Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Shasta Lake...

Lake Shasta with Mt Lassen in the distance

Love being on the water, especially early in the morning when the lake is like glass...
Yesterday, my BIL & SIL took me fishing on Shasta Lake.  All the years I spent time on that lake I never fished for bass. Have no idea why not. That has now been rectified and I'm hooked. What a good day!

We caught about fifty bass, only kept the legal limit, and returned the rest back to the lake.

the pros

I'm quite sure I would have caught diddlysquat without the tutoring of my BIL & SIL. 

one of the coves we fished
casting for my dinner

When we got back to their place, my BIL showed me how to fillet bass, and my SIL made the yummiest fish tacos I've ever eaten for dinner. I did the dinner dishes, which seemed a pretty poor thank you for all their effort, and a glorious day on the water.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Closer to being a Wanderer of the West...

Willie and I are starting our second week of staying in the travel trailer at my BIL & SIL in RB. We are getting a feel for living in one.  Though the travel trailer I hope to get, will be much smaller, I think we will do just fine.
First eye surgery went well, one more this coming Thursday, and then recovery time... After that I'm hopefully off to the river house on the Columbia in Oregon.  Going to get my travel trailer and pickup up there as no sales tax, YAY!  
Final paperwork on the estate has been sent to the judge and will be on his docket the 29th of May. After he signs, I can close out this chapter.  It has taken way longer than it should have, but will be behind me soon.
I love RB, and will miss it, friends, and family. Trying to get as many normal health care things taken care of as possible ahead of leaving. Squared away with voter registration for One more time to vote as a Californian.  Need to find another bank/credit union to use while on the road, and sort out how I will get mail.  
Will leave you with a few photos from my BIL & SIL place. My BIL is a retired co sheriff's detective, and my SIL (the Cowman's sister) is an attorney's admin assistant, who will be retiring this year. They are so talented, and such hard workers (neat nicks). I'm blessed that they have taken me in for the time I need to be here for the eye surgeries, and that they said I could use the spare bathroom in the main house anytime!