Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some days

Some days are just full of living.  Early this morning I went to a breakfast for the oldest grand girl's signing of her letter of intent for her college of choice.  She's going with a full scholarship to a small college in the Midwest. 
Then back to the bunkhouse for a few chores....actually more time was spent finishing a tome I've been reading.  In the afternoon it was off to a neighboring small town for a grand's ballgame.  Setting in an old folding chair, watching the game, when the sun came breaking thru the clouds accompanied by a gentle breeze, ahhh. Came home and took a coffee break in the rocker on the porch, when I heard what sounded like a heifer talking motherhood.  After a bit the grandson came by beeping his horn.  "Come quick granny, the black heifer is calving."  Off we went, and yes there was a new baby in the corral. 
Tonight one of the grands far away sent me a text, just to say she loves her granny.
 A good day all around.