Thursday, August 31, 2017

Family blessings...

You should'a been there. It was so much fun.

the ranch in LaCenter where the wedding was held

I got a great daughter in law, and three more awesome grandkids! 

Jacey, Amy, Sean, Bailey

Grandkids: Taylor, Jacey, Tyler, Bailey, Terry
 The wedding was a hoot, with a live country band, open bar, catered food, outside in the yard of the ranch in the top photo.  It was small in numbers, but large with love.
The Cowman & Dad would have loved it. They were there in spirit, I'm sure. 
A bright sunny day with a slight breeze. Two fish'n ponds, dancing, and games of shoes, a restored 55 Chevy to admire, babies to cuddle, and littles running around.

As you know if you've been reading this rambling blog for any length of time... Dad was always trying to find me a boyfriend. (More for someone to take him shoot'n and hunt'n than anything, but they could see trouble written all over me.) Now it seems he has passed that monumental task on to my family, LOL.  No sooner had I gotten up there than Amy took me aside and said, "I can't wait for you to meet the friend who owns the ranch where we are having the wedding.  He's a widower, looks and talks just like Sam Elliott, and is the nicest guy!"  
We had a family BBQ the night before the wedding, three of my six sister in laws where up there for the wedding and met "Sam" that night. So for two days each one would take me aside and point to "Sam" and along with a couple of head nods would say something about how perfect he would be for me. OMG, I finally asked one SIL if she was feeling alright, because she seemed to develop a severe eye roll and head nod whenever "Sam" was in the vicinity. LOL.  I don't see anything coming of that, but it doesn't matter because I'm so incredibly blessed that they are my family. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

On the road...

YeeHaw, leaving early Thursday to make the 8 hour drive up to MySean's for the wedding Saturday. I've filled up with fuel, had the Rav serviced, and loaded up with a few goodies to share. Willie is staying home to guard the place, as he's not a good traveler, and there is going to be a lot going on up there.   The next door neighbors love him and are watching over him while I'm gone. So he has backup.

I'm taking most of my long guns and shotguns to store in Sean's safe. Come to think of it, he was awfully quick to tell me he had room for them...

The house sale is moving along, though my brother is neither happy with the escrow or the price.  This is a fair deal for everyone involved. Letting my attorney & realtor deal with that. If push comes to shove I will take it to the Judge, tired of all the obstruction. Nothing pleases him.

A flock of 23 turkeys were back in the neighborhood a couple days ago. They worked their way chasing bugs through my yard. I was out there, but didn't have my phone on me. By the time I got my phone they had moved on to next door. Watching them chase bugs and chatting back and forth tickled my funny bone.

Found a fabric I had been looking for for quite some time. In fact I had wanted it years ago to make a quilt from for a grandson. Now I find it and he's too old to like it. LOL, well I'm not, so I got a yard of it.

My photo isn't very good, so not sure you can see their names. There's: Pole Cat, Slim, Owen, Gus, Luke, Tex, Squirt, Horace, El Rey, Hal, Jeb, and Hap. All good ol cowboy names.  I could make throw pillows from it. What would you do?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

crankbaits & real estate...

Friday evening my BIL & SIL took me on a boat ride up river.  Beautiful evening, water cold, air perfect, salmon jumping.  We saw several flocks of turkeys, a few mergansers, one bald eagle, a couple deer herds, and very few people or boats.  I love the river up here, it's clear, wild and free.  50 ft holes and shallow riffles abound. 

My brother in law fished as we drifted the eight miles back down river.  My sister in law and I were more than content to just be on the water.
I asked my BIL what his favorite lure was. He said the "old" Wiggle Wart, but he said they are hard to find these days and he lost his last one a few years back.  I'd never heard of a Wiggle Wart (what a fun name). The next morning I did a little research and found this:
The "old" Wiggle Warts are Storm pre-Rapala. The dogma is the older ones hunt better, have a louder rattle, and more erratic action, and are less likely to get hung up. Far as I can gather one of the ways to tell old Warts is they have Wiggle Wart printed on the underside of the bill, and newer ones have Storm printed there. I found a few old ones in online auctions, and will give them to my BIL, he has been so good to me.

The house is in escrow! Monday morning my realtor called to ask if the lady that looked at the house on Thursday and loved it, could do another walk through. Yes, of course. She came, we did the whole house/garden tour in more detail. They left, and my realtor called about a half hour later. She wants the house and is paying cash, (so no inspections needed) with a 60 day escrow. We signed the papers that day.  Never even had to put the for sale sign up!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Enjoying my seventy first trip around the sun...

