Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Blessed Christmas...

Celebrating the season in our small town church. It is nice to know that I'm not the only one who likes unadorned trees.  The Latin is John 14:6.

The family news: 
We have a new member in our extended family via my niece, Rachel.  Welcome to the clan, Emet James.

My Sean and his adorable Amy having a good time on the slopes. (You would not believe how much he looks like his dad.)  When did my son get old enough to have grey hairs instead of giving them...

The Gingerbread house wars are on at Marymine's. Though I must admit I didn't quite get the aliens coming home to the pyramids at first. Yes, we have an outside the box thinker!

Marymine and crew are coming here for Christmas! Dad doesn't know, so keep it under your hat.

Dad said he didn't want a Christmas tree, not even the small one, stored in a box in the garage.  I don't always listen to what he says, as much as what he doesn't say..
So, instead of getting a new rug shampooer, that I had been saving for, I went and got an 8' lighted Christmas tree. Didn't tell Dad, til I got it setup in the living room window. Plugged it in, and watched Dad's face light up as bright as the tree.
"It's Beautiful, Sis!"
Made my Christmas.

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pot roast & Asides...

Put a big pot roast in the oven this morning and let it cook while I decided how I was going to decorate for Christmas. The neighbors have their multitude of Christmas lights and displays up. I appreciate their efforts, and enjoy getting to see their handiwork. It just isn't my style, nor is it much fun decorating without littles around to help.
So I'm doing it in my minimalist manner... 
What do you think, too much?

The thread leaf maple off the back patio has finally decided to turn color. It went from green to bright red & orange overnight. I think that last little skiff of snow was it's motivation.

A range buddy got her Christmas present from her hubby a little early...

T's  supersonic blue C6

She's smart, hardworking, giving, kind, and a feisty little thing.  I honestly can't think of a more deserving person. Enjoy T!
I asked one of my SIL's if she liked this light, she did. She has plenty of sheds, and I have the how to (really how hard can it be).  We are going to make some for their cabin, and for friends. Should be fun.

via MoonStoneFox on Etsy

Note: Lighting a candle & saying a prayer at mass for Texas Jenny & her littles, they are getting married Sunday!   Blessed be y'all!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Gathering in...

We are hunters, and gatherers, we eat what we harvest, and share with those who aren't able. It has been a fairly good year for putting food on the table, as well as a couple of firsts!

Hunter and his papa D fishing on the Umpqua.

One of the young fellas got drawn for a tag he has put in for many times. He got his "once in a life time ram" in one, at 465 yds.

 Colt hasn't had time to waterfowl hunt this fall, too busy farm'n, though he has managed a few successful hog hunts.  He does have all six of his 6 man blinds rented out...

so he's not complaining.

And Hunter got his first chukar...

If ever I had doubts about the way we raised our kids, and the way our kids are raising theirs...

Brian's post about Hunter

That kid......
He's pretty awesome.
He's definitely got his head on right-
I really did have fun with him on our sheep hunt.
It's cool to see kids that ARE NOT so wrapped up in video
 games that they have no interest in the outdoors.
I'm sure, like most kids, he does like to play video games some.
But man, HE LOVES TO FISH! lol.
Great kid!
Great job mom, dad, grand parents!
He's pretty awesome.