Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No matter where I go it carries me...

Came across a short video that brings so many memories with it. 

(We ran cattle in the summertime a few ranges SW of the ZX in Paisley)

There is much to see:
Sterling, the little buckaroo that reminds me of other little buckaroos...
How Scott, so gently, pushes up the horse halter...
The look in Scott's eyes when he's talking to Sterling in the barn...
The way Scott talks with the sure knowledge that he is where he's supposed to be...
Sterling at 2:55 to 3:03  so many times that speech has been given to moms & grannies...
There are many more tells, your heart will find them if it's been there.   

The imprint of a way of life
no matter where I go it carries me...


  1. Well that made me cry:) Sterling reminded me of my grandson Michael when Grandpa Ron taught him to sing "Oh Lord it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way." lol

  2. GRANNYANNIE: Me too, but they are happy tears because the promise is still out there...
    Oh Lord, Grandpa Ron was a winner, and so too are You!

  3. I only watch videos when people post them about half the time. I'm usually so short on time that I skip right by them.

    I watched this one twice from beginning to end. I first learned to rope the same way. I'm a long, long way now from spending my days on the back of a horse. Seems like a hundred years ago on a different planet than I live on now.

    They say you can never go back. I don't know so much about that. Sure would be nice to visit, though. Sure would.

  4. That's one fine looking buckskin.

    Maybe it was a mistake to leave the ranch and become a city boy.

  5. Dang my slow download speed. I can't watch videos-- it is more like a series of still shots with 10 seconds between photos, sometimes blurred.
    I'll try back later and hopefully it will work better. Horses and kids has to be the best.

  6. Thata is a great one! Learned roping the same way too!

  7. PALADIN: Thanks for stopping by, and your right, it sure would.

    LL: Maybe...

    APATTI: Same problem here sometimes in the back of beyond. It's worth the wait!

    OLDNFO: Yah, me too, and I'm still lousy at rop'n.