Saturday, September 14, 2013

Over Done...

Having managed to stay out of trouble for a whole week, it's time for a cigar, a wee dram of scotch, and a recap:

Got really tired of the straight hair look, so I went and got a perm. No, not the little ol lady short hair perm.  Never going there.   It was supposed to be a spiral perm, and look like this (not the girl, the hair):



Around here things never go quite to plan, so I wasn't too surprised when it turned out to look more like (not the girl, the hair):

This perm, if nothing else, has sure added interest to interactions with others.  I went up to my mom and dad's to take care of some things for them.  No sooner did I get in the house and my mom frowned and ask if I wanted to go do something with my hair.  Nope, it's supposed to look like this!  
On the way back to the bunkhouse, I stopped at a boomer deli to pickup a sandwich and a Kilt Lifter.  Kind of makes you feel different when the person your talking to keeps staring at your hairdo.  My dog still likes me though, and will get over that head tilt eventually.

Took my revolver up home with me.  Found that the son of a family friend had recently opened a gunsmith shop.  What a difference from my experience with the ol boys club here.  He was full of helpful info: about classes, instructors, ranges, and guns. So the revolver stayed with him, is being tweaked, and when done will go back to dad. (Dad mentioned that he missed it.) Which means I can get another to replace it.  Everybody wins.

Found a charter bi-plane flying service that will fly up and take dad on his birthday ride.  It's not a Stearman, as there were none in the area.  The guy that owns the Travel-Air gives rides all the time, and is almost as excited to be taking dad on this flight as I am.

We are having a small party, with his golfing cronies, at Dad's house.  Dad doesn't know about the plane ride yet, because to throw him off the scent, I told him I was getting a stripper for his party.  From the look on his face I may have over played my hand...


  1. I wear a multitude of different wigs and people who know me will comment, "Nice wig". Others who don't know me well and saw me the day before as a red head and now I'm a blonde, will just stare with concern.

    Cannot wait until you can report on your dad's birthday surprise. It is going to be so great.

  2. Every daughter should get his dad a stripper for at least one birthday . . . . :)

    Susie gets a perm every 6 weeks (maybe) and goes all "poofie" - not that I raz her about it . . . much. :)

    Sounds like a good week Ms. B!

  3. Good for you trying something new!


  4. I keep threatening to try a wig, but most of the time i am happy with my hair.

  5. Hey--- old lady perms aren't all that bad:)) You get up in the morning, shake your head and are good to go. Although, you might have found such ease with your style also.
    Hope he won't be disappointed with no stripper. Of course, you could take him to a strip club after the plane ride and be the daughter of the century.

  6. I do not need a perm...just the humid air in this area and I have curls and frizz all over the place! Cannot say as I like the look, but since no one is looking at my age, I can live with it.

  7. I'd make a snarky remark about your perm but seeing as how I don't have any hair myself....Really, at this point I'd love a perm!!

  8. Heh, I'm sure he'll be happy with what ever you get him!!!

  9. I love your hair. I had my long hair cut pre-surgery, and much to my surprise it was curly. Now I have old lady curls. Think of the money I could have saved on perms over the years. LOL

    He didn't like the stripper idea? LOL

  10. We should have a photo of YOU in your new hair-do. However, the mental image (positive) will work in the interim.

    As to your revolver, is it a cylinder timing issue? That's about the only thing that can go wrong unless the hammer is broken off or the sere is gone...but that doesn't happen often.

  11. GRANNIE: That's the spirit. How fun that you change them up!

    EIA: LOL, You would think! What an incredibly secure man you are to tease the little woman about her perm, kudos

    AP: Oops! Wash & wear that's us! Hah, I may have to do both!

    TABOR: Why is it we always want it the way it isn't?

    SIX: LOL See the next post, I would send one, but I have too much respect for Lu's aim...

    OLDNFO: I sure hope your right.

    MAGE: True, if it weren't for karma... No, he got all sparkly eyed...

    LL: The elision is
    revolver is getting the back sight, new grips, and a few other little things fixed.

  12. FINALLY!!! Someone else who likes revolvers!!! : )

  13. SKK: Back at you, FINALLY, someone else who likes helos!!!

  14. When my father was alive I got him a glider ride for his 85th birthday. It was the only type of plane he hadn't ridden on. He loved it.

  15. ODIE: Good on you for giving your dad that special gift! There is a glider outfit not far from me, so that is the plan for next year, God willing.