Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here and Now

Having totally nothing of value to say is very frustrating and so I have been avoiding posting.  As I see it now my blogging is about "as useful as tits on a boar". 
I started blogging as a way to put down the odd moments of my life for my family, until I realized that they were all busy living their own lives.  So having lost that audience, I thought to just entertain myself and the few who stopped by. 
My pleasure has been getting reacquainted with several friends from the old days, and making a few new ones around this whirling ball.  One can never have too many friends, but one shouldn't neglect the people that are right here, right now.  It's kind've like people that text while you are right in front of them.
I have been paring down the blogs that I read, and trying to only go online, for a limited amount of time, once a day.  Having no TV, and limiting my computer time, has encouraged me to get back out and Live my life here and now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Yard Sale

The home ranch at one time was leased to a couple of yea whos from the Lone Star state.  They were unbelievable wheeler-dealers from the get go.  One of them moved into the main house with part of his family; the part that was a wife, a (still nursing) 3 year old son, and a couple of older kids from one or the other's other marriages. 
We were raised to be good stewards of the land and the animals in our care. Not these guys, they were just look'n for the next buck. They were running bred dairy heifers some sorry sucker had bought for them to calve out. I have a feeling that several sorry suckers had bought the same cattle, but that's only hearsay. Keeping one's mouth shut about the way they ran their outfit was difficult at the best of times. But, we were leased to them with the ranch, so lip biting about the cattle became the norm.
We always seemed to get shipments of cattle late at night, something we tried hard to never do with our own cattle.  If they come in late at night they don't have a chance to walk the fence to see where the boundaries are, or locate water and food.  Himself and I spent many nights riding thru the new cattle to show them where the feed bunks and water troughs were, and doctoring sick ones.
How did I get so far afield of what I started out to say?  I was laughing when I started as I had been over at K8's reading about her bra buying experience and remembered The yard sale. So now that I've got the ugly out of my system I'll get to it.
The Texas boys decided that the wheelly deally wasn't working out too well in this part of the country, so they started pack'n up to move to greener pastures.  The wife said she wasn't moving some things again and would have a yard sale.  Hello, we lived 15 miles from a small town, the last three miles of which was rough gravel road.  I just couldn't see people beating a path to her door, but what did I know. Not much it seems. The day of her yard sale arrived.  I had to go into town to get a part for Himself that morning, so missed the setting up for the event.  As I headed back to the ranch there did seem to be a lot of traffic, but it couldn't be for a yard sale, could it?  When I crossed the last cattle guard the whole area was full of trucks, cars, and people.  She had set up the big BBQ, a bar, and had country music blaring from a stereo.  The front lawn was full of tables of yard sale wares, a junker's paradise.  The piece d' resistance was a large tree in front with bras hanging from every branch, not just any ol bras either, they were Huge bras. (She'd had a home business in Texas selling bras for really large women and this was the overstock.)  We were all laughing so hard, you just had to buy one.  Her yard sale was a Huge success and she made a killing on that bra tree.