Monday, January 8, 2018

Bearclaws, Biscuits, & Gravy...

My realtor called Sunday morning to say the house appraised and all is well. 
Every time my realtor has come by to have me sign papers he has brought me a bearclaw from the local bakery. Today he showed up with another paper. I opened the door and as he started to hand me the papers I looked him over, and looking near to tears said "I'm sorry Max, I can't sign it..."  
He looked beyond stunned and said "What!"  
"I can't... 
I can't sign it without a bearclaw." 
He finally got it and laughingly said, "Jeez, you had me going there for a minute." 
He's been so good to me, I really shouldn't give him a hard time. 

The estate auction is open online and things are doing better than I expected they would.  The people that are buying the house are also buying the living room couches and tables, so they didn't go into the online auction. 

My daughter and grandsons brought up the trailer for me to store my things in. I don't have enough worldly goods to fill it, which is fine by me. At least I won't be paying for a storage unit. 
So good to see them, my grandsons are quick witted and funny as all get out with their dry sense of humor.  Willie and a giant box of dog biscuits went home with them for the duration.  

Did you know there's a school you can go to learn to make biscuits!  Well there is at the Southern Belle Biscuit Co.
"Biscuits & Breakfast Class - Our basic class. Learn how to make a classic Southern Biscuit, the tips tricks, dos and don'ts of biscuit making, gravy too!"

I'm thinking this just might be the ticket, Lord knows my friends and family have tried to teach me. Why, I might just find a feller if I could make edible biscuits AND gravy!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Endings & Beginings...

Gett'n to be time to pack up and strike out on a new trail. 

Last year was a bit of a tough one, what with losing Dad to the great hunting grounds in the sky,  the estate problems with my brother (who I essential lost as well), and getting the house on the market.

The house is in escrow with closing the end of this month.

The estate online auction people have been here for two days photographing everything that is going on the auction block.   It was interesting to watch, they were very adept at putting together vignettes of items. They will catalog everything, and put the listings up on their website next week. Buyers have next week to make online bids through Thursday. On Saturday they can come to pickup their purchases under the supervision of the auction people. Oh my gosh, this is the way to go.  Beats the heck out of my trying to yard sale, ebay, craig's list all this stuff.

My daughter and grandson are bringing up the enclosed car trailer for me to put my things in. That way I don't have to rent a storage unit and be packing and unpacking things so much.  They will take Willie home with them to stay til I'm out of here. They love him and he likes being with their motley crew of dogs.  

I've no idea where I'll be setting up cowcamp next... but I'm doing fine. I'm blessed to have my health, and a great support system in my family and friends.