Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Some days

Some days are just full of living.  Early this morning I went to a breakfast for the oldest grand girl's signing of her letter of intent for her college of choice.  She's going with a full scholarship to a small college in the Midwest. 
Then back to the bunkhouse for a few chores....actually more time was spent finishing a tome I've been reading.  In the afternoon it was off to a neighboring small town for a grand's ballgame.  Setting in an old folding chair, watching the game, when the sun came breaking thru the clouds accompanied by a gentle breeze, ahhh. Came home and took a coffee break in the rocker on the porch, when I heard what sounded like a heifer talking motherhood.  After a bit the grandson came by beeping his horn.  "Come quick granny, the black heifer is calving."  Off we went, and yes there was a new baby in the corral. 
Tonight one of the grands far away sent me a text, just to say she loves her granny.
 A good day all around.


  1. Sounds like a good day all round.

  2. Wow! I want this day. Lovely, lovely.

  3. What a day full of positives. Congrats to your granddaughter. Full rides are a parents dream.
    Baby calves make my day.

  4. Nelly: It really was!

    Tabor: Attitude can make us or break us...

    Patti: I am proud of my grandgirl, and even more proud of her mom. After thousands of calves the magic still remains.

  5. Scholarhip and baby critter, an excellent days. Love sitting in my folding chair watching the grand girls play sports.

  6. I am so sorry about Gus. It breaks my heart. I hope he is chasing rabbits in doggy heaven.(-: Jack sends hugs well wishes.
    School has been crazy for me lots happening there. Not sure what will take place in the next week but at least Vacation time is almost here.(-:
    Baby calves here too. It is always a joy to see them. I love them as long as they stay out of my yard...lol(-:

  7. Cindee: Thanks for the sympathy re Gus. Hugs to you, Jack & crew. Hope vacation gives you some down time!

  8. Oh gosh, could anyone wish for a better day? It's sounds all round blissful to me! As a believer in karma, methinks you must have done some lovely things to receive these gorgeous blessings..

  9. Good days! If her Midwest College is anywhere around Indiana and she needs help, or a place to stay during the move for she or any of you, just drop a line.

    Congratulations to her.

  10. Shrinky: Yes, a good Karma day!

    B: Thanks for the very gracious offer. She won't be close to you, dang! I do hope that if you ever need the same from me that you'll not hesitate to let me know.