Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Scattered Thoughts

Happy, that my 30 Marine sons (by other mothers) are all safely back in the states after eight months in Afghanistan.

Not happy, that my "Devil Doc" corpsman grandson is getting ready to deploy to the 'stan with his Marines, Again.

Tired of crappy customer service. Took the old pistol that my dad gave me to the local gunsmith (located in the local 'ol boys sporting goods store) for a check up a couple months ago.  Waited patiently for a phone call. Nothing.  Finally I went in to see how it was going.  First he ignores me, til one of the other guys said something to him.  Then he takes me back to the gun safe, tells me he really hasn't had time to go over it, because he had some "Really Important Guns" to take care of!   You know what Bucko, that old pistol is really important to me!  If you didn't have the time or want to work on it, you should have just told me.  And if you ever, ever sweep me with a gun again, I'm prepared for the consequences of my actions.

Glad that the young salesgirl in Victoria's Secret laughed With me when I asked just how one was supposed to get out of that leather bustiere without a ka bar.


  1. So glad your 30 sons are now safe and hope that your grandson stays that way also.
    What a jerk at the gun shop. I have a rifle that needs work but hesitate since my last experience was not good. Wonder what makes too many gunsmiths idiots?
    Had to look up ka bar. Mercy.

  2. AP: Steady praying for his safety. All his ribbons for valor add to my concern.
    I have to go another 40+ miles to get to another gunsmith, not a happy camper here.

  3. Nothing in Afghanistan is worth ONE SINGLE DROP of American blood.

    I was shot there back in 1978, before Afghanistan was cool. Naturally, I survived the ordeal. And that was before the Russians invaded in their last adventure -- but there is NOTHING there worth dying for.

  4. I'm keeping all your & our children in the service in our prayers, as does our church. Many from our area are in Afghanistan too.

  5. Thankfully I have never had a need to hold a gun, but then I am not living away from other people. I hope you get the pistol sorted real soon.

  6. Easy problem to solve...find a new gunsmith. The other day a vendor began to tell me what I "had to do" and I responded,"I am the customer and the only thing I have to do is get out of here and find a new vendor."

  7. Thoughts and prayers, and yeah, go find a GOOD gunsmith, and make sure to let all the folks in the area know how you were treated... That is pathetic!

  8. CELIA: Thank You for the prayers. Amazes me the people that think we don't have any troops left there, or sending more in harms way.

    GRANNYMAR: If I lived closer to more people, I would be more armed.

    GA: Working on it. Good for you on sorting out that vendor.

    OLDNFO: Thanks, I'm more worried this deployment, and that scares me.
    I live in the middle of their territory. Been down this road, still kick'n it!