Thursday, January 30, 2020

Shine on...


My niece, Rachel, was asked if my great niece, Finley, could do a spot for a Slumberkins ad.

Rachel sent this: "I just wanted to share this sweet video Finley (and kind of Corban, too) is in. It was filmed in our rental and our current tenant plays Finley’s mom." 

They used Finley's voice, 
and as you can see there's a bit of the family spark in her shining through... 

Monday, January 20, 2020

Eye see...

 I've never really wanted a tat, but I just might rethink that...  Talked to my SIL M and I'm going to do it in marker the next time we go fishing.  We can't wait to see the look on BIL Don's face!

Not much happening around here. Working on hovel projects.  Two light fixtures over the stairwell need to be replaced.  Sean said he would help with that as he can reach them much easier than I can.  When I said I could do it, if I bracket the ladder between the walls, he shuddered and said "MOM NO!" sigh.

Also working on the crosses collage.  I've been picking up the occasional cross from thrift shops and yard sales. Going for a west/southwest theme. This is what it looks like so far...   

I intentional did not space any of them evenly. How long I can handle that is yet to be seen.

Went to the eye doc for my yearly eye check up. I got a lecture on "When you have something going on, get your butt in here!"  
Being my usual self, this is were I said, "Doc, my butt wasn't bothering me."  
Except for that ocular migraine aura event all is well, and I have "real" reading glasses on the way.  I read so much that it was time to bite the bullet and get the prescription goggles.


Thursday, January 9, 2020

Bear with me...

Tuesday afternoon I headed up to the river house to do some sturgeon fishing with my BIL & SIL.  It was pouring rain and blowing here.  Dried up about an hour into the two hour drive.  I arrived just as dinner was being served by my SIL.  Melt in your mouth chucker with gravy over rice!  While my BIL did the dishes, us girls repaired to the living room with our wine and their three dogs to catch up on all the family gossip. 
Next morning we were up early and took the boat out on the Columbia. 


We had on enough rain and wind gear to withstand most anything, but it turned out to be a fine day.  Fished all day, but only got a few pecks on a couple of the rods.  It was such a nice day, just being on the water was enough for me. We watched an eagle hunting, spied on the guide boats to see if they were catching anything (they weren't), and enjoyed each others company.  That evening we went back to the river house, and had a salmon (from their Alaska fishing trip) dinner. Visited for a couple hours, then called it a day.  
We were up early the next morning to rain and wind.  Since they had an appointment in a neighboring town,  I loaded up and started home. Stopped on the way at a Coastal Farm & Ranch to get a new set of all weather bibs, for next time. I can't find my old bibs, too many moves, I guess, but more likely loaned to someone who forgot to return them.
Made it back to the hovel just before the start of rush hour traffic.  
I can hardly wait to go again. I've "volunteered" to help paint the newest river house to compensate for my time on the water.
While I was up river, I got a text from my shoot'n friend in Red Bluff.  He has a cabin in the foothills near Paynes Creek and sent a photo.  It has been a fairly open winter down there, so this fella must not have gone into hibernation... 

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy New Year 2020...

I am looking forward to 2020. There are certainly enough projects around here to keep me busy, if not out of trouble.

MySean came by with his Belgian Malinois pup, Lachlan, on Monday.  Lachlan's a cutie and going to be good sized.

 Both ears should be permanently up in another week or so, in the mean time...

We left Lachlan and Willie at the hovel while we went to lunch. They did just fine while we were gone.

Sean was here to install the weather tech rain shields on my Tahoe. (My Christmas present from him.) I'm liking them,  I can finally crack a window open without getting drenched.

Was going to go fishing on the Columbia with BIL & SIL today but that got postponed til the first of next week, due to high winds up there.  I went to the sporting goods to get my new fish'n license, and actually looked at the one I have. It's valid through 12.31.2020  Yay!

This morning I'm fixing Linguica sausage and eggs in the ol #8 Griswold.

Wishing you a good year.