Saturday, July 31, 2010

Here and Now

Having totally nothing of value to say is very frustrating and so I have been avoiding posting.  As I see it now my blogging is about "as useful as tits on a boar". 
I started blogging as a way to put down the odd moments of my life for my family, until I realized that they were all busy living their own lives.  So having lost that audience, I thought to just entertain myself and the few who stopped by. 
My pleasure has been getting reacquainted with several friends from the old days, and making a few new ones around this whirling ball.  One can never have too many friends, but one shouldn't neglect the people that are right here, right now.  It's kind've like people that text while you are right in front of them.
I have been paring down the blogs that I read, and trying to only go online, for a limited amount of time, once a day.  Having no TV, and limiting my computer time, has encouraged me to get back out and Live my life here and now.


  1. I always find what you have to say very interesting. There are gaps in the narrative and that exercises my imagination. Generally you come over as a very interesting person.

    I do see what you mean about living life in the here and now. It is hard to balance the internet side of things with the here and now.

  2. So we are required to post something of value? I thought we could write whatever burbled up to the edge of our conscience. You are putting pressure on me. LIving life does get in the way of blogging.

  3. Hi Brighid,

    I agree with Tabor! Write for yourself; if readers come, fine. If not, keep writing.

    No TV is a good thing. We have one but I never turn it on. It's been that way for about 3 years and since, I have read more books that ever.

    I sure hope you'll post whenever the urge comes your way.


  4. We all need to find the balance between the cyber world and our normal life. I too had to cut back on my blogging to find more time to read a backlog of books that I had bought but not read due to lack of time. I think that you have got the right strategy. All the best.

  5. Very sensible attitude. It's easy to get carried away by blogging and the internet generally and get too detached from everyday life and flesh-and-blood friends.

  6. Blogging can rule your life if you aren't careful. I pared back a bunch from a daily to a "whenever".
    Like the old song, "its your blog,you can blog when you want to." OK the song was about partying but same idea.
    You are too interesting to hang up your keyboard completely. We will be here.

  7. I'm glad you came back to it long enough to post this - blogs were my lifeline when I was isolated by geography and illness, but now, living in a new city and being a single parent to my kids, hmm... I really have to re-evaluate how I spend my time.

    On one hand, blogville will be so hard to leave, but yeah, there's a world right outside our doorsteps that's pretty fascinating when we look outside.

    Either way, I hope to keep in touch with you -- I've enjoyed your posts since finding you!

  8. You were missed. There is no law to say how often we should post. Blog to suit your needs, as and when YOU want to do it. Family may well read your posts without feeling the need to comment.

    Whatever you do, enjoy life and please stay in touch.

  9. Good to hear from you all the same. Sometimes life just goes in a different direction and we can blog about it, or if you are like me it takes awhile to absorb it and there's not much to say. Keep on keeping on! That ought to date me.

  10. Glad to hear you are doing o.k. It is hard to keep the blogging thing going for sure. I post when I can and don't worry when I can't. I just don't feel like it much anymore but I try(-:
    Life does keep us busy and that is good I guess.
    Hope to hear from you soon! Take care!!!