Monday, August 23, 2010

House Sitting

My sister-in-law P asked me to house sit her and her hubby's place.  Being temporarily unencumbered (unemployed) I'm more than willing to spend some time looking after things for them. They left early Saturday morning, pulling their travel trailer, for a long week's vacation at the coast. The cell phone reception is spotty at best from the winery, err campground they are at, so she left me a short message this morning on the recorder, hoping all was well here...     My response... 

Hi P, Everything is fine, no worries.  I don't think my mother is going to sue because she tripped over the curb and fell in your driveway.  Went by and checked on her this evening and she is really doing well with the walker.
Don't have to worry about feeding the donkey or hens anymore.  A goat from down the road seems to have turned loose your chickens, trying to get at their grain.  Chickens can be so flighty. The rooster landed on the donkey and spooked  him into the goat, last I saw them they were headed toward the Yolla Bolly wilderness area.
We had a  little wind storm this morning and it blew a ton of oak leaves into your nice clean garage.  After sweeping it out twice I decided enough already and pushed the button on the automatic garage door.  How was I to know that your new car was not pulled all the way in. I'm sure D can pound out that little crease.
The garden is doing well, except for the bear who has decided that your strawberry bed is a fine place to feast.  His growling has upset Annie, who's barking is upsetting the honkers that have chosen to over winter in your swimming pool.  They sure are messy.  Not knowing how much more the pool filter could take, I put all the chlorine tabs I could find in there. 
Your rose garden that I was to prune doesn't need it anymore.  A couple of does' came thru last night and now you won't have to worry about pruning anything for quite a while.
Hope your just kicking back with a glass of wine and having a relaxing time at the beach. No Worries.
 Love, B


  1. So everything's just fine at home then, they can relax and enjoy the trip....

    Good job you didn't mention the roof blowing off or the flash floods. It might have worried them a little.

  2. Well now, that would make a person start drinking the wine straight from the bottle.
    Just too funny though I am pretty sure your new career is in the toilet.

  3. You sound to me like an expert House sitter! ;)

    I might just try that trick next time Elly goes on holiday!

  4. You are being such a little meanie. Funny and probably just a little true if you are babysitting a ton of animals and keeping out a ton of wildlife.

  5. Laughed myself silly, good to hear from you!

  6. Thanks for the warning Brighid. Now I know who not to call if I ever need someone to sit in for me when I go off gallivanting.

  7. Very funny, Brighid.

    Why is it the animals act up when their parents are gone...just like kids, heh?

    My husband and I were house sitters for many summers when we were in school.

    At one house, the dog chewed up every last patio furniture cushion, chewed them into a million pieces.

  8. NICK, Yep I've got a handle on things here!
    PATTI, I happened to peek in the trailer before they left, cases of wine. Personally I'm guzzling that great vintage Purple Cowboy wine...
    GM, Go for it, girl.
    TABOR, You know there is not a mean bone in this ol body, and some of this tale could be true...
    CELIA, I've missed you as well.
    RUMMUSER, Oh yeah, so get on with the gallivanting... Your burn'n daylight.
    CHERI, I'm just a little down the road,off McCoy,come visit.

    Well hell, the donkey is back, he is in love with the lemon cucs from the garden, burp, bray, burp, bray...

  9. Geez, I was thinking about asking you to house sit, but, uhm, never mind .....

  10. Insurance, I'm sure they have insurance - just get the forms out and spread on the dining room table ready for when they come home.

  11. QUILLY, I'll have all the kinks worked out of my new career after this week and I believe your not far from my son, so please...
    JERRY, Not sure that the best home owners policy will cover this week, especially since there have been a few mishaps that I didn't have the heart to mention...

  12. I'm pretty sure their well is going to go dry too, and the toilet will start spewing a brown fountain on the white tile floor..

    Thank you for the laugh :) What a funny post!

  13. I loved your report on how the homestead was doing. I know your relatives are so happy to have someone as responsible as you taking care of things.

  14. GRANNY SUE, Thankfully none of those things came to pass. LOL
    MARCIAMAYO, That's me ol responsible, only one hen passed away on my watch, and she was an old one, hummm

  15. LOL! Feel free to come and visit when you're in the neighborhood. We don't have any pets, we've no pool and no garden, and we'll be certain to keep our garage door closed and locked.

  16. lol - guess you won't be doing much sitting anymore! ;)