Thursday, September 5, 2013

This and That

Baling hay can be damn hot work, as you can see in: 

Here is a picture of the roasted tractor carcass...

The baler was repairable, the tractor, as you can see not so much...

These are pics my Devil Doc sent me, they have nothing to do with the toasted tractor. 
 He knows how much his granny loves whirly birds...

Here is one my Marines (by other mothers) sent, with a Haboo in coming...

 and here is my Devil Doc grandson...

Wasn't it only yesterday we made the mad dash to Mountain View (his mom was stationed at NAS Moffett) in time for his birth...


  1. Lovely stuff, all but the roasted tractor. I even have a grandson like that....a bit thicker with red hair, who has been a doc in Afghanistan. He doesn't communicate at all well, and I miss the open kid we knew for so very long. PTSD will do that.

  2. Mighty fine looking grandson... and pretty cool he seems to like his grandma. Keep encouraging him.

  3. Our oldest grandson is in the Navy too.

    Wow, what a tractor skeleton! No shred of evidence that it ever had tires.

  4. MAGE: More families than should are traveling that road. If there are connections that need to be made, and I can help, just Ask! Please!

    GRAYQUILL: Thank you, he is a handsome man isn't he, very good to his granny, and knows that she's there for him, Always.

    GRANNYANNIE: Please thank him for his service!
    Yep, retired to the bone yard now.

  5. That tractor is heart breaking when you think of the dollars involved, now just junk.
    What a handsome young grandson with such a killer smile. I see broken hearts everywhere.

  6. Great pics and a good looking kid! :-)

  7. Your grandson looks like a solid young man with a bright future.

  8. APATTI: Thanks. Broken hearts: Nope, not his style, he treats his women right!

    OLDNFO: Thank You!

    LL: Your words to God's ear!

  9. That young man is a treasure. Thank him for his servie and enjoy all the time you have with him at home.

  10. Thank you for supplying the helo fix! I am happy now.... : )

  11. Never let anyone say that the next generation is a lost cause. Your grandson is testament to the fact that honor, hard work and integrity know no bounds. If you would please tell him this old soldier is proud of him and thankful for his service.

  12. SKK: lol Your welcome!

    SIX: Thank You, I will gladly tell him.