Sunday, September 1, 2013

Into the wind...

My dad has had a larger than life influence on meHe is full of it most of the time, and although I resemble my mom, I'm fairly sure I take after him in temperament.

Mom is the quintessential Southern lady. We do not mesh well her & I, never have, never will. Bless her she has certainly tried to make a silk purse out of me. I have not become the daughter she wished and worked so hard for.  Always outside, always wandering, always wondering, always asking why and how, that's me. Sorry mom, I'd rather be riding, on the water, working cattle, fishing a stream, camped under the stars, building or learning a new skillset.

Dad is a kindred spirit.  We like a lot of the same things.  He taught me to question, to validate, to be responsible, to wonder, to hang tough, and to dare...

He's going to be 90 this month. I've been saving up for a while to get him something a little different.  He loves to fly and has piloted a long list of planes from prop jobs thru jets, but it's been a while.  I want to give him a ride around the valley in a Stearman, and have been working to that end. I think it would be a kick for him to fly over the ranches he herded ducks on with the Cub, and his ol hunting grounds.  I hope it will be a memory he can hold close.  And I pray that I have many more years of sending him the nightly e-mail: Good Night Dad, Love You Sis.


  1. Wonderful that you have your dad still around to share the nightly news with. I hope you will cross the skies with him and help re live those memories.

  2. You're fortunate to still have both your parents and to be close to them. And I think that a ride in a Stearman would be a splendid gift.

  3. Great idea, and concur with LL. Still having them is a blessing.

  4. He will love the ride in the Stearman. If it hadnt been too long and I'm not longer current in a tailwheel, I'd take him myself.

  5. I was a daddy's girl also much to my Mom's regret.
    That is a really neat and creative gift you have planned for his 90th. Beats the heck out of a new watch. Hope you take pictures.

  6. GM: I do feel blessed. Thanks.

    LL: Fortunate indeed, thanks!

    OLDNFO: Getting closer to making it happen, Yeah!

    BRIGID: Awe, that's sweet of you to say!

    AP: LOL, sounds like we're both daddy's girls! Thanks, I will try to get pics.

  7. Oh you are so fortunate to still have your dad. What a guy! That birthday present will be the best so hope it works out. I too learned a lot from my dad and that was a life saver when I found myself single head of household and was able to build a business career to support my family due to my dad's influence.

  8. What a lovely gift for a grand dad. This post leaves me grinning.

    Clothes. What is a pinnie? Obviously it's linen. Books? Have you used ABE Books or Alibris books yet online?

  9. GA: I am blessed to still have him around. Kudos to you for making a go of it!

    MAGE: Thanks! Clothes: My favorite pinnie/pinafore is this one: I sew so I'm on the hunt for linen material.
    Books: Thanks for the site tips, one can never have too many books.

  10. Awesome post - I want pictures of this event. I'm sorry for mom but really happy of dad!

  11. GRAYQUILL: Thanks! So glad to hear from you, I was getting worried.
    Hoping to take some pictures to share.

  12. Splendid idea, Brighid.

    Give experiences, not things and for a 90th birthday, what better than to take to the air above all the land and critters that your father worked throughout his long life.

    I am sure your mother and father think you are better than an apple of their eyes.