Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Half Cocked...

Most of my wrecks have come either around cattle or on horses.  Some were bloody, some were just plain funny, and some just were.
 One normal day the Cowman and I were moving a 100 head of heifers from one pasture to another on the Spring Valley ranch.  The pasture they were in sat in a small valley between rolling hills and high mountain ridges.  A small dry stream with many deep cut banks traversed the valley.  
The Cowman sent me to bring'm, while he was busy setting the gates.
Heifers can be tough to work, they have a tendency to be flighty, one minute huddled together and the next kicking and running in all directions.  Most days if you take your time, and keep them at an even pace, things work out.
This day wasn't going to be one of those days.  I gathered them up at the far end of the valley and started them toward the gate at the other end.  Everything was going along smoothly when over the rolling hills popped three black helicopter gunships. This happened often enough on that ranch that the Cowman and I were used to them.  In fact, I loved to watch them play hide and seek thru the draws.
File:AH-64 Apache.jpg

This day they swooped down the valley fast and low, banked, made another run down the valley, then powered up to go over the high ridges and were gone. I'm pretty darn sure they were laugh'n their heads off on that last pass. Because those wringy heifers had not seen the like before and started stampeding.  There we are: the heifers, the big bay horse and I, all pretty much going full out, when out of a deep cut bank came a large herd of squealing wild pigs.

 The heifers went berserk, what with the gunships having gone over them twice, and now wild pigs shooting out of the ground.  Of course, that big ol bay horse had to join in.  As I'm grabbing leather, for the third time, to stay on the bucking horse, I look up. There off to the side, a horseback, sets the Cowman.  His arms crossed, reins resting on the horn, and I swear to God, giving me the steely eyed look, with one eyebrow cocked and a smirky smile...


  1. Just watching and not helping??? That had to be a wild ride.

  2. This made me smile :) I started my day this morning working a loose horse out of a neighborhood in the dark. Suburbanites tend to freak out a bit when a gelding drops a duece in the landscaped yard.

  3. I enjoyed this post. Well done.
    I do not understand why helicopter gun ships are flying overhead, in the company of wild pigs.?

  4. Thanks for finding my place, and commenting ...no matter how it happened.

  5. glad I was not in the saddle that day and pleased you were unhurt and survived to tell the tale.

  6. LL: Thanks.

    APATTI: LOL, it was for sure interesting.

    PALADIN: Amazing how they don't appreciate free fertilizer...

    CHERI: Two separate units with missed communications...lol

    UNCLESKIP: Your most welcome, sir.

    GM: another YeeHaw moment for sure...

  7. Yep, bet 'that' got your attention...LOL

  8. I'm not a country boy, but you painted that picture well so even I could understand it.

  9. I was there with you. Great description.

  10. OLDNFO: LOL Sure did.

    ODIE: Thank you, sir.

    NELLY: Thanks, glad you came along for the ride.

  11. If only Risty, the Sacred Horse From Childhood, could see this... oh, the whinnies!! : D

  12. How often are you accused of making this stuff up? Just sayin'..... You need your own reality show.

  13. Did you make this story up? I guess you probably didn't. I am glad you survived it but where's the blood? I was expecting blood, tragedy, goring, broken limbs...Hint where there is no blood - Embellish :-)
    Thanks for making my Saturday a bit better!

  14. I love this so much I gave the story its own post. Long live linky-love!