Friday, August 30, 2013

Uniforms, Boots, and a Dog

This post will be of no interest to men, so guys don't bother, nothing to see, move along... go see Old NFO, he's playing with balls, or Virtual Mirage, he's in the trees, or EIAFT, he has a really good book going.
Even my faithful Willie is beyond bored with this...
Since the crew is filling the water wagon, I have no water. So nice of them to let me know, since I went on a ripping apart the bedroom spree, and wanted to wash every little thing. Not happening anytime soon. Ripped out a section of fence that I wasn't happy with, mowed, and weeded, but can't water.  Went down to the barns and found all the left around coats and jackets, brought them home to wash...Not happening soon enough. Willy went to the barn with me and found a primo cowpie to roll in, repeatedly, no water to give him a bath.  Thought to go thru my closet and sort clothes...  
 I'm quite sure part of the problem is I really don't like to shop... I make a list, go to the store, get what's on the list, and I'm out of there. There are three exceptions: bookstores, plant nurseries, and sporting goods stores.  But they are necessary things.
Ok Ladies, this is where you can help with the wardrobe!  In sorting thru the closet I discovered I have a couple of different uniforms I wear and that's it. 

This is the summer uniform: t shirt, shorts, linen pinnie, & boots..

This is the spring & fall uniform: shirt, jeans, pinnie, & boots...

This is the winter uniform: shirt, jeans, pinnie or jacket & boots...

This is the dressy uniform: linen dress, and high heels...
 See even Willie thinks my wardrobe is boring. 
I'm open to your suggestions, so please have at it.  Seriously I need your help, either that or the water turned back on...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just life...

So there you are driving the big van with the wheelchair to the wheelchair hospital in a far town.  A friend's hubby is a quad, and since there was kinda no one else available to take care of this little mission...
I got a short course in how to operate the lift and the chair,

  that stayed with me about as long as it took me to pull out of the parking lot.  Just because you thought you had the wheelchair secured, doesn't mean it is. The chances of it breaking free and flying into the back of the driver's seat, are better than one would think. It gets crazy when the tap of the chair against the back of the driver's seat causes the chair to give you a hard hug... and then refuses to Tap Out. I have immense respect for my friend's hubby that he can run that dang thing with his chin.
Got to the far town, and left off the chair at the wheelchair hospital.  Off I went to the big bookstore. I can go into bookstore zen faster than all get out. It was disappointing that they didn't have LL's


in hard copy like I wanted.  

 After a couple hours of bookstore zenning I moved on to one of my favorite plant places. Such interesting plants (ie: Feverfew) and yard art...

Returned to the wheelchair hospital, loaded up and headed home. An hour later as the helo is  landing for a short break... 

I was trying to keep the big van from biffing it at the entrance to the parking lot.  How embarrassing would that be, to bite the dust in front of the ER, especially when I used to work there. 
Headed off to dinner with Marymine, Devil Doc and crew.  (the Devil Doc grandson is home for a short time before going back to the 'stan with his out in front Marines.)

  I showed him the pics from my times house sitting. With much laughter, the other grandkids reminded him that things always seem to "happen" when granny is around.  Just life...!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's your moniker?

It's intriguing what names people call themselves or others call them.
How do nicknames come about?  My brother was and is called Buzz, which I thought for the longest time was because of his flying. Nope it was because he was busy as a bee as a little guy.

My dad has been called by the foreshortened version of his last name for as long as I can remember.  His first name is his grandmother's last name, which was a common way of naming in the family. I like his first name, but the only one I ever heard call him that was my granny.

Dad seems to be the giver of nicknames in our family.  He has called me Pistol, Dead Eye, and Sis, interchangeably since I was little.  Never my given name, which works just fine, as I never liked it.

He nicknamed Marymine early on as Indian, because of her long braids, and how brown she got in the summertime. She in turn calls him Chief.

My Sean didn't get one that I remember. When Sean was born there weren't a lot of kids with his name, and the few that were spelled it Shawn.  Most people mistakenly called him Seen!  I have a feeling my dad thought a nickname would have just made it harder for him.

I don't know what Himself's grandfather (on the left) was called besides his given name. Well, I do but it wasn't exactly a nickname.  His dad (on the right) was called Captain. No one seems to remember where that came from, as he was never in the military. His children called him that as well.

Himself was called by his given name, or a shortened version of it.  He hated to be called a cowboy.  He never mentioned his dislike for that name in public, but often in private said, "I'm not a damn cowboy, I'm a Cowman!  A cowboy is only interested in fork'n a horse, that's most likely brighter than he is.  A Cowman knows his cattle, knows his land, knows his market, and has the brains to make it all work."  
I called him a lot of things over the years, but never a cowboy.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scattered Thoughts

Happy, that my 30 Marine sons (by other mothers) are all safely back in the states after eight months in Afghanistan.

