Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just life...

So there you are driving the big van with the wheelchair to the wheelchair hospital in a far town.  A friend's hubby is a quad, and since there was kinda no one else available to take care of this little mission...
I got a short course in how to operate the lift and the chair,

  that stayed with me about as long as it took me to pull out of the parking lot.  Just because you thought you had the wheelchair secured, doesn't mean it is. The chances of it breaking free and flying into the back of the driver's seat, are better than one would think. It gets crazy when the tap of the chair against the back of the driver's seat causes the chair to give you a hard hug... and then refuses to Tap Out. I have immense respect for my friend's hubby that he can run that dang thing with his chin.
Got to the far town, and left off the chair at the wheelchair hospital.  Off I went to the big bookstore. I can go into bookstore zen faster than all get out. It was disappointing that they didn't have LL's


in hard copy like I wanted.  

 After a couple hours of bookstore zenning I moved on to one of my favorite plant places. Such interesting plants (ie: Feverfew) and yard art...

Returned to the wheelchair hospital, loaded up and headed home. An hour later as the helo is  landing for a short break... 

I was trying to keep the big van from biffing it at the entrance to the parking lot.  How embarrassing would that be, to bite the dust in front of the ER, especially when I used to work there. 
Headed off to dinner with Marymine, Devil Doc and crew.  (the Devil Doc grandson is home for a short time before going back to the 'stan with his out in front Marines.)

  I showed him the pics from my times house sitting. With much laughter, the other grandkids reminded him that things always seem to "happen" when granny is around.  Just life...!


  1. Being attacked by a wheel chair has to be a bit disconcerting. Glad you survived.

  2. Sounds like a joyful reunion, may there be many more.

  3. Amazing the skills that are important but not needed until really needed. Good that you were around to help I am sure.

  4. Thanks for stepping up and helping, but I'd expect nothing less from you. And tell the Corpsman he done good!

  5. This is a very fine post, Brighid.

    Bookstores and nurseries...two of my favorite places to hang out. We have no more bookstores in Fremont. Borders and Barnes/Noble pulled out. All that is left is Half-priced Books.

    A pity.

    We have no more nurseries either. Only Home Depot,etc. so I am forced to drive to Livermore to satisfy my need to wander around.

    What did you do in the E.R.?

  6. At least you have good taste in "the classics" when it comes to literature.

  7. I would love to hear the story behind that whirly-critter!

    Nice to meet a fellow Californian. Riverside, Davis, and Dixon... then off the D.C. I went, and now I'm in Virginny. I sure do miss the homeland. ; )

  8. APATTI: Another first under my belt!

    CELIA: It was, lots of laughter, and he said all his helo pics where for His granny!

    TABOR: Skill sets need a kick up once in a while!

    OLDNFO: Just trying to pay it forward. I will tell him, between "granny loves you" hugs.

    CHERI: Same is happening here. We need to make an emergency roadtrip to Powell's Books in PDX. Then hit Shorty's Nursery in Vancouver. ER admitting.

    LL: LOL, just tell me the $ is in the mail...

    SKK: Welcome to the back of beyond. Are you referring to Devil Doc's pic of the Big Beautiful helo from his recent field training? All of N Cali (North of Sac) is Home.

  9. Yes, I am - I love that pic!

    Ah, it's so nice to be "home" - if only in the cyberland. ; )

  10. SKK: I love it too! and there are more... on my Devil Doc's FB page: Black Shield Images and Photography:

  11. Well done you! That must be a large belt with all the firsts under it!