Sunday, September 15, 2013

All Kitted Up...

With all the comments on perms and wigs, now might be the time to tell The Kit tale...

It started by my getting the bright idea to add a little spice to the Cowman's life.  I know your saying Danger, Danger...  But seriously the man needed it. 

After some extensive research, and a glass of box wine, I found the perfect solution:  The Sweet Potato Queens ReVirgination Kit.  I mean it was Made to Order.  It contained: a killer margarita mix
Knock You Naked Margarita Mix, 4 Pack
 wicked sunglasses with rhinestones, a tiara, and a Red Wig with long flowing locks.
 I could just picture the Cowman's steely eyed look of amazement coming my way.   How could I go wrong with this get up on, right?  Will you stop with the Danger, Danger...

I know the whole thing looses a little of the spice if your wearing a long sleeve shirt, wranglers, chinks, and boots.  But really, that was no reason for my neighbor to roll around on her lawn, splitting a gut laughing, when I showed it to her.  And, to laugh harder when I said I planned on loosing the wranglers and keep the chinks on.  As she kept up with the OMG's and Only You's and Danger, Danger's...  I went off home to fine tune my kit. 
The steely eyed Cowman liked that Kit, and I heard thru the ranch vine there was a run on red wigs & RV kits after he mentioned it to some of his friends.  
Danger, Danger...


  1. Kit is important.

    For the most part, women's kit works better than male efforts (the excepting would be girly men & the brothers who feel that a gold chain with a thinly plated dollar sign will work).

    Most guys I know rely on being cunning linguists and master debaters, with kit being a distant second. The logical question is "why"? Men never really know whether women will prefer a silk Breoni suit or a chino shirt with levis and cowboy boots. And on any given day any given woman may prefer one over the other.

    Women wear kit, but all they need to do to please men is to show up naked and bring cold beer.

  2. ...or not bring cold beer.

  3. LL: a man in a starched dress shirt, commando Wranglers, and cowboy!
    ...or good c'gar, and good scotch

    TABOR: ...not a beer drinker I take it...

  4. Now with that picture in my mind, I better try to get some sleep. It will soon be getting up time in this neck of the woods!

  5. GM: Sorry about that! Have a great day.

  6. A red wig you say....
    Nope, you were right. I still can't outrun a 9mm!

  7. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  8. Heh... I have NO doubt you pulled it off with the usual panache! :-)

  9. GRANNYANNIE: Yes Mam!

    SIX: Wise decision Sir.

    MAGE: Oh it was!

    OLDNFO: Not sure about that, but it was a heck of a lot of fun.