Friday, August 11, 2017


Finally, got the assessors report and the go ahead from my attorney to put the house on the market. Didn't think my realtor would have the papers ready til today. But, he texted me yesterday morning and said they were ready.  He's a go getter! I went by his office, saw the photos that the pro had taken (pleased with them) and we mapped out the plan, and the asking price. I signed, and signed, and signed some more.
We talked about what I could do going forward, after the house is sold. He is very supportive and encouraging about my options up North, to the point of vetting a good realtor up there, and has gallery contacts there that would offer me at a minimum part time employment, in a heart beat, if I was interested.
I got back home and two hours later he called me to laughingly say, "be careful what you ask for!" (He's aware of how anxious I am about getting this estate settled.) He had gone out to lunch and ran into a RB native that has been seriously looking to move back to the area. He wanted to know if I was up for showing the house in 15 minutes. I looked around me and thought, what the heck, in for a penny... "Sure, see you in 15."
He brought the lady, and it was a friend of The Cowman's family.  After hugs, and so good to see you again, we did the home & garden tour.  She seemed to like the house, the yard, the neighborhood, and kept saying "It's gorgeous, the whole thing is simply gorgeous". They left, and I settled back into sorting through all the stuff. Twenty minutes later my realtor called to say, "She absolutely loves the house, has the where with all to buy, and will definitely get back to us." "Oh, and so you will quit worrying about it... She said she has never seen such a clean & turn key house, and she has looked at more than a few!"  
We will see what comes of this, very early days, but encouraging so far.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Hank and I got another big load of trimmings to the landfill today. My tarping skills leave a lot to be desired, and I've had to relearn the Truckie hitch.  Hank and I have made so many trips to the landfill that the nice lady in the scale house weight station, slides open her window, and before I can say anything, says "Good Morning, Red Bluff, yard waste, OK, pull through". LOL, I don't even have to give her my info any more.


As Sean and I were talking the other day, he mentioned that he had gotten a ski boat so he and Amy could take the kids out.  He said they had it on the water last weekend, and it ran, but not well, and he needed a new project anyway. So a tune up is in it's immediate future, and they plan to be back on the water this weekend. Sean doesn't know the meaning of small project, and always has to be working on something. Amy sent a photo of his project! 

(I think, it's time for me to dig out the Maherajah slalom and hit the water while I'm up there!)


Granddaughter Ali has posted a bunch of photos from the wedding. I won't show all 581 of them, just a few.

Ali and Tyler's wedding reception

two of my favorite kids (by other mothers)

my nieces, Marymine, me, my brother in laws, and sister in laws

Monday, August 7, 2017


It was a beautiful evening last night, much cooler, slight breeze, with a few thunder boomers in a Vivaldi sky.

My grandson has been taking some great night photos. You can check out his photos on his website.

photo by

No assessors report yet, so everything else is in a holding pattern. Hopefully it will be at my attorney's this week. I'm just kinda trudging along waiting for the next bomb to drop. I really have to be on point, cause sure as the sun is going to come up, my brother and/or his wife are going to launch another knife to the back. Even my attorney has said he's glad he doesn't have people like this in his family. Well, that's comforting as all get out. Enough whining already.

There will be a gathering of the clan, My Sean is getting married the end of this month. 

To see him happy,  and with someone that we all love, is so good. He's been through a lot the last few years.  I'm looking forward to driving up and spending a few days with them, the rest of the extended family, and possibly will get in some house hunting, as well. 
Just got a call from him, he has been head hunted again, so a new job starts two days after the wedding, to start with a 20% increase in salary, 40% increase in benefits, doesn't have to move, and doing something he loves. Yay Sean!

The plan is for T to fly Dad & I up to hunt'n camp late in Sept.  Dad has been pretty quiet about being stuck in the den all this time, but then he's surrounded by flight logs, maps, pictures, and airplanes. Sure miss his hugs, quick mind, dry humor zingers, and advise.

Marymine called the other day, and as we were chatting away, she said to someone in the background. "It's nanny."  Then said, "here mom someone needs to talk to you." 

The masculine voice of a 26 year old came on and simply said, "I love you."  I am so humbled and blessed by those around me.


Tuesday, August 1, 2017


It's going to be another hot one today, weather guesser says 114.
 Found a yard service that will prune down the long hedges, for less money than the others quoted. They came by recommendation from a neighbor that is very particular about her landscaping. Hopeful they will get it done in the next week or so.

 Up at 4:30AM to watch the sunrise over the Sierras.

sunrise in Red Bluff,  photo courtesy Natalie Peterson

Then off to the airport cafe for an early breakfast gathering with my neighbors. 

With a very full belly, I went on to my dentist appt for a filling.  I have been experimenting with mindfully lowering my blood pressure for a while now, but can't quite get to the point where I can do it consistently. (I had read that monks can do this consistently, although they don't live in this stressful environment.) Part of it is that I don't take my BP, so the only time I get the numbers are at the blood bank, doctors, dentist, etc. I don't have high BP, and don't take any meds for anything, just wanted to see if I could mindfully make it change.  This morning as I'm waiting for my dentist to drill'n fill, I concentrated on lowering my BP about five minutes before she went to work on my tooth.  I got it down to 95/58, which works for me. 

My little Sally Holmes rose start has recovered from my stupidity. Right after I transplanted it into a pot it got infested with aphids. Instead of just squirting them off with water, I sprayed it with an old aphid spray that had been in the garage for only God knows how long.  The poor thing's leaves started to curl immediately.  Quickly washed as much off as possible, which didn't help much as the spray had an oil base.  Treated it to intensive care for a couple weeks, and  watched it continue to decline... It's a cutting from a Sally Holmes that lives at an abandoned homestead near the coast, so I really didn't want to lose it.  This last week it has rallied and even bloomed.  A tough little rose.  

Small successes, I'll take them.