Monday, February 27, 2012

Blue Streak

Wanted to let you know that all is well, sorta ok.  I still miss Gus a bunch, but it's getting better....cowgirl up and all that bull.

I'm rereading Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind....and getting back into the cowgirl version of tai chi...don't ask...

Had a mexican guy, come to my door late of nite, his car ran out of gas about a mile up the road. Sweating like crazy, said he had run to the house as he was afraid the coyotes would get him. He hadn't noticed Rambo, the German shepard yet, and I must have been looking a little fierce, cuz he put his hands up, then offered to set on them (do you think he's done time) while I called his family to come get him.  After I knew his wife was coming to pick him up, I said he should wait at the end of the drive.  As he was starting to walk away, Rambo silently came up behind him.  The guy said "Holy Shit, will he hurt me?"  "Not unless I send him or he thinks your a threat to me."  
His wife picked him up shortly thereafter.   I wondered if he realized that the coyotes, and Rambo were the least of his worries.  His blue streak wife could be heard for at least a mile.


  1. What a challenging incident. Good guy, bad guy...scary times The odds were in your favor, but you are one brave woman.

  2. Glad you're OK, I don't open my door to anyone, armed or not. German Shepherd would be a good deterrent though. Barkley sounds ferocious, till you see the tail wagging.

  3. I have to feel sorry for the guy--unless his wife had good reason to be cussing him out.

  4. Tabor: Not brave, and not so smart for opening the door to begin with.
    Brigid: Saddly your right about opening the door, even if I was the only one at risk. I did tell him not to touch Rambo...If he had the licking would have knocked him down.
    Granny Sue: I didn't feel sorry for him at all, especially after the set on hands...

  5. First off, I missed you.
    Next, I am glad you are ok.
    and finally, Stay safe.

  6. What a strange, scary experience but had to laugh as you sent him back out amoung the coyotes to wait for his wife. He was probably glad to see her, angry or not.
    Sure glad you had Rambo and hope you are armed.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by and your thoughtful comment. It helps so much.