Friday, July 10, 2020

Wine & Fish...

Had a fine Fourth of July weekend, hope yours was as well.

Left Willie at the boarding kennel as my cousin was busy.  I really need to work on getting him better at traveling, so he can go with me. 
Went up to the Columbia River House Friday morning to fish with my BIL & SIL. BIL was fishing with a neighbor, and the wind was blowing, so my SIL and I went wine tasting. 

We sat out on the patio, and had several flights of wine...  There was one we liked and I said without looking at the wine tasting sheet. "Let's go inside and get a bottle of this one to have with dinner." 
"We're just having spaghetti, are you sure about this?" My SIL stuttered, while waving the sheet in front of my face.
"Of course, it will pair perfectly with dinner" I said.
We wandered inside and found the one I wanted. Where in fairly big numbers, that I could easily read without my readers, was the price...  $44/bottle.  "Oh Hell No, I'm not getting that!" I exclaimed.
"I tried to show you the price/bottle on the sheet, didn't you see it!" my SIL said. 
"Nope I didn't see it. I didn't put on my readers!"  I said with some embarrassment. We decided that the box wine we had back at the house would work just fine with the world's Best homemade spaghetti.

Their youngest son, his fiance, 

and another couple came over late Friday after work.
They went out Saturday morning in my nephew's

boat, and we went in my BIL's boat. Boats all around us were catching salmon and walleye.  All we caught was one bass. We were using the same lures as the other boats.   Still it was a good day on the water.
The kids brought their three big dogs with them.

Making six dogs and seven people in the River House. It was crazy fun.
Sunday we hit the river again in another location, while the kids went back to the previous day's spot.
It was a bit windy...

But we persevered, caught seven nice walleye, and two salmon. Walleyes we kept and the salmon went back in as they were natives.  

Got off the river around two, loaded up and got back home by 4:30 to pickup Willie.  
Had a great time, family, and pink poles rule!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Fourth of July 2020...

Wishing you a safe and Happy 4th of July.

I'm going up the Gorge to do some salmon fishing with family and friends. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Grace under fire...

 Fireworks are legal in Vancouver, and I'm fine with that.   After living in Cali, where even sparklers are frowned on, it's good to have at least a small bit of freedom to celebrate.
There is a huge fireworks stand only a few short blocks from the hovel. They are occasionally setting off some to draw people into their pop up stand.  I've been hearing big fireworks off and on for nearly a week, naturally one would assume I had gotten used to them.  

Late last night, 4AMish, in bed with my window open, the only light coming from my kindle, I was deep into a book where a heavy firefight with rockets, and bullets flying was in progress.    Then a series of rockets and what seriously sounded like bullets went off near the hovel.  I hit the floor and tried to find cover.  After the fireworks barrage stopped, and my heart rate returned to normal, I sheepishly crawled back into bed to finish reading the chapter.

Thankfully, there is no one else living here to see my Lack of Grace under fire...