from RB, where there are months of high temps.
This morning it's back to normal for the PNW. Yay!

Granddaughter Jacey graduated on Wednesday, we are so proud of her. She hung in there and gotter done.  

After work yesterday she went up to her mom's to get ready for the grad shindig this Saturday.  Things sure are quieter when the fire cracker isn't here. 

Hope your weekend is a good one.

Saturday, June 8, 2019


Be in the moment, the time goes by so fast. It sure seems like only yesterday that granddaughters, Jacey and Miss B were heading out for school.

This coming week Jacey graduates from high school!

start of senior year of high school

She has been super busy with school finals, working at the community center, going to soccer practice, and trying to keep her piece of work jeep running. 

She has gone to several proms this year with her best friend, Lacey. They have plans for a big graduation party next weekend.

Lacey & Jacey waiting for the guys to take them to prom last fall

Jacey and I went graduation dress shopping yesterday. I was tickled that she asked me to go with her.   We found The dress in the second shop, put it on hold, and checked out all the other shops, before going back to get it.  Jacey is a frugal shopper, she wanted something that she could wear to graduation and beyond. It ended up being a lot of fun, what with telling funny stories, soft pretzels, chai tea, and dozens of changing rooms. 

We've been through thick and thin together this past year and we have both survived just fine. 

The time goes by so fast...