Not happy, that my "Devil Doc" corpsman grandson is getting ready to deploy to the 'stan with his Marines, Again.

Tired of crappy customer service. Took the old pistol that my dad gave me to the local gunsmith (located in the local 'ol boys sporting goods store) for a check up a couple months ago.  Waited patiently for a phone call. Nothing.  Finally I went in to see how it was going.  First he ignores me, til one of the other guys said something to him.  Then he takes me back to the gun safe, tells me he really hasn't had time to go over it, because he had some "Really Important Guns" to take care of!   You know what Bucko, that old pistol is really important to me!  If you didn't have the time or want to work on it, you should have just told me.  And if you ever, ever sweep me with a gun again, I'm prepared for the consequences of my actions.

Glad that the young salesgirl in Victoria's Secret laughed With me when I asked just how one was supposed to get out of that leather bustiere without a ka bar.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

State of Being

 I intentionally left the following out of my report to Marymine on her return from Kansas. Too much news can be overwhelming, so I had just covered the high spots.

As I hadn't heard anything for a few days, I assumed all was well. (I know, I know..."never assume" but knowing and doing often require forethought... humming!)
When "Sweet Ruby" is mentioned this is what most would see:

The truth hit the fan today... 

with the following note from Marymine:

 "Went outside to find my pool Filled with Brown water!!! Uummm think I found the culprit!! Miss "pig pen" Ruby!! Ughh!!"
"You should seriously see the pool!!!  There is a layer of mud on the steps from her "Lounging" in the pool! The pool man is going to kill me!!"

Enclosed was a picture of "Sweet Ruby" in "her" idea of a heavenly state of being ... 

Update:  Today I got this photo...

Marymine put a chair in front of the steps thinking to keep "Sweet Ruby" out.  109 with cloud cover today, can't say as I blame Ruby.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Going Coastal

Marymine is home from the drive to/fly from Kansas.  She texted me her flight info for arrival at SMF.  That way I could watch her getting closer on Flight Aware, while I waited in a traffic jam on the causeway.  Actually the traffic jam was interesting.  I don't know what the guys in the Brinks truck were doing but that thing was rock'n.  The guy in the big pickup appeared to be giving a power point presentation via his laptop. The guys in the beater car were nervous like hill country tweakers.  I'm sure this profiling habit is the result of an over active imagination, and not having television for three years. 
The last few days of my kids, dogs, and house sitting were pretty tame.  Got part of the tile around Marymine's pool scrubbed with a pumice stone. Not my favorite job, but I was trained by the best!  My parents waited til my brother and I were in college, on our own dimes, to put in the tennis court and swimming pool.  When ever we came to swim, my mother would hand us a pumice stone, and "since your in the pool you should do at least a section of the tile..."  I don't believe we ever had free swim in her pool.
After Marymine landed we went to lunch and I showed her the pictures of all the happenings.  She was amazed at all she had missed. Although there was a noticeable hesitation when I showed her the prototype for my house sitting business cards. 

 Now, if I can just convince her friends that have that little house on an island in the Caymans...     

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bring It

So, day two began with some minor skirmishes between the kids. (That new year smell seems to have worn off of going to school rather quickly.) Things were calmed down under close supervision, and the kids left for school.
Then Ruby, the St Bernard, comes in with a bloody nose from a vicious frontal attack by a ground squirrel. That was doctored, and she went off to sulk on the swimming pool steps. I will have to get a pic of her, because words just can't properly do it justice.
Meanwhile, Daisy the rat terrier, had discovered a small piece of a Fiery Dorito buried in one of the white sofas. With single minded dedication she was tearing apart the sofa to get at that small piece of Fiery Dorito. Not the end of the world, throw the dog outside, put the stuffing back in the sofa, pile a bunch of pillows on it and it's hardly noticeable. 
On to the laundry... Marymine's house has been completely remodeled. All the appliances are new, and come to find out some of them talk!  You can start a load of towels in the washer and go off to do other chores, humming to yourself. (Remember I got my hum back.)  Things go along smoothly, until out of the blue you hear..."I'm done!"  Say what!   Then tones that sound an awful lot like your smart phone ringing. While your hunting for your phone, the voice keeps telling you...  "I'm done!"  Turns out all this was coming from the damn washer. The secret to stopping the voices is to hold down the power button until all systems die, or just flip the breaker.
I won't go into the part about stepping out of the shower to find that...!

