Friday, August 30, 2013

Uniforms, Boots, and a Dog

This post will be of no interest to men, so guys don't bother, nothing to see, move along... go see Old NFO, he's playing with balls, or Virtual Mirage, he's in the trees, or EIAFT, he has a really good book going.
Even my faithful Willie is beyond bored with this...
Since the crew is filling the water wagon, I have no water. So nice of them to let me know, since I went on a ripping apart the bedroom spree, and wanted to wash every little thing. Not happening anytime soon. Ripped out a section of fence that I wasn't happy with, mowed, and weeded, but can't water.  Went down to the barns and found all the left around coats and jackets, brought them home to wash...Not happening soon enough. Willy went to the barn with me and found a primo cowpie to roll in, repeatedly, no water to give him a bath.  Thought to go thru my closet and sort clothes...  
 I'm quite sure part of the problem is I really don't like to shop... I make a list, go to the store, get what's on the list, and I'm out of there. There are three exceptions: bookstores, plant nurseries, and sporting goods stores.  But they are necessary things.
Ok Ladies, this is where you can help with the wardrobe!  In sorting thru the closet I discovered I have a couple of different uniforms I wear and that's it. 

This is the summer uniform: t shirt, shorts, linen pinnie, & boots..

This is the spring & fall uniform: shirt, jeans, pinnie, & boots...

This is the winter uniform: shirt, jeans, pinnie or jacket & boots...

This is the dressy uniform: linen dress, and high heels...
 See even Willie thinks my wardrobe is boring. 
I'm open to your suggestions, so please have at it.  Seriously I need your help, either that or the water turned back on...


  1. I am of the school where you can never have too many I think your uniform is just fine.

  2. I see no problem though I did have to Google pinnie.
    Willie is adorable.

  3. LL: Thanks

    OLDNFO: Thanks

    TABOR: I may have a boot fetish going...

    APATTI: Rough Linen's pinnies are great. No buttons or zippers, and big pockets!
    Willie is a sweet little dog.

  4. Big Wolfe whistle for those legs. I am jealous.

    Fashion is not style. My tips are:-

    Make your own style.
    Be comfortable and
    If you don't like shopping, then go for classic pieces to mix and match.