Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

Having flown home on broomstick airways, I've been busy trying to catch up on the garden, the hens, the laundry, cleaning house, working on the deck, etc.
It was great to spend time with Sean & his Girls. Two weeks of non stop travel. Flying and driving hither and yon: five states, museums, cave, critters, old towns, mountains, trees, drag (car) races, cake deco class, swimming pools, hiking, seafood, wine, pedicure, & a twinkie wax. Take a slow calming breath.
We all have issues as the little grand girls like to say. I'm a real stickler for wearing seat belts. So the girls were quick to tell anyone who might care to know: "our granny has seat belt issues". "Darn right she does, we're not moving til your all buckled in." Sean's youngest, Little B, has CP and was in the hotel pool being dragged thru the water by another child. Just as I was about to put a stop to it, she hollers out to the offender, "stop that, I Have Breathing Issues."