After dinner, the boy goes outside then hollers for me to come outside so I can move my ol suv. Ahhh, Ok!  Grab my keys, go outside and what the heck...

 a huge juniper branch was in the process of squishing college girl's old '72 pickup.  Jump in my ride, that was also parked under the huge branch, and move it out of the way.  The grandson goes to the shop to get the heavy duty forklift. (The one that normally wouldn't be here, but had been brought over to drag the roasted tractor carcass out of the field the day before.) He uses it to support the limb, and drives the '72 out from under it.  Finally after a bit of heavy duty forklifting it crashes into the driveway, and is skidded off to a burn pile.  Only damage to the pickup is a broken off antenna and a few scratches.

All in all the day was manageable, and I do love getting to spend time with my grandkids. Can hardly wait to see what today brings...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Quicky Note

It is late on the second day, and I have more karma news to report... but it will have to wait til morning.
What more could happen after the tractor and baler were roasted yesterday, you asked... as I walk off to the bedroom laughing (a touch hysterically)...

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wanted: Ocean View..

Really considering dipping into my emergency mental health fund for a couple of days over at the coast. A few days of morning fog, afternoon sun, sand, waves, beach, wine, and bonfire time are looking pretty darn good.
 Marymine and the college girl are on the road to cg's college in the midwest, therefore, I'm kids, dogs, and house sitting.
Last night went fairly well, although her house is in the middle of the largest population of ferocious county birds(mosquitoes). If you stay in the pool using Ruby, the St Bernard, as a float or indoors slathered in repugnant concoctions you will be fine. I've heard that half a lime rubbed on your skin will repel them as well. But lime potency seems to decline rapidly after you have sucked on the limes during the T shots thing.
First day back to school for the two grands today.  They packed their lunches last night, set out their clothes, set alarms, so they were good to go early this morning.  One small hitch, the boy's chocolate lab managed to bust the boy's glasses sometime last night.  A somewhat frantic search ensued this morning to find the only other pair. The extra glasses were found and off the kids went to school.
I was busy rearranging Marymine's furniture early this afternoon when there was one small boom, followed by a BIG BOOM!  Looking out the back window I see...

 a tractor and big baler going up in smoke and flames.  If you ever wondered what $50,000 dollars looks like going up in smoke, that's it!  One of the irrigators and I ran out there to make sure no one was hurt, no one was, thank goodness. I don't know what caused it, yet. The booms were the tires blowing.  
It's not even half way thru day one and the adventures have begun...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Even Trade

People that farm for a living are, for the most part, amazingly generous. They are often in the forefront of giving of their time, energy, and knowledge in their communities. But, even they have their limits...
We all see people pulled over by one of the fields, stuffing their vehicle with what ever is growing there. Does it never cross the mind of the person that they are impacting the livelihood of another?
Marymine & her husband are farmers, and have had crops (including newly planted orchard trees), fuel, chemicals, and equipment stolen.  They simply cannot be everywhere at once, so when they do run across someone Stealing they can get rather creative in the solution. 
Last summer as Marymine was headed to town for parts, she spotted a man in a vine seed watermelon field. He was loading up the back of his pickup with melons. The field was one of theirs. She drove out to where he was, rolled her window down and asked him if he belonged in that field.  He replied, "Yeah, I'm just loading melons to sell down the road."
"Really, you know the owner of this field?"  
"Oh yeah, he gave me permission."  
"Well, I happen to own this field, and know you don't have permission to be here, put the melons on the ground and leave."  
He didn't seem to want to do that as he kept getting melons, so she stepped out of her pickup, walked over to the back of his pickup, picked the new handyman jack out of the back, and started back to her pickup.  
"What the hell do you think your doing, he said, that's my jack!  You can't take that!"
 "I am taking it, and I'm going to sell it, just like your taking my melons and selling them. I look at it as almost an even trade."   
He got in his pickup and roared off.  Never saw him around again. 


Friday, August 9, 2013

No Bull update

I have been going thru my pictures and found one of The bull, 
if your interested go here:

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Farming and ranching isn't for sissies.  One has to have the strength to do what needs to be done. 

Like out of all the acres and acres of vine seed watermelons grown here, we only eat the males!

Watermelon and Blue Cheese Salad (serves 4)

200g creamy blue cheese, crumbled
50g fresh mint, diced
1200g to 1600g watermelon, diced, (about half a large watermelon )

Combine all ingredients in a very large bowl and mix. Refrigerate until cold before serving.

Last but not least,watermelons are not only refreshingly tasty they also have tremendous health benefits. Eating watermelon is almost like taking a multivitamin tablet every morning, but with a much better taste. So keep that in mind whenever you're out buying a watermelon. 

recipe source:anecdotes